Tech: Christmas Shopping List App

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget, or at least wanting to keep a track of what you’re spending, you need this app. The Christmas Shopping List by iDelux has been my go-to for three years now. I should note – this is not a sponsored post – I just really like this app and think you might too!

Shopping App 1Look, Smurpho loves it too! 5 reasons I rate this app:

  1. It’s password protected to no one can snoop on what presents you’ve bought them.
  2. It adds up your total budget based on how much you allocate to each person, tells you what you’ve spent so far and your total remaining – no mental arithmetics required woooo!
  3. The satisfaction of hitting the tick box for ‘Finished’.
  4. You have somewhere to jot down ideas: vague or specific.
  5. It doesn’t delete the info year to year, so when you log in next Christmas, you’ll see exactly what you bought for everyone the this Christmas. I find this especially useful for people who are tricky to buy for – note to self, not another candle for Mum this time!

Shopping App 2This app costs 69p, which I think it worth it as it’s a bit of a lifeline for me at Christmas, I do tend to get carried away with Christmas shopping and seeing the budget I have set and what I have spent helps me keep it under control.

Do you plan out your Christmas shopping or do you just go with the flow?

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