#BEDM | What’s On My iPhone

Phone case

When I saw that today’s Blog Every Day in May prompt was must have gadgets, I knew there could be only one. I am a smart phone addict. I’m not really sure I could ever find my way somewhere without it.Sad but true. So today I’m showing you a peek at what’s on mine.

Lock screen

My lock screen and home screen is a picture of Murphy. He’s about to pounce on a toy (or a straw maybe) and I like this because it looks like he’s watching the apps when you move them about.

Whats on my iphone

I like to keep my phone as tidy as possible by keeping my apps in folders and I am a bit fanatical about getting rid of those red dots ASAP. Even seeing them in the picture is driving me crazy.

info whats on my mobile

These are my three most used folders – Information, Social and Pictures – great titles eh? I use Flixster the most to check cinema times, upcoming release dates and reviews. I also have two weather apps because I never trust the first one.

Social whats on my mobile

Best folder! I keep the most used apps on the first page. I do have Facebook but I’m weaning myself off it so it’s kept on the second page. My most used apps here are Twitter and Bloglovin’. I really like reading Bloglovin’ while I’m bored but I wish it was easier to comment on blogs with it.

Pictures whats on my mobileClearly, Instagram is my most used app here, I am totally addicted to it! I’ve done a post on Collect which is how I’m doing Photo A Day 2014. I also really enjoy using the A Beautiful Mess app, Dubble and Flipagram to play about with my photos.

And that is a peek into my most loved gadget. Let me know if you’d like to see a review on any of the apps I have on my phone.

What are your most used apps?



6 thoughts on “#BEDM | What’s On My iPhone”

  1. Nice peek into your phone. I like your phone case too – it goes so well with your home and lock screen!

    I probably use Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, Instagram and Cymera (a photo editing app) the most on my phone, along with Google Maps and the tube map app I suppose (but they’re more for function, less for fun).

  2. The ‘A Beautiful Mess’ app icon is really pretty and sounds good. What does it do?
    My most used apps are probably Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook and Temple Run – I’m still playing that game haha x

    1. It’s a photo editing app made by the people who write the A Beautiful Mess blog. It has lost of frames and illustrations that you can add to your photos but I like it best for adding text.

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