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Mani Monday | Shark Week

Mani Monday Shark Week

I’ve not done a Mani Monday post for ages but I thought one was due. I’ve actually not had nail polish on my nails for about three weeks which is crazy for me. Well, not crazy, just incredibly lazy! And nail art? Pfft… I think it’s been an entire year since I did anything. So I’m dipping my toe back in the water with a super quick shark week look.

Mani Monday Shark Week

I’m too out of practice to go for anything to rival some of the Shark Week looks by artists like Dull Like Glitter, or Miss Jen Fabulous, so I had to rely on some good old nail decals. These ones are from YRNails and are just £1.50 for 23 in three different sizes. I teamed it with Road Rage from the Barry M Speedy range and topped it off with the Gelly topcoat.

I like it. Might try a proper Jaws-like one soon.

Mani Monday | Dinosaur Egg Nails

Just wanted to share this super quick, super cute manicure with you today. It reminded me of cartoon dinosaur eggs so I posed with my little Parasaurolophus pal.

Dinosaur Egg Mani

I used: Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polish on ‘Turquoise Block’ (for the base) and ‘Green Fizz’ (for the dots), Bourjois Instant Dry drops, Rimmel 5 in 1 Nail Treat (as a top coat) and a dotting tool. Seems like a lot of steps but the Instant Dry drops really make short work of this type of thing. I have a mini review of them going up tomorrow so check back if you’re interested.

I’ll also have a #BEDM post ready this evening – all about my walk to work! Drop me a comment if you’re doing #BEDM, would love to read some more blogs that are.

#BEDM | Cinco de Mayo

I’ll be honest here. I know that Cinco de Mayo is a holiday in Mexico celebrating something that happened on the 5th of May, but I don’t know what. So being the culturally sensitive type that I am, I thought “I know, I’ll do sugar skull nails – ties in my regular Mani Monday post and is Mexican.” Yep, sorry Mexico! I deserve how badly these turned out:

Sugar Skull nailsI used: Barry M Silk ‘Pearl’ (white and as base under the pink); Barry M ‘Superdrug 50th Birthday Special Edition); Barry M nail art pens in pink and black; fimo flowers; real dried flowers; Boots Shine Solution topcoat.

The main things I would change are the green flower to be a bit smaller and to put a pink gem stone above the eyes on the skull. I see so many intricate designs like these and it makes me wonder – how big are these people’s nails!? Jealous much?

Anyway, if you’re more educated than mean you’ll know that sugar skulls are used to honour and celebrate departed family members during Dia de los Meurtos (Day of the Dead) on the 1st and 2nd November. Cinco de Mayo meanwhile celebrates of day of victory for Mexico over the occupying French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It’s observed regionally in the city of Puebla and some other areas of Mexico as well as widely in the US.

The more you know…


BEDM | Bigging Myself Up

The topic of today’s Blog Every Day in May is “Top 5 posts from your own Blog”. I’ve tried to pick posts from different topics so that this post will become an overview of my little bloggy blog.

Mani Monday – Eyeballin’ Eyeball nail art

This is from back in October. I haven’t done any nail art in ages (that’ll change soon!) but I really love this creepy half-moon eyeball look.

DIY Magazine Folder Company Folder

Crafts, magazines and stationery, this post had it all! I went decoupage crazy and made myself a file to keep my magazine cuttings. Decorated with magazine clippings obv.

Loch Long Mini Break Cabins

This is a favourite mostly because I am dying to go back! I miss the hot tub! This was a perfect mini-break with my boyfriend and two friends (and their cutie doggy) so it’s nice to reminisce, a major plus point for having a blog.

Neon Cake Pops Neon Cake Pops

Yum indeed! I spotted neon sprinkles and just couldn’t resist them so whipped up some cake pops. These went down very well at work.

Halloween Drive-in It is on Halloween drive in

Going to a drive-in movie was one of the things I said I wanted to do in my 30 Before 30 post so I was super excited to go along to a Halloween drive-in screening of Halloween. Perfect for a horror fan like me.

And that’s my favourites. It’s fun to look back on your own blog, I’ve never really done this before – too scared to find errors! Hope you like my choices. Leave me you link in the comments if you’re also doing BEDM or something similar.


Crazy Cat Lady Mani

Crazy cat lady mani

I love cats! Cats, cats, cats! Cats on YouTube, cats on t-shirts, cats IRL, cats on nails… just all cats in general. So obviously I had to pick up these nail stickers from Topshop. They were £3 and contain over 50 stickers – a good bargain me thinks. I paired them with Barry M’s ‘Lychee’, Orly Rubberised basecoat, and a topcoat from Rimmel. They were super easy to apply with tweezers. I have quite curved nails so they don’t lie completely flat on my nails but I’ve put on a good few layers of topcoat and they should last the whole day, provided I can resist the urge to pick them.

Cat nails Cat nails

Yeah, so they’re pretty silly but I like them. Do my fellow crazy cat ladies agree?

Meow :)

DIY Nails – Good Enough to Eat

Hands up who is sick of their New Year Diet? I am. I have the worst willpower. I just love food! But not salad unfortunately. So here are some truly delicious looking nail decals.

DIY Nails decalsI used a base coat of Barry M ‘Lychee’ and a combination of ‘Junk Food’ and ‘Sweet Hearts’ decals from DIY Nails. The decals are really easy to use, you cut them out, dip them in water for 5-10 seconds then slide them off the backing paper onto your nails. Finish with a top coat.

Food nailsfood nailsAlthough the decals are fairly straightforward to use, it’s not the sort of thing I’d recommend you rushing. I’d give yourself at least on hour to paint your nails, allow them to dry fully, carefully place the decals and apply a top coat.

What do you think of these nails?


Nail Rock Press Ons

Nail RockToday I wanted to show you the nails I had on Christmas Day. I was orginally planning on going for something plain but glittery but that went out the window when these turned up in my stocking.

IMG_7051IMG_7048This was my first time trying press on nails and I liked them more  tham I thought that I would. I popped them on, trimmed them down with nail clippers and quickly filed. I found these to be easier to apply than nail wraps. They lasted all day untill I took them off in the evening.

Most of all, I loved the pattern and combination of colours. I will definitely check out more press ons in the future.

What was on your nails on Christmas Day? Have you tried Nail Rock’s Press-On nails?