DIY Magazine Folder

DIY Mag folder

Hello! Today I’d like to share a super easy and fun DIY with you. Definitely one for all you stationery and magazine fans out there.  This was inspired by the fact that me and bf have been talking about moving in together but he is concerned about all my ‘clutter’. Apparently you don’t need to keep 18 months worth of magazines. Now ladies, I’m not suggesting that you should change for your man, this is about compromising. Making space while keeping the stuff that you love and creating something awesome customised and unique to you. Now to talk about that video game collection…

Magazine file what you need

You will need:
Lever arch folder
Stack of magazines
Pritt Stick
PVA glue
Craft knife (not pictured)
Time! Trust me, flicking through magazines can be very distracting.

I used Company magazines. I am a huuuge fan of Company, I feel like it is the magazine that is most relevant to me at the moment and their design is simply amazing. Look at it!

Company Magazines

Step 1. Cut out images, text, articles, anything that catches your eye.

Step 2. Start to arrange images on the outside of your folder.

Step 3. Make a bit of a mess.

DIY folder

Step 4. When you’re happy with your arrangement on the folder start sticking with the Pritt stick. I find this more manageable than the runny PVA and easier to lift to rearrange.

Step 5. Cut around the holes in the folder for the arches with your craft knife.

Step 6. Once your folder is decorated in a way you are happy with, spread a thin layer of PVA over the top. This will secure the pictures and help to protect. Allow to dry.

Step 7. Admire!

Company Folder DIYCompany folder

I had loads of left over images so I also decorated dividers for the inside.


I plan to use this for filing away inspiration for this little ol’ blog so have saved my favourite articles, images, tips, and layouts. I’m really happy with this, I think it looks gorgeous and will save me some space on my shelves without sacrificing my magpie tendencies. I also think it will be a fun monthly project to keep coming back to.

Company FolderCompany Folder Folder Spine

What do you think? This makes me nostalgic for school days when we had to cover our jotters. What would you use a folder like this for? Do you have any magazine recommendations? Need to restock my collection!

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3 responses to “DIY Magazine Folder

  1. Good idea! Really cuuute!

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