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Sunday Catch Up #16

Hope you have all had a great weekend. I spent the entirety of Sunday watching Orange is the New Black. Piper was annoying this series but omg some of the scenes with the guards were hilarious – “Stay away from tuna fish! And soft cheese!” “RUN NUNS!”

This week is known as the week of ‘no lunch but lots of cocktails’. 56 NorthOn Tuesday me and David went along to 56 North brandishing an Itison coupon for burgers and cocktails (or a beer). I had the Cherry Tree Ice Tea which was amazing and very appropriate to the setting (pretty hipsterish). However, the beer selection for the voucher was very limited and David was stuck with a Red Stripe, yuck! We both went for the Porkie Gourmet Burger with BBQ pulled pork and a side of fries. It was really good, not the best burger I’ve ever had, but the pork was juicy and tasty and really filled the hole left by a missed lunch.

Filling Station Cocktails Filling Station Red Berry Cheesecake Filling Station CocktailsOn Thursday I was lucky to be invited along to a cocktail masterclass being held by the Filling Station at their Omni Centre restaurant. The evening was hosted by Paul Harper from Heart Radio with the class being taught by Andy Pearson. Andy showed us how to make some of the Filling Stations popular drinks such as the dessert-like Red Berry Cheesecake. We also saw how to do a proper mojito (be careful not to pound your mint!) and a real whisky sours – which should take 6 minutes if done properly. Some of us got to go behind the bar and take part in the drinks making which was really fun.

Filling Station are refurbishing their High Street restaurant which will reopen at the end of the month. When I was younger this was my go-to place for desserts and cocktails so I can’t wait to see the new look. I’ll have a full post on the Filling Station (and their cocktail menu) very soon so stay tuned for that.

Work stuffsAnd the reason there’s been no time for lunch breaks! We are full steam ahead at work. My team has been fab, smiling through laminating 200 signs, sorting out 300 t-shirts and passes, and getting up at 7am to blow up balloons. Love them, they are keeping me sane.

So I might not be about here much for the next two weeks as films take over my life (wouldn’t have it any other way) but I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories afterwards. I might be back intermittently, but otherwise I’ll catch you all in July!

Have a good one ;)

Edinburgh Etsy Team Craft Party

Etsy Crafy Party

On the 6th June Etsy threw it’s global Craft Party which included one hosted by the fabulous Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna of the  Edinburgh Etsy Team. The theme for the 2014 event was “Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs”, tickets cost just £5 and were open to everyone – Etsy sellers and craft newbies alike.

The Haven Edinburgh

Etsy Craft Party the Haven

The Haven Cafe in Newhaven was our venue for the evening. I’ve never been here before but I could tell from the mural that I was going to like it! It is a really cute cafe with lots of interesting vintage details – mismatched teacups, collections of typewriters, antique mirrors, that kind of thing. I’m not one for tea, but I am one for cake and the traybakes on offer there are delicious.

Mirrors and decorations

I loved all the decorations put up for the evening. I definitely subscribe to the ‘more is more’ train of thought. Vicky has a tutorial up on her blog here for how to make these tassel garlands. If I make some David will have to let me put them up in the flat, right?

Etsy Craft Party Inspiration Station

The inspiration station! The interpretation of the theme was to try out some embroidery on old (or new) photographs. The organisers had a great selection of black and white, really fun photographs sourced from Pinterest for us to use as well as providing thread and needles.


I was a bit nervous going in as I was on my own but I sat down at a big table with some really lovely ladies and it was absolutely fine. In fact, there were a few people there by themselves. If you are thinking about going to something like this but are worried about going alone, don’t be! You’re all there working on the same thing so it doesn’t feel awkward at all.


By the way – embroiderers – how do you keep your threads tidy? I made such a mess!


I took a bunch of photographs with me but when I spied this Frankenstein one on the table I knew it had to be mine! I think I was a bit ambitious deciding to do the whole tail as it took me the whole two and a half hours but I’m  kinda proud of it. It’s a bit messy as I don’t have any embroidery experience, but it’s a good first attempt.

Frankenstein and a mermaid

Here it is a bit clearer. I’ve had old pictures like this and behind the scenes film pics on my Pinterest for ages with no idea what to do with them but I think I’m going to get them printed and a do a series of stitched film photos.

Etsy Craft Party Goody Bag

So the cherry on top of the already incredible knickerbocker glory of a night was the extremely generous goody bag! Included was: a set of three compliment postcards from Jolly Good Studio; an Etsy t-shirt; a flower ring and Parma Violets from Claireabellemakes; ‘Och Aye’ earrings from Paper Bureaucracy; a punderful keepsake cards, pencil and pocket mirror from Vivid Please; a birdy badge from Zyzanna; mini bunting from Fiona Heather; and  a cookies and cream gourmet marshmallow from the Marshmallow Lady all packed in a bag printed with the event flyer (which is frankly the coolest mugshot ever taken). Head over to Vivid Please for the chance to win your very own goody bag now!

I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely craft partners, Robin, Harriet, Helen and Kimberley for making me feel welcome, even when I managed to spill my wine over everything (sorry Kimberley!) *awkward face!

And an extra special thank you to Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna for being fabulous hosts. The party was amazing, so much effort was put into it and I had such a good time. I went home exhausted and hunched (hey, I haven’t concentrated that hard since my exams!) but very happy. Can’t wait for the next one!

P.S. Check out the hashtags #EETcraft #etsycraftparty and #craftparty on Instagram – so inspiring to see so many talented crafters all over the world working on a common theme. Some of them definitely put my efforts to shame!

Sunday Catch Up #15

Way to disappear off the blog scene! After the constant barrage of Blog Every Day in May, I’ve pretty much been absent for the first week in June and knowing that this is my last couple of days off until 5th July, this is unlikely to change. I have scheduled a bunch of posts for next week and will still be replying to comments, lurking on Twitter and Instagram so I’m sure you won’t notice. Here’s a wee peek at what’s coming up next week:


I have two subs boxes to share with you (Monday/Tuesday), a super quick and easy DIY (Tuesday), a book review (Wednesday), an Etsy Craft Party post (Thursday) and possibly a few other things. Loads of content! I’m not doing my usual “A Mag Education” round-up of magazines that’s I’ve been reading for the June or July issues – I like this series but feel like it needs a bit of a change up – let me know if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see.

So what else have I been up to? I reacted the same way to Monday’s Game of Thrones episode as everyone else. But I do think that this kind of thing is to be expected with GoT now. I started watching Penny Dreadful and I am really liking it. My jaw dropped at the end of episode two – without giving too much away, I was gutted, still can’t talk about it *sob. And of course I’ve started on Orange is the New Black series two. I thought that the first episode was pretty weak but I’m now on episode four and I’m starting to feel it again.

EIFF Phone Case

I’m getting excited about Edinburgh International Film Festival starting in 10 days – eek, so soon! I bought tickets for Life After Beth because I need to see it asap, the rest I’m going to see what I can fit in around work. I also made myself an EIFF phone case using a temporary tattoo and some clear nail polish because I am a mega-geek.

And I did a bit of ASOS shopping. It’s a sad day when you start to type in ASOS into your browser and ASDA comes up instead. It’s clearly been too long so I had a bit of a haul.


By the way, if more and more of my pictures begin looking like this bluey-pink shade it’s because I’ve just discovered the Marshmallow filter on PicFX. Obsessed.

What have you guys been up to this week?

Sunday Catch Up #14

Not been up to that much this week – only the launch of the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival programme! So busy but really very excited to finally get my hands on a copy of the brochure. It’s absolutely packed with films I want to see but tomorrow when sales open I’ll definitely be buying tickets for Life After Beth, Snowpiercer and Finding Vivian Maier. And the Hero Hangouts with Empire sound amazing.

I love the artwork for this year –  going to try and use some of the symbols in nail art over the next few weeks – stay tuned!

I also went along to a blogger event at Crabtree & Evelyn this week. It was a lovely relaxed evening aimed at getting people together to share tips and have a good chat. Crabtree and EvelynCrabtree and EvelynCrabrtee and Evelyn HAndy tips

After sharing our tips we were pampered with hand treatments, which, being Crabtree & Evelyn, were superb. It was really nice to meet some other bloggers from Edinburgh and nearby, although due to the above, hardly any sleep and two cans of RedBull I was a bit jittery so apologies to anyone faced with my weird, crazy eyed state! But still, there is definitely a demand for more blogger events in Edinburgh, lots of us here it seems!

The Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips Handed Down is a campaign to get people sharing their beauty secrets and tips that have been in the family, passed down from one generation to the next. It’s surprising how many people are told the same thing by their grannies! these ladies know what they’re talking about. If you share your tip online or in store you’ll be given a £5 voucher and entered into a draw to win a family photography session.

Today I’m starting June with a pyjama day: watching lots of May Favourites YouTube videos; doing a bit of crafting; having a wee pamper session. I’t s going to be a busy old month but I can’t wait!

Oh and after finishing #BEDM, I’m embarking on #100happydays because I love a challenge. It’ll be on my Instagram so you can follow me there or check out the sidebar widget thing.

What have you been up to this week?

#BEDM | The End

The End of BEDM So the Blog Every Day in May challenge has come to an end. I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to keep on top of it, writing posts inspired by the daily prompts and even though some of the posts have been written right at the end of the day – hitting publish at 23:30 sometimes – they have gone up on the correct days! It’s been difficult (as all good challenges should be) but I really glad I stuck with it.

I pleased that I’ve managed to stay committed to this despite my real-life  work-life ramping up a gear or ten over the past month. There’s been a few topics that I haven’t immediately been taken with a few days where I’ve just wanted to go to sleep, not blog, but overall I’ve enjoyed the challenge very much.

I’ve learnt to branch out of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt that I can write about pretty much anything. I’ve learnt that I suck at posing for outfit posts – but I can work on this. I’ve learnt that it gives you a great feeling to tweet someone to say how much you have been enjoying their blog. I’ve learnt that every week is a National Something Week – and I can mine this for ideas if I’m feeling uninspired. Overall, I’ve learnt that I am really loving this blogging lark and want to keep it up not matter what.

Here is are some of my favourite posts from the past month in case you missed them:
Sharing the Blog Love – some of my favourite fellow #BEDMers.
Spa in the City – rather fine example of some of the amazing events that are always going on in Edinburgh.
Inside & Out Book Tag – love a good tag and this is a fun one for bibliophiles. I tag YOU to do this immediately!
Being Adventurous – I drawed a picture! Seriously, first time I had done a sketch for ages so I am a bit proud of this.
Passion Projects – a bit of escapism, what would be your dream job? Mine is colour namer. That’s a thing right?

So will I blog tomorrow? Yep, definitely. Monday? Probably. Tuesday? Err… maybe not. I’ll be going back to normal sporadic posting for June (we’re two weeks from Festival time so most evenings I’ll be getting much-needed rest in preparation) but I will still be about. And I have another challenge I’ll be doing! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Hope you’ve been enjoying my #BEDM posts. Please leave me your link if you have been joining in, I’d love to read them.

And a big thank you to Elizabeth at Rosalilium for creating this challenge and being so inspirational. She is awesome.

#BEDM | Spa in the City

I’m back to work this Bank Holiday Monday (what job do you have to be in to actually get all these days off?), but I thought I’d share what I did on the weekend.

Spa in the City

There’s not many things that’ll drag me out of bed and into town for 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday but I couldn’t resist the thought of Spa in the City. Taking place over the weekend and on three site – St Andrews Sq, West End and Grassmarket – Spa in the City offered free treatments from top retailers and beauticians around Edinburgh, all for free. You simply register in the morning, the earlier the better, and book yourself into a treatment. St Andrews Sq had a wide range of options from up do’s at Toni & Guy to the ultimate smoky eye at Smashbox c/o Boots. We were lucky enough to be booked into a treatment at the Lush tent.

Lush Ingredients

I had a hand and arm massage using the gorgeous Tender is the Night massage bar which contains Jasmine and Shea Butter. During, the therapist told me a little bit about where the raw ingredients come from  - I’m always impressed at the level of knowledge Lush staff have and how truly passionate they are about the company. There’s no doubt that their products are amazing but it’s the staff that make the company and the Edinburgh staff are exceptional. (OK, Lush love in over).

Lush Perfumes

Next we learnt about Gorilla Perfumes and the origins of some of their products. The founder had synesthesia and used fragrance to make sense of what he was experiencing and feeling. This has led to really unique fragrances such as Dear John, based on the search for his father and Lavender Hill Mob, inspired by a showing of community spirit during the London Riots.

Lush Bath Bombs

Lastly we were given the chance to make our own Butterball, a really fun experience and I’m really excited to use my own handmade bath bomb.

Youth Heart Juice

Next I headed over to the Grassmarket to enjoy some Hula smoothies (my favourite!) and have a skin care consultation and makeover from Youth Heart Juice and Caroline Stewart Makeup Artistry.


I was a bit nervous when she mentioned a smoky eye, contouring and an ombre lip but as you can see she perfectly tailored it to my minimal daytime look. I’m now totally sold on the Illamasqua foundation and the Tom Ford Contour kit – I guess I have expensive tastes after all!


Finally, I had my nails done by Marce at Sublime. She is really passionate about people caring for their natural nails and I enjoyed chatting to her and picking up some tips on how to stop my nails from weakening and splitting. The colour I went for is Essie’s Ole Caliente.

For someone that’s more used to DIY pampering I can definitely now see the appeal. It was really fun to just indulge for a morning and get a sample of all the treatments that are on offer around the city.

What did you do with your Bank Holiday weekend? Hope it was a good one!

#BEDM | Inside & Out Book Tag

I always loved reading as a child. I spent far more time reading books than I do nowadays that I have magazines and the internet. I used to take part in summer reading challenges at our local library where I’d read over 30 books during the schools holidays and I was delighted when they let me start taking books from the teenage section two years early. So today under the “best thing about childhood” prompt I thought I would do a book tag. I found this one at BooksBiscuitsandTea which seemed fun. It was originally created by Youtuber MathomBooks and I think has been floating about for around a year.

Book shelves

Inside flap/back of the book summaries: Too much information or not enough?
The blurb on the back is usually enough for me. If there is an additional synopsis in the cover I tend not to read it. I also never read the pages of praise for the author at the front either. I’ll decide, ta very much.

New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest: audio book, e-book, paperback or hardcover?
Paperback please! I love reading on my Kindle, books tend to be cheaper and easier to get (Amazon 1-click, you are dangerous!) but I do miss having the physical book. I love hardcover editions and will buy them, but more for displaying my favourite books, they’re a bit impractical to read. I’ve only ‘read’ one  audio book – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I did this because it was required reading for uni but I found it impossible to get through, the audio book made it pretty funny though, the reader was so over dramatic.

Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean?
I’ve only ever written in textbooks for uni, never in books I’m reading for enjoyment. I hate the idea of this – you’re ruining it for other people! Textbooks don’t matter so much, other people’s note could serve as a study aid but never, never novels. I don’t make notes in a separate book while I’m reading either – to me that’s like pausing a film to write down what someone says. Just enjoy it!

In your best voice, read for us your favourite first sentence from a book.
“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” – Rebecca, Daphne Du Murier.

Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female when you’re deciding on a book? What if you’re unsure of the author’s gender?
No, don’t be so sexist!

Ever read ahead? Or have you read the last page before you got there?
This is something I used to do as a child all the time. I barely read books in order, I was that much of a cheater. But I’ve since grown out of my impatience and am happy to let the author decide when my curiosities will be satisfied.

Organised bookshelves or outrageous bookshelves.
Organised, particularly the ones that are not behind cupboard doors. Don’t want the place to look a mess! When I have a bigger place and more books I will have colour coded shelves. That is happening.

Under oath: Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone?
Only all the time! I think graphic design is extremely important and a good cover can tell you all you need to know about a book. Case in point: Where’d you go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.

Take it outside to read or stay in? 
Since I live in Scotland, mostly stay in. Although perhaps if I take A Song of Ice and Fire outside I’ll gain a better affinity for the Nights Watch. I do like to read outside while on holiday in sunnier climes though. Mostly I read in the bath or in bed. Somewhere cosy.

How about you? Let me know if you have done this tag, I’d love to read it, or leave your responses in the comments below.

#BEDM | Healthy Living

I live a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’m never been a smoker and I don’t binge drink (anymore! 18 – 21 was a different story), but that’s probably the only good stuff I do. I am one of these people who vow to change my ways every new year and fail within a month. So I’m going to do exactly the same again now – a month of healthy living is better than nothing right?

Hula Betty Ford

I think it’s best to make goals realistic and with a time frame. So these might not seem like very much but it’s all about baby steps!

  • Cut energy drink consumption to max. one per week.
  • Do 3 Blogilates videos per week.
  • Drink at least two glasses of water each day on top of normal drinks.
  • Only have fizzy juice if out for a meal or for drinks – post-festival (I know I can’t do this now).
  • Go hillwalking or for a country walk for at least on hour once a week – post-festival, on weekends.
  • Eat at least one piece of fruit every lunchtime instead of chocolate.
  • Have a salad for dinner once a week.
  • New Friday work treat: smoothie from Hula (above) instead of Krispy Kremes!

I think those are manageable and only require small changes. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve most of these and will eventually be able to add more healthy habits. At the very least I need to put the yoga mat to better use than Murphy does!

Cat Yoga

#BEDM | Workspace

Having already bored you with glimpses of my real workspace during “A Day in the Life” and shown you my totty tiny desk in “Room Tour“, now you’re being treated to a look inside the spare room/office/man cave.


David’s desk is fairly standard. He has a huge, noisy tower PC and two monitors but he also has a super comfy chair. I sometimes sit here to blog if I’m feeling particularly productive.

Geeky stationery

Stationery for sci-fi geeks! The Star Wars note books are Moleskins while the Dr WHo notebooks were picked up in HMV.

Vintage billiard balls

Vintage billiard balls.

photo 4

Iron Man Print.

photo 5

Vinyl Sheldon (and bizarrely, a mini shopping cart).

photo 1

The Big Bang Theory Hama picture made by me, and gory Rubber movie poster.

photo 2

Stegosaurus tie!

Obviously you need to surround yourself with all manner of geekery to maximise productivity. I should introduce this at work (just kidding – our offices are packed with all kinds of film crap already).


#BEDM | Favourite Decade

Favourite Decade 2010s

I’ve never really considered myself to have a favourite decade. I’m not obsessed with the 50s, I don’t yearn for the 20s, I’m liking the current 90s trend but I don’t want to go back there. I’m very much a here and now person, so even though we’re only 4.5 years in, my current favourite decade is now, the 2010s.

The 2010s are pretty great. So far it’s been the decade that has produced horrific trends (men in deep v-necks – boke) but fashion is such that every decade is back in vogue at some point. They all have their bad points but luckily we can cherry pick our favourite bits and incorporate them in our own way.

The real best bits of the 2010s:

38Mb+ broadband.

3D printers.

A guy jumped to earth from space.

Disney has recognised that princesses don’t necessarily need a prince.

Live feeds everywhere – from osprey nests to the International Space Station.

Marriage equality.

Beards are popular again!

The 2010s are awesome but something tells me the 2020s are going to be even better. What do you love about the current decade?