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Lucky Dip Club | Vintage Florals

Lucky Dip club

By now, you all must know how fond I am of receiving surprise packages in the post. I love signing up for box swaps and trying out subscription boxes. Lucky Dip Club is a new venture by Leona of Thrift-ola (and formerly the beyond awesome Lady Luck Rules OK) whereby you are sent a themed box each month containing surprises such as jewellery, stationery, a DIY kits and personalised items. For the first box the theme was Vintage Florals.

Lucky Dip Club Vintage Florals

The packaging is such that it fits through your letter box – no dreaded red card of doom – and gives a nod to the theme inside.

Lucky Dip Club Vintage FLorals

I was really crushing on the yellow tissue paper! So bright and cheery! The box arrive on a dull Tuesday afternoon after a tough couple of days at work so even just opening the box really lifted my mood.

Cat Badge

Cute kitty badge! Leona included a little handwritten note to say that this was a wee extra for entering her Instagram competition.

A Badge Lucky Dip Club

I love this personalised handmade initial badge. I think I’ll pop it on a tote bag.

Cat pocket Mirror Lucky Dip CLub

The companion piece to the kitty badge! This is a dinky pocket mirror that comes in a handmade drawstring pouch.

IMG_9286 IMG_9287

Some stickers and a pack of temporary tattoos and nail decals. I’ll definitely use the nail decals for their intended purposes but I’ll probably do something different with the tattoos – probably decorate a journal with them.


Cute little magnets. I couldn’t think where I could put these at first – my fridge has a cupboard door attached to it – but then I remembered my Helmer! So they’re decorating my nail polish drawers.


This vintage playing card entered us into another competition! My card didn’t get picked but I thought that this was a really nice idea and an added surprise a week after the initial joy of receiving the box.

IMG_9291 IMG_9293

Lastly, a DIY kit which included a roll of fabric washi tape and cocktail sticks so that you can make your own mini flags. This is a fab little kit that shows that anyone can get crafty and that you don’t need a lot to get started.


So that was my first Lucky Dip Club box. I am so happy with it I decided to buy a rolling subscription – my first one! The theme for June has been revealed – Tutti Frutti! I’m imaging a riot of colours, pineapple print (very in) and some mouth-watering treats. It’s already sold out but keep an eye on the website for the launch of the next one on 1st July.

I’ve already made the washi flags, check back this evening to see how I got on!

Would you sign up for Lucky Dip Club? Come and join us!



#BEDM | Sharing the Blog Love


I am a big blog lover As you can see on my Bloglovin’ screen grab I follow over 400 of them and I read blogs every day. Constantly really. Today I wanted to share a few that I’ve found during the Blog Every Day in May challenge using the #BEDM hashtag on Twitter.

Nomad Seeks Home - This creates food envy and travel envy for sure. Also love the ice cream background!

Boobellina Blogs - A brand new blog, the author writes with such a natural voice, I can’t wait to she where she takes it after #BEDM.

Plastic Rosaries - Great read for the book and stationery obsessed – like me!

Borondy’s Purple Planet - I really enjoy the Mood Music series, helping me to break out of my musical rut! Not to mention the fab DIYs and the cutest cat I spotted in a Photo an Hour post.

Oh Hay! - I love the design of this blog, as well as the Pinterest Favourites series. Good luck with your end of year show, Lauren, you’re obviously very talented and will do great I’m sure!

And many, many more! I should really do a link love post more often, once a month or so maybe. What new blogs have you discovered recently?

#BEDM | Favourite Decade

Favourite Decade 2010s

I’ve never really considered myself to have a favourite decade. I’m not obsessed with the 50s, I don’t yearn for the 20s, I’m liking the current 90s trend but I don’t want to go back there. I’m very much a here and now person, so even though we’re only 4.5 years in, my current favourite decade is now, the 2010s.

The 2010s are pretty great. So far it’s been the decade that has produced horrific trends (men in deep v-necks – boke) but fashion is such that every decade is back in vogue at some point. They all have their bad points but luckily we can cherry pick our favourite bits and incorporate them in our own way.

The real best bits of the 2010s:

38Mb+ broadband.

3D printers.

A guy jumped to earth from space.

Disney has recognised that princesses don’t necessarily need a prince.

Live feeds everywhere – from osprey nests to the International Space Station.

Marriage equality.

Beards are popular again!

The 2010s are awesome but something tells me the 2020s are going to be even better. What do you love about the current decade?

#BEDM | What’s On My iPhone

Phone case

When I saw that today’s Blog Every Day in May prompt was must have gadgets, I knew there could be only one. I am a smart phone addict. I’m not really sure I could ever find my way somewhere without it.Sad but true. So today I’m showing you a peek at what’s on mine.

Lock screen

My lock screen and home screen is a picture of Murphy. He’s about to pounce on a toy (or a straw maybe) and I like this because it looks like he’s watching the apps when you move them about.

Whats on my iphone

I like to keep my phone as tidy as possible by keeping my apps in folders and I am a bit fanatical about getting rid of those red dots ASAP. Even seeing them in the picture is driving me crazy.

info whats on my mobile

These are my three most used folders – Information, Social and Pictures – great titles eh? I use Flixster the most to check cinema times, upcoming release dates and reviews. I also have two weather apps because I never trust the first one.

Social whats on my mobile

Best folder! I keep the most used apps on the first page. I do have Facebook but I’m weaning myself off it so it’s kept on the second page. My most used apps here are Twitter and Bloglovin’. I really like reading Bloglovin’ while I’m bored but I wish it was easier to comment on blogs with it.

Pictures whats on my mobileClearly, Instagram is my most used app here, I am totally addicted to it! I’ve done a post on Collect which is how I’m doing Photo A Day 2014. I also really enjoy using the A Beautiful Mess app, Dubble and Flipagram to play about with my photos.

And that is a peek into my most loved gadget. Let me know if you’d like to see a review on any of the apps I have on my phone.

What are your most used apps?


BEDM | Bigging Myself Up

The topic of today’s Blog Every Day in May is “Top 5 posts from your own Blog”. I’ve tried to pick posts from different topics so that this post will become an overview of my little bloggy blog.

Mani Monday – Eyeballin’ Eyeball nail art

This is from back in October. I haven’t done any nail art in ages (that’ll change soon!) but I really love this creepy half-moon eyeball look.

DIY Magazine Folder Company Folder

Crafts, magazines and stationery, this post had it all! I went decoupage crazy and made myself a file to keep my magazine cuttings. Decorated with magazine clippings obv.

Loch Long Mini Break Cabins

This is a favourite mostly because I am dying to go back! I miss the hot tub! This was a perfect mini-break with my boyfriend and two friends (and their cutie doggy) so it’s nice to reminisce, a major plus point for having a blog.

Neon Cake Pops Neon Cake Pops

Yum indeed! I spotted neon sprinkles and just couldn’t resist them so whipped up some cake pops. These went down very well at work.

Halloween Drive-in It is on Halloween drive in

Going to a drive-in movie was one of the things I said I wanted to do in my 30 Before 30 post so I was super excited to go along to a Halloween drive-in screening of Halloween. Perfect for a horror fan like me.

And that’s my favourites. It’s fun to look back on your own blog, I’ve never really done this before – too scared to find errors! Hope you like my choices. Leave me you link in the comments if you’re also doing BEDM or something similar.


Vivid Please Snail Mail Trade

A short while ago I spotted that Vivid Please were organising a box swap and looking for participants, and, as I big fan of gift exchanges I signed up sharpish. Termed the “Snail Mail Trade” we were set a budget of £10 each and given the option of being partnered with someone from the UK or overseas. The best thing was that it wasn’t a straight swap – the person you bought for, bought for someone else. This put the emphasis on good karma and kindness. It also meant that it was a secret. Ooh exciting! I also loved that Vicky set us some questions to answer such as likes, dislikes, allergies etc so we had to use these answers to find clues for what to get our partner.

First I’ll show you what I received.Vivid Please Snail Mail SwapMy goodies came individually wrapped in comic book wrapping paper – awesome! I thought that this was a lovely touch, wrapping items can be time-consuming so I really appreciated the effort.

Vivid please snail mail swapSo much exciting stuff! It was immediately clear that my partner had thought about what I said I liked.

stationerystationeryI had said that I loved cats, cute stationery and everything nautical and voila – there it was! Kitty paws, anchors, whales!

BeautyCan never get enough beauty bits! I’ve never tried Avon nail polish so I was happy to see this bottle of ‘Chilling Teal’. The colour itself is right up my street but also it seems thin enough to use as a shimmery topcoat, possibly over a dark navy. Will have to try and report back. I also received Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, a multi-purpose balm that has currently been rescuing my dried up cuticles.

sweetsLastly, some sweet stuff. I was super happy to see the drinking fudge. I’m saving this for when I really need something indulgent and special. Think it will fit the bill pretty well. As for the chocolate, there was no saving that, it was scoffed straight away. Yummy!

I reckon I did pretty well! I found out over Twitter that this lovely package was sent to me by Kelly from Adventures in Tea and Cake, so a huge thank you again to Kelly.

I forgot to take a picture of what I sent to my partner (too excited and all) but I did receive a lovely message from her when she opened it. I think she was very happy, which in turn made me happy. See, karma works.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vicky at Vivid Please who put so much effort into organising all this. It must have taken a lot of work but definitely made a lot of people very happy. She’s done an inspiration board post where you can see what other people got, and hopefully inspire more people to sign up for round two. My name will definitely be on the list!

Pamper Time for Mermaids

Pamper time for MermaidsIt’s tough being a mermaid. All that combing your hair, singing and luring men to their deaths can really take its toll. So sometimes you just need a good, relaxing pamper night. Here’s my guide to a home spa menu for mermaids and mermaid-wannabes alike.

Mermaid BathAll good pamper nights begin with a long relaxing soak in the tub. You can lights some candles, pop on some soothing whale-song if you want to go the whole hog and just relax and enjoy the scented water. I used the Big Blue bath bomb from Lush (I made this one myself at an event there) and a body wash by Elemis, the lavender scent perfectly complemented the salty, citrusy freshness of Big Blue.

Face Mask and Big Blue bath bombI love the single sachet face masks from Montagne Jeunesse, there’s one for every occasion and this Dead Sea Mud Pac was perfect for my mermaid-needs, drawing out impurities without drying my skin. Here you can see the half dissovled Big Blue with its chunks of sea salt and seaweed turning the bath into an ocean lagoon.

Mermaid HairMy number one choice for mermaid hair is the Lush Seanik shampoo bar. Not only does it smell amazing, with jasmine and citrus but it leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and soft. It contains sea salt with gives your hair some bounce but not in such a quantity that ut would dry out your hair. For extra texture a few spritz’ of Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray is unbeatable. Instant beach hair.

Yankee Candle Coastal WatersWhen it comes to appropriate scents, Yankee Candle has many to choose from. You can go for something floral – beach flowers perhaps, something warming like Midnight Oasis, or stick to the fresh, sea air scent of Coastal Waters like I did. This would be the mermaid who likes to chill by the rock-pools choice.

OPI Mermaids TearsFor me, no pamper evening is complete without a fresh coat of paint. On my nails that it. For mermaids, the automatic association is something blingy – glitters in blue, green and purple to mimic a shimmering tail. But sometimes we need something a little toned down. The life of a mermaid is not always sunshine and surfing y’know and Mermaid’s Tears by OPI embodies the more melancholic (yet still beautiful) aspect of the mermaid legend.

Mermaid nightThe last thing to do is to get tucked up into a warm bed with a good book or movie for company. And a cuddly dugong of course. Dugongs are the real-life animals that inspired the legend of mermaid and are perhaps even more awesome than the mythical creatures themselves. This is Derek, he helped me pick The Life Aquatic, such is his impeccable taste.

Mermaid pamper nightAnd with that I’ll drift off to sleep and dream of the ocean.

“My soul is full of longing for the secrets of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Valentine’s Wishlist

Valentines wishlistDo you love Valentine’s Day or do you hate it? I personally love it, even if my other half doesn’t. It is a farce of a ‘holiday’ that puts unnecessary pressure on some people but the way I see it, it’s an excuse to treat yourself. Whether you are single or coupled up with a non-believer, it’s always good to have a reason to treat yourself. So I knocked together a wishlist of sorts. Do I expect any of these items lovingly wrapped up on the 14th? No. I might buy them for myself earlier.

I love this Too Faced Sweethearts Blush purely for the packaging. So cute. £20.40 from Beauty Bay.

Cut Out Heart Midi Ring £4.50 Topshop.

There are so many lovely knits with heart shaped elbow patches on ASOS just now but I picked this red striped one thinking it the most festive. £15.00 in the ASOS  sale.

Can’t get enough of Bomb Cosmetics just now. This Love Cloud gift pack is only £12.99. Compare that to the Lush Valentine products!

DKNY Be Delicious City Blossoms Urban Violet £37.00 from Boots.

Cats! I Meow You Phone Case, £6.65 from Forever 21.

I think a notebook is a perfect Valentine’s gift, whether you want to fill it with love poetry beforehand is entirely up to you! £15 from Paperchase.

Lastly, this is literally the most perfect card for me! I’d keep it post Valentine’s and frame it. This Etsy shop is on holiday at the moment so I can’t find a price but here’s the link anyway.

Minus the card, that comes to £111.54. Hmm might have to scale back. That Forever 21 case will be mine though! What have you had your eye on lately?

Wish List – Sale Shopping

I am terrible at sale shopping. I get stressed by messy shops (must be the memories of Saturdays spent folding jeans), I get my head turned by stuff that is not on sale and inevitably come home with stuff I don’t actually want. So this year I’m being more considered.

The work ‘black-tie’ event appropriate dress Asos Skater dressFirst things first – avoiding last minute “whaddya mean it’s black tie?” panic. This Darling Skater Dress with Polka Sleeves from ASOS would do the trick nicely. And Hallelujah – it has sleeves! Down from £59 to £38.

Trainers. For ‘sports’ SchuhUrgh, yeah New Years resolutions and all that. I need some decent trainers and I like these Nike Air Max Triax 94s from Schuh. I like Nike as they tend to be quite narrow and I have narrow (but long) feet. Down from £87 to £56.99.

New, non-tatty Boyfriend Jumper Urban Outfitters jumperI love a slouchy jumper to wear to work, but the ones I have are looking a bit worse for wear so need replacing. I love this BDG Waffle Boyfriend Jumper from Urban Outfitters, especially the colour. £20 down from £45.

A Treat for being a Good Shopper Asos t-shirtBecause you can never have too many cat themed t-shirts. This CAPTURE by Hollywood Made t-shirt at ASOS is £18 down from £55. What an adorable bargain.

And that’s it. Er, not counting the Lush order that’s on its way. Total cost is £132.99. Not too bad considering I totally need this stuff! What do you have your eye on in the sales?


Tech: Christmas Shopping List App

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget, or at least wanting to keep a track of what you’re spending, you need this app. The Christmas Shopping List by iDelux has been my go-to for three years now. I should note – this is not a sponsored post – I just really like this app and think you might too!

Shopping App 1Look, Smurpho loves it too! 5 reasons I rate this app:

  1. It’s password protected to no one can snoop on what presents you’ve bought them.
  2. It adds up your total budget based on how much you allocate to each person, tells you what you’ve spent so far and your total remaining – no mental arithmetics required woooo!
  3. The satisfaction of hitting the tick box for ‘Finished’.
  4. You have somewhere to jot down ideas: vague or specific.
  5. It doesn’t delete the info year to year, so when you log in next Christmas, you’ll see exactly what you bought for everyone the this Christmas. I find this especially useful for people who are tricky to buy for – note to self, not another candle for Mum this time!

Shopping App 2This app costs 69p, which I think it worth it as it’s a bit of a lifeline for me at Christmas, I do tend to get carried away with Christmas shopping and seeing the budget I have set and what I have spent helps me keep it under control.

Do you plan out your Christmas shopping or do you just go with the flow?