Lucky Dip Club | Vintage Florals

Lucky Dip club

By now, you all must know how fond I am of receiving surprise packages in the post. I love signing up for box swaps and trying out subscription boxes. Lucky Dip Club is a new venture by Leona of Thrift-ola (and formerly the beyond awesome Lady Luck Rules OK) whereby you are sent a themed box each month containing surprises such as jewellery, stationery, a DIY kits and personalised items. For the first box the theme was Vintage Florals.

Lucky Dip Club Vintage Florals

The packaging is such that it fits through your letter box – no dreaded red card of doom – and gives a nod to the theme inside.

Lucky Dip Club Vintage FLorals

I was really crushing on the yellow tissue paper! So bright and cheery! The box arrive on a dull Tuesday afternoon after a tough couple of days at work so even just opening the box really lifted my mood.

Cat Badge

Cute kitty badge! Leona included a little handwritten note to say that this was a wee extra for entering her Instagram competition.

A Badge Lucky Dip Club

I love this personalised handmade initial badge. I think I’ll pop it on a tote bag.

Cat pocket Mirror Lucky Dip CLub

The companion piece to the kitty badge! ThisΒ is a dinky pocket mirror that comes in a handmade drawstring pouch.

IMG_9286 IMG_9287

Some stickers and a pack of temporary tattoos and nail decals. I’ll definitely use the nail decals for their intended purposes but I’ll probably do something different with the tattoos – probably decorate a journal with them.


Cute little magnets. I couldn’t think where I could put these at first – my fridge has a cupboard door attached to it – but then I remembered my Helmer! So they’re decorating my nail polish drawers.


This vintage playing card entered us into another competition! My card didn’t get picked but I thought that this was a really nice idea and an added surprise a week after the initial joy of receiving the box.

IMG_9291 IMG_9293

Lastly, a DIY kit which included a roll of fabric washi tape and cocktail sticks so that you can make your own mini flags. This is a fab little kit that shows that anyone can get crafty and that you don’t need a lot to get started.


So that was my first Lucky Dip Club box. I am so happy with it I decided to buy a rolling subscription – my first one! The theme for June has been revealed – Tutti Frutti! I’m imaging a riot of colours, pineapple print (very in) and some mouth-watering treats. It’s already sold out but keep an eye on the website for the launch of the next one on 1st July.

I’ve already made the washi flags, check back this evening to see how I got on!

Would you sign up for Lucky Dip Club? Come and join us!




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