Vivid Please Snail Mail Trade

A short while ago I spotted that Vivid Please were organising a box swap and looking for participants, and, as I big fan of gift exchanges I signed up sharpish. Termed the “Snail Mail Trade” we were set a budget of £10 each and given the option of being partnered with someone from the UK or overseas. The best thing was that it wasn’t a straight swap – the person you bought for, bought for someone else. This put the emphasis on good karma and kindness. It also meant that it was a secret. Ooh exciting! I also loved that Vicky set us some questions to answer such as likes, dislikes, allergies etc so we had to use these answers to find clues for what to get our partner.

First I’ll show you what I received.Vivid Please Snail Mail SwapMy goodies came individually wrapped in comic book wrapping paper – awesome! I thought that this was a lovely touch, wrapping items can be time-consuming so I really appreciated the effort.

Vivid please snail mail swapSo much exciting stuff! It was immediately clear that my partner had thought about what I said I liked.

stationerystationeryI had said that I loved cats, cute stationery and everything nautical and voila – there it was! Kitty paws, anchors, whales!

BeautyCan never get enough beauty bits! I’ve never tried Avon nail polish so I was happy to see this bottle of ‘Chilling Teal’. The colour itself is right up my street but also it seems thin enough to use as a shimmery topcoat, possibly over a dark navy. Will have to try and report back. I also received Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, a multi-purpose balm that has currently been rescuing my dried up cuticles.

sweetsLastly, some sweet stuff. I was super happy to see the drinking fudge. I’m saving this for when I really need something indulgent and special. Think it will fit the bill pretty well. As for the chocolate, there was no saving that, it was scoffed straight away. Yummy!

I reckon I did pretty well! I found out over Twitter that this lovely package was sent to me by Kelly from Adventures in Tea and Cake, so a huge thank you again to Kelly.

I forgot to take a picture of what I sent to my partner (too excited and all) but I did receive a lovely message from her when she opened it. I think she was very happy, which in turn made me happy. See, karma works.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Vicky at Vivid Please who put so much effort into organising all this. It must have taken a lot of work but definitely made a lot of people very happy. She’s done an inspiration board post where you can see what other people got, and hopefully inspire more people to sign up for round two. My name will definitely be on the list!


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