Neon Cake Pops

Neon Cake Pops

While mooching about Tesco the other day I spotted the ultimate summer cake accessory – Neon Sugar!

Neon Sugar

Look how pretty it is! I didn’t think a cupcake would do justice to these sprinkles so I decided to bite the bullet and finally attempt cake pops.

Cake pop ingredientsIngredients:
Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix
3 eggs
205ml water
4 and a half tablespoons vegetable oil
Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing
Vanilla flavoured Candy Melts
Neon Sugar

Preheat the oven to 180C or 160C for a fan oven.

  • Make the cake mix as instructed. Leave the cake to cool thoroughly .
  • Crumble the cake into a large bowl until it looks like breadcrumbs
  • Mix three tablespoons of the icing into the cake mixture. It’s best to do this with your hands so that you can ensure that it is not getting too sticky or is not too dry.
  • Form the mixture into balls (smaller is better) and pop into the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.
  • You can either use lollipop sticks to make cake pops or you can stick to cake balls.
  • Melt the Candy Melts over a pan of water. They melt fast so keep an eye on them!
  • Dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate and sprinkle with the Neon Sugar. Leave to set.


Don’t be afraid of cake fails! Make the balls too big and they wont stay on the stick. Too dry; same problem. But it’s ok, the crumbs are still tasty and you can munch them while lovingly decorating the rest to share.

Cake pop fail

Oh but look at them when they work out!


Yeah! Matching your treats to S/S ’13 trends! Still got half a tub of the Neon Sugar left…hmm…whats next?

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  3. I will try this design for my son’s Bday. Thanks for sharing!!!

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