30 Before 30


I am 26 and a half. Next March I’ll be 27. That’s 59 in Bunny years. So I thought that this would be a good time to set myself some goals for the next three and a bit years. Some are big, some are not so big.

  1. Learn to drive.
  2. Complete the 2013 Photo a Day challenge and create a keepsake book. DONE
  3. Buy and complete a sketchbook.
  4. Go to India.
  5. Go to a film festival outside of the UK.
  6. Live with David.Β DONE
  7. Finish Post-graduate Diploma.Β DONE
  8. Learn manual settings on camera. DONE
  9. Reach goal weight.
  10. Run 5k.
  11. Master my dinner party go-to meal plan.
  12. Look after a plant and don’t let it die.
  13. Write a short story.
  14. Get a tattoo.
  15. Master walking in heels.
  16. Find signature lipstick.
  17. Read 50 books from now. DONE
  18. Learn Photoshop or similar.
  19. Create a signature cocktail and unique way of serving it.
  20. Make at least one form of exercise a habit.
  21. Open a pension. DONE
  22. Make blog self hosted.
  23. Go to the Highland Wildlife Park.
  24. Take a letterpress class.
  25. Get into a proper skin care routine. DONE
  26. Become a homeowner.
  27. Get a new bicycle.
  28. Go to a drive-in movie. DONE
  29. Win something. DONE
  30. Visit Shaun and Lisa.

We’ll see how it goes!

Have you ever written a list like this? What are your biggest goals?


9 thoughts on “30 Before 30”

  1. I’ve just put mine up too! I want to have a signature dessert, but just found out I have a lactose intolerance and both chocolate and ice cream are my favourite sweet treats so it’s suddenly much harder. Boo!

    ‘Find a signature lipstick’ made me smile.

    1. Aw no! Well at least it gives you an opportunity to find a new favourite, always be positive. Love your list, ‘stand under a waterfall’ sounds magical!

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