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#BEDM | Sharing the Blog Love


I am a big blog lover As you can see on my Bloglovin’ screen grab I follow over 400 of them and I read blogs every day. Constantly really. Today I wanted to share a few that I’ve found during the Blog Every Day in May challenge using the #BEDM hashtag on Twitter.

Nomad Seeks Home - This creates food envy and travel envy for sure. Also love the ice cream background!

Boobellina Blogs - A brand new blog, the author writes with such a natural voice, I can’t wait to she where she takes it after #BEDM.

Plastic Rosaries - Great read for the book and stationery obsessed – like me!

Borondy’s Purple Planet - I really enjoy the Mood Music series, helping me to break out of my musical rut! Not to mention the fab DIYs and the cutest cat I spotted in a Photo an Hour post.

Oh Hay! - I love the design of this blog, as well as the Pinterest Favourites series. Good luck with your end of year show, Lauren, you’re obviously very talented and will do great I’m sure!

And many, many more! I should really do a link love post more often, once a month or so maybe. What new blogs have you discovered recently?

#BEDM | Favourite Decade

Favourite Decade 2010s

I’ve never really considered myself to have a favourite decade. I’m not obsessed with the 50s, I don’t yearn for the 20s, I’m liking the current 90s trend but I don’t want to go back there. I’m very much a here and now person, so even though we’re only 4.5 years in, my current favourite decade is now, the 2010s.

The 2010s are pretty great. So far it’s been the decade that has produced horrific trends (men in deep v-necks – boke) but fashion is such that every decade is back in vogue at some point. They all have their bad points but luckily we can cherry pick our favourite bits and incorporate them in our own way.

The real best bits of the 2010s:

38Mb+ broadband.

3D printers.

A guy jumped to earth from space.

Disney has recognised that princesses don’t necessarily need a prince.

Live feeds everywhere – from osprey nests to the International Space Station.

Marriage equality.

Beards are popular again!

The 2010s are awesome but something tells me the 2020s are going to be even better. What do you love about the current decade?

BEDM | Bigging Myself Up

The topic of today’s Blog Every Day in May is “Top 5 posts from your own Blog”. I’ve tried to pick posts from different topics so that this post will become an overview of my little bloggy blog.

Mani Monday – Eyeballin’ Eyeball nail art

This is from back in October. I haven’t done any nail art in ages (that’ll change soon!) but I really love this creepy half-moon eyeball look.

DIY Magazine Folder Company Folder

Crafts, magazines and stationery, this post had it all! I went decoupage crazy and made myself a file to keep my magazine cuttings. Decorated with magazine clippings obv.

Loch Long Mini Break Cabins

This is a favourite mostly because I am dying to go back! I miss the hot tub! This was a perfect mini-break with my boyfriend and two friends (and their cutie doggy) so it’s nice to reminisce, a major plus point for having a blog.

Neon Cake Pops Neon Cake Pops

Yum indeed! I spotted neon sprinkles and just couldn’t resist them so whipped up some cake pops. These went down very well at work.

Halloween Drive-in It is on Halloween drive in

Going to a drive-in movie was one of the things I said I wanted to do in my 30 Before 30 post so I was super excited to go along to a Halloween drive-in screening of Halloween. Perfect for a horror fan like me.

And that’s my favourites. It’s fun to look back on your own blog, I’ve never really done this before – too scared to find errors! Hope you like my choices. Leave me you link in the comments if you’re also doing BEDM or something similar.


Best of 2013 – Film & TV

This morning WordPress emailed me with my stats for the year. Turned out I had written 199 posts on 2013. Well we can’t have that! Here is number 200, a semi thought out media based favourites list. The usual disclaimer applies, these are my personal favourites of the year (that I can remember). There is a whole tonne that I haven’t seen – The Selfish Giant, Gravity, Breaking Bad etc etc. Sorry. Hangs head in shame. In no particular order:

Films magic_magicMagic Magic (Sebastian Silva) | Young, naive girl travels to South America and quickly unravels, possibly due to Micheal Cera’s creepy knitwear. Juno Temple is captivating even as an unstable, hysterical tourist.

Good VibrationsGood Vibrations (Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn) | A feel-good film set against the backdrop of the Troubles? That’s punk for you.

BlackfishBlackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite) | I love a good, biased, cause documentary to get all het up about. Even better when it’s about my major hate – SeaWorld *boo hiss*  Free Tilly!

FilthFilth (Jon S. Baird) | This one is a film that grew on me the more I thought about it. James McAvoy is surprising perfect as the twisted Bruce Robertson.

frances_ha_4Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach) | Definitely my favourite of the year. In the same vein as Girls but Frances is a more relatable, likeable character. I love the scene where she spontaneously dances through the streets. Pitch perfect.

TV CatfishCatfish: The TV Show | I love Catfish! So addictive even though it is ridiculously set up. Spoiler alert – they’re aalll catfish!

Orange is the New BlackOrange is the New Black | Totally binge watched this on Netflix one weekend. The end was so shocking! Can’t wait til it comes back next year.

Trophy wifeTrophy Wife | I’ve just started watching this but I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s similar to Modern Family and Suburgatory, the other two sitcoms I’ve been loving this year so thought it was an appropriate choice for this list, it being new and all. I love Bert, he’s so funny.

GirlsGirls | Show me a 20-something woman who doesn’t love Girls and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t seen it. I joke, I realise it is quite a Marmite show but on this occasion I’m all for it. And yes, I bought the Patrick Wilson storyline, I’m all for any storyline that involves a naked Patrick Wilson.

Penguins Spy in the HuddlePenguins: Spy in the Huddle | EEEE! Penguins! Filmmaking technology! Baby penguins! No one does wildlife documentaries like the BBC. This one was beyond comparison. When Dolphins: Spy in the Pod starts on January 2nd I may spontaneously combust. Just a warning for you there.

What were your favourite films and TV shows of 2013? Tell me all the ones I missed.

Best of 2013: Beauty & Nails

This is my personal favourite beauty and nail bits that I ‘discovered’ in 2013. Had to  split this into two as I realised that most of my favourites of the year were nail polishes and I thought that might be boring for you non nail obsessed people out there.

Beauty Beauty favouritesBoom! Look at these lovelies.

Beauty faves*Not even a bit sorry for my stupid face in the mirror* No prizes for guessing my favourite colour palette for 2013. Rooossseee Goooolllldd foreverrrrr! Did a little dance of joy when I got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Also loving the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range, the cream eyeshadows and the loose pigments. Left to right: Eternal Gold; Pink Gold; On & On Bronze; Breaking Bronze; Downtown Brown.

Honey BronzerMiracles happened in summer when I found a bronzer that I liked and could actually wear – lightly of course. The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzer in shade 01 is my favourite (and only) bronzer.

Bourjois colour boostFave lip colours were without a doubt the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons. Top to bottom: Peach on the Beach; Fuchsia Libre; Plum Russian; Red Island.

Real techniquesI finally invested in some decent makeup brushes – the unbeatable (according to many) Real Techniques. Top to bottom: Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush; Buffing Brush; Stippling Brush; Deluxe Crease Brush; Brow Brush.

Nails NailsAnd on to nails. Blues and greens have been my favourite this year. I’m really liking Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2014, Radiant Orchid, so perhaps next year will see more pinky-purply tones sneak in.

Barry M GellysBarry M Gellys were by far my favourite nail polish range and the colours went from strength to strength this year. Left to right: Lychee; Guava; Prickly Pear.

Topshop nail polishAnd the award for cutest bottle goes to…Topshop! With a great colour range, high shine and easy application these little bottles are a winner. Left to right: AWOL; Spilled Milk; Flamingo Coral.

Bourjois nail polishBourjois’ 1 Seconde Gel nail polish is something pretty special. Just try the brush, you’ll be hooked! Left to right: Blue No Blues; Green Fizz; Turquoise Block.

Barry M TexturesLots of brands did textured nail polish this year but my favourite was Barry M’s due to its range of colours – pastel for spring, sparkles for autumn. Plus it retained its affordability. Perfect. Left to right: Princess; Countess; Atlantic Road.

Maybelline BrocadesA new addition but I was so pleasantly surprised by Maybelline’s Brocade range that they shot to the top of my favourites. Left to right: Foil Flash; Knitted Gold; Rosy Rosettes.

So there you have it, the beauty products that have been rocking my 2013. Honourable mentions must go to Maybelline Baby Lips (who else is excited for Baby Skin?); Bourjois Cream Blushers; Loreal Color Riche Confetti top coat; Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polish; Covergirl LashBlash Clump Crusher mascara.

What have been your favourites?

Top 5 Christmas Films

Happy Christmas Eve! How do you spend Christmas Eve? Will you be running around the shops in a last-ditch attempt to find the perfect gift? Wrapping presents? Church? I have a day off so I’ll be on the sofa with some bubbly and chocolates, smug in the knowledge that I have a day to myself before the madness of Christmas Day. And of course, it’s Christmas movie time. Here are my top five festive films:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Every year I watch this either at work or at home, but always with my buddy Sadia. Last night we had our annual viewing at Filmhouse followed by some good food. Perfect.


Who doesn’t love Elf? If you say you don’t, “you sit on a throne of lies!”

Die Hard

OK, maybe not my favourite, but it is the bf’s and this is what we’re watching today.

Miracle on 34th Street

The 1994 one with Richard Attenborough as Santa <3 So schmaltzy but it is Christmas!


Let’s undo all that cheese with some good old Christmas chaos!

It’s been 10 years since Elf, we seriously need some new awesome Christmas films! What are your favourites?

Confessions of a Stationery Addict

stationeryFor someone who spends a vast amount of time online, I do love a good piece of stationery. Evernote and the like can shove it, you’ll never part me from my paper notebooks. Where other bloggers fill their IKEA plant pots with make up brushes, mine is filled with pens and pencils. And Smencils. That’s scented pencils to the uninitiated.

stationeryStaedtler Fineliners, Sharpies and gel pens, fancy patterned calculators, neon highlighter tabs and mini rubber stamps. These are a few of my favourite things.

Magazine filesMuji don’t just do make up storage y’know, they also do awesome acrylic magazine files. And when the magazine file overflows, they get cut up and go in the folder.

NotebooksA small selection of my notebooks. There is nothing I love more than a good notebook! NOTHING! A cute notebook is honestly one of the best presents you can get me. Some of these have a use – my Nail Polish Diary (cats), my Job Hunting Journal (skulls, obvs), and my Ticket Stub Scrapbook (you can work it out), the rest are still to be assigned but no less loved.

StationeryAnd the current cream of the crop – a polar bear eraser. I couldn’t bear (haha) to use him, instead he stills on my desk looking up at me, reminding me not to make mistakes lest I have to rub his adorable little face in it. Here he stills on top of my current blogging notebook. It’s a little beat up because it goes everywhere with me. Not shown are my matching orange pens (one blue ink, one black). I’ve got the stationery addiction bad.

Slightly random post there, but I had to get the love out! How do you feel about stationery? Please tell me I’m not alone in marveling at its wonder.


The Autumn Tag

The Autumn TagThe past three days have been freezing so I think that it’s well and truly time to do this tag. This one was created by Makeup-Pixi3.com (original post here)  and shared all over – us bloggers do seem to love autumn!

1. Favourite thing about autumn?

The weather turning colder gets everyone in the cosying up mood. Chunky knit jumpers in the shops, extra throws brought out of the cupboards, fairy lights switched on in pubs. Bliss. Plus, it’s one step closer to Christmas! Yeah, I said it.

2. Favourite drink?

I don’t drink tea or coffee and I rarely drink hot chocolate (seemingly everyone else’s favourite) so I’m going to have to be honest and pick something boozy. WHISKY BASED COCKTAIL FOR ME PLEASE! Mmmm an Old Fashioned would do nicely.Whiskey

3. Favourite scent/candle?

Something cosy like vanilla, marshmallowy, spicyness. Currently loving Bath and Body Works’ Marshmallow Fireside and good old Vanilla scented tea lights from IKEA.Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside

4. Best lipstick?

I think MUA’s shade 11 (great name there). It’s a darker nude colour and not too drying. I also wear lashings of lip balm – any I have to hand.

5. Go to moisturiser?

Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter or a Body Butter from The Body Shop.

6. Go to colours for the eyes?

Bronze, bronze and more bronze. I’m thinking about branching out slightly and buying either Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate or Bourjois’ new Prune Nocturne and adding some cranberry tones in there.Autumn tag beauty

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?

Don’t think I listen to anything different or special. I’ve been re-loving The Jam recently, will that do? Oh and I’m going to see the Madness musical Our House on Tuesday so probably them too. Let’s say 70s era Brit rock and pop.


8. Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots and a scarf combo)?

I don’t care as long as I can wear my beloved yellow Cambridge Satchel. Luckily this looks pretty sweet with flat boots, my purple duffel coat and a bobble hat. I do love a good bobble hat. yellow cambridge satchel

9. Autumn treat?

This autumn I’ll be buying lots of house stuff as I want it all sorted before Christmas. Need new sofas, rugs and finishing touches.

10. Favourite place to be?

At home on the sofa/in bed or in the cinema, either way, cosied up with a film.

I tag you! Yes, you! Leave me a link to your Autumn Tag post.

P.S. Here’s a slightly out of focus picture of a squirrel. Another favourite thing about Autumn is helping these guys stock up for the winter!Squirrel

Mani Monday – Summer Favourites

Summer favourites nail polishI had planned this post for June but unfortunately life got in the way! Following on from my spring favourites, here are my top five nail polishes for the summer. These will not be the only colours adorning my digits over the next couple of months but these ones are my go-tos. I’ve been trying to decide which bottle will be making the trip to Portugal with me in a few weeks and it looks like these are the ones.

Summer nail coloursFrom top: Barry M ‘Mango’ – yep, still loving the Gellys. This orange is bright, eye-catching and the perfect formula; Fearne ‘Coral Island’ – on the pink side of coral but I think it will be great to do watermelon or strawberry nail art with; Barry M ‘Key Lime’ – Oh so pretty and complimentary to my skin tone; MUA ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ – this was £1! The formula is not great but it’s a lovely blue/mint shade and lasts as well as any with a base and top coat; Models Own ‘Pink Punch’ – Neon! Great toe shade, can’t wait to be splashing in the ocean sporting this shade.

Barry m corrector penThe other thing I have been loving for nails is this – the Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen. This smells like melons and easily removes wee accidents around the cuticle and finger tips. Super easy to use and I can see it lasting for quite a while. Thumbs up!

What are your top nail colours for Summer?

Weekly Loves #1

So Friday Favourites is becoming Weekly Loves. Still a weekly post but I don’t have to commit to the day of the week. Lucky since it’s Saturday eh? I’ll still try to post on either a Friday evening or a Saturday morning though for some kind of consistency.

A Beautiful Mess App A beautiful mess appWho isn’t loving this app? Created by the lovelies at A Beautiful Mess, you can add text, borders, doodles, phrases and filters to you photos and make out that you are halfway as awesome as Elsie and Emma. Serious serious girl crush. This is all over Instagram at the moment and rightly so, super fun.

Visit www.abeautifulmess.com and bask in blog perfection!

Charlotte Olympia ‘Movie Night’ charlotte_olympia_popcorn_shoulder_handbagOh I need this! Seriously, I can think of at least 5 events I can wear it to! Justifies the £295 price tag right?

Available at www.net-a-porter.com if you do have a spare 300 quid and want to be the envy of the whole of the multiplex.

Monsters University


Speaking of film events, here’s one. We’re having the UK Premiere of Monsters University at Edinburgh International Film Festival on Sunday 23rd June. Monsters Inc is one of my absolute favourite Pixar films (top 3 I think) so I’m excited.

Tickets on sale from 3rd June at www.edfilmfest.org.uk you know you want to.

Princess Monster Truck   Princess-Monster-TruckThe internet has a new celebricat: Princess Monster Truck. Read all about her story here, it’s a good one.

Follow Princess Monster Truck on Instagram cos it’s always fun to see cute kittys in your feed. Now, does anyone know how I can make Murphy famous?

Have a great weekend!