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Wish List – Sale Shopping

I am terrible at sale shopping. I get stressed by messy shops (must be the memories of Saturdays spent folding jeans), I get my head turned by stuff that is not on sale and inevitably come home with stuff I don’t actually want. So this year I’m being more considered.

The work ‘black-tie’ event appropriate dress Asos Skater dressFirst things first – avoiding last minute “whaddya mean it’s black tie?” panic. This Darling Skater Dress with Polka Sleeves from ASOS would do the trick nicely. And Hallelujah – it has sleeves! Down from £59 to £38.

Trainers. For ‘sports’ SchuhUrgh, yeah New Years resolutions and all that. I need some decent trainers and I like these Nike Air Max Triax 94s from Schuh. I like Nike as they tend to be quite narrow and I have narrow (but long) feet. Down from £87 to £56.99.

New, non-tatty Boyfriend Jumper Urban Outfitters jumperI love a slouchy jumper to wear to work, but the ones I have are looking a bit worse for wear so need replacing. I love this BDG Waffle Boyfriend Jumper from Urban Outfitters, especially the colour. £20 down from £45.

A Treat for being a Good Shopper Asos t-shirtBecause you can never have too many cat themed t-shirts. This CAPTURE by Hollywood Made t-shirt at ASOS is £18 down from £55. What an adorable bargain.

And that’s it. Er, not counting the Lush order that’s on its way. Total cost is £132.99. Not too bad considering I totally need this stuff! What do you have your eye on in the sales?


Nails Inc’s Lucky Dip

Love Nails IncJust wanted to do a quick post to share this deal. Nails Inc are doing a Lucky Dip Sale where, for £15.00 you will receive 6 mystery nail polishes. They don’t list what the options may be, but they have said that there are new and limited edition shades included in the mix. But for £15, even if you just get 2 shades you love it will be worth it. Heck, even if you get 1 you love and 1 you kinda like, its worth it.

This ends at midnight tomorrow so hurry! Click here now!!

P.S. Deals like this are the reason I have so many in the above photo. I think I’ve paid full price for only like 3 of these.