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Photo A Day – Week 46

Happy December everyone! Things are about to get pretty festive around here, that’s for sure. But first, the last week in November:

Day 25: Quirky QuirkySomewhat unusual christmas decorations made with film reel.

Day 26: Message MessageAlways remember!

Day 27: No! NoWah hate waiting for the train at prime commuting time.

Day 28: I am grateful for… I am grateful forHaving a real fireplace in this freezing flat.

Day 29: Black BlackI love this scent.

Day 30: All done All doneLouise is almost all done with her dissertation so we cracked open the vodka.


Day 1: Red RedI had a wee visitor today in a rather fetching red christmas jumper.

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Photo A Day – Week 45

Brr it’s getting chilly now, isn’t it. This time next week we’ll be starting the final four weeks of the FMSPhotoADay Challenge, and, excitingly, opening the first doors of our advent calendar! I’ve got mine prepped and ready to go.

Day 18. Mirror MirrorMirrored cabinet which houses my jewellery.

Day 19. Where you ate breakfast Where you ate breakfastIn the kitchen. It has blue LEDs for some reason.

Day 20. Communication CommunicationOld school land line.

Day 21. I wish I had this  I wish I had thisMissing Murphy this week since David has been working every evening. Really want a feline companion but Murph is busy keeping my mum company while my dads in Korea. He’s an in demand cat.

Day 22. Behind BehindWho’s behind the peephole?

Day 23. Simplicity SimplicityWe went shopping for Christmas decorations and picked up some lovely, simple glass baubles from Sainsburys.

Day 24. A word A wordFire! Heading to the cinema now to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire – excited!

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Photo a Day – Week 46

I guess I need to start thinking about what I’m going to post on Sundays once the FMSPhotoADay challenge is over. I think Chantelle will probably keep the series up next year, but I think one year is enough for me. I might dip in and out of it next year but I don’t think I want to commit to another year.

Day 11. A memory A memoryA picture from the Saturday before. Out walking DJ with Kerry and Craig. Such a great weekend.

Day 12. Clouds CloudsTuesday was strangely cloud-free then totally dark so I had to use another photo from our weekend in Loch Long. Oh well, there are worse things in life!

Day 13. Part of me Part of meToesies! You can see what this rather strange looking bath is here.

Day 14. Eating EatingRather aggressive looking pizza eating!

Day 15. In my pocket/purse In my pocketNope, nothing in these pockets.

Day 16. Play PlayQueens of the Stone Age playing to 10,000 people at the Hydro in Glasgow. Amazing night.

Day 17. 5 o’clock 5 o'clock5 o’clock – bath time with some festive Lush treats.

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Photo A Day – Week 45

I’m writing this post fresh out of a hot tub in a cabin on Loch Long so please expect typos… #sorelaxed #halfasleep #bragcity #sorrynotsorry

Day 4: Table tableMy totty tiny table.

Day 5: I collect I collectNail polish! This is mostly Nails Inc.

Day 6: Music MusicBoom box lip balms.

Day 7: Yes! YesNO!

Day 8: Someone I miss Someone I missBeen too long since I’ve seen Weezy.

Day 9: Mine MineDJ in the background trying to poach my hot chocolate.

Day 10: Book BookCurrently reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, it’s good so far.

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A Mag Education – The November Issue

A Mag Education NovemberI kinda have a bit of a magazine addiction. So I’m starting a new series here – A Mag Education aka What I Learnt from the Magazines I Bought This Month. Sound good? Lets go.

November Magazine freebiesFirst up – who won the battle of the freebies? We were given a generous offering from Marie Claire with a L’Occitane hand cream (I got the violet one which smells divine) but it has to go to Instyle for its trio of Ren’s skin care minis.

Nail It! Sept/Oct 2013Nail It Nail MythsA special guest from the States! Nail It busted some nail related myths including the whole “you need to let your nails breathe” one. Nope! Nail polish every day it is. Nail itNail It also taught me that I will never have the patience to paint my nails with oil paint, no matter how cute that textured tartan look is.

Look October 21st 2013 LookSpeaking of tartan, Look taught me that ‘funnel necks’ are officially a thing and that I need this beauty from Closet. Tartan and Funnels – double trending done!

Look diet“Would you try Hollywood’s Corset Diet?” Hell no! I’d like my organs to stay where they are, ta very much.

Company November 2013 CompanyTurns out Company are “well impressed” with little old me! Aww.

Glamour November 2013Glamour NovOlivia Wilde is pure awesomesauce. I loved her The Dos & Don’ts of Turning 30 feature. “I’d rather be a good person who makes people happy than a dick who wins a nobel by 32.” Slightly implying that Einstein was a dick, but hey, it was funny.

Cosmopolitan November 2013 Cosmo Nov 2013I am a sucker for a heavy-handed film reference or two. I loved the styling of this photo shoot.

Shortish post this month – testing the waters here. I’ll have a bumper edition next month including the first issue of Blogosphere magazine! Let me know what you think of this feature.

Photo a Day – Week 44

Welcome to November! Prepare yourself for the commencement of Christmas spirit here on AlleyHope. Seriously, I love Christmas, but I know some people don’t until December so I will try to show some restraint! Here is the last few days of October and the start of November in the FatMumSlim photo a Day challenge.

Day 28: Just for you Just for youWow well this photo is grainy! Portion of Halloween Candy Bark – recipe here.

Day 29: Hair HairThat’s my hair.

Day 30: Wet WetPicture from Ikea. This is also what it’s like outside but with less smiling faces.

Day 31: Treat TreatTucking into some popcorn at the drive-in movie.


Day 1: Fruit fruitLots of oranges this time of year.

Day 2: I did this today photo(2)Spot of online shopping accompanied by the ultimate shopping accessory – a salted caramel hot chocolate.

Day 3: P is for… P is forPussycat! No idea why he looks so pensive.

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30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 4

Woohoo! So happy to have gotten through this! Happy to do set nail or photo challenges but I have a real problem with drawing ones. Just can’t draw something if I’m not feeling it. Anyway, here’s the last drawings. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered cropping them, but to be honest that wasn’t going to help them look any better! Hopefully I’ll have some better ones soon.

Day 26: Something you don’t like


I hate spiders :( and all bugs really. Had to draw a cutesy cartoon speeder so I didn’t run away from my own sketchbook.

Day 27: Someone you love


David! Aaahhhh….

Day 28: Anything


Murpho! He was second choice to draw yesterday so thought I better. Didn’t lie still for very long. Fidgeter.

Day 29: Peace


Peace man!

Day 30: Congratulations banner for finishing the challenge


Hell yeahs! Bouncing Souls artwork – my first <3

Have a look at my first couple of days here,  week one here and the first half of week two here , second half here and finally week three here!  Never again like. Never again.

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 3

Back on track!

Day 18: Doodle

These have all been doodles to be honest! Here’s a really doodly-doodle.

Day 19: Something new

New Lush spa opening in Edinburgh! Picked up a postcard so scribbled all over it. Newness!

Day 20: Something orange

Hmm, what’s something orange? Oh yeah, an orange!

Day 21: Something you want

I want *would very much like please* a yellow handbag. Fingers crossed for Christmas!

Day 22: Something you miss

Something you miss? I think one of the problems with this challenge is the lack of opportunity to do observational drawings.

Day 23: Something you need

I guess the only thing I really need is new glasses. And motivation, but how do you draw that? Really bored and uninspired by this challenge now.

Day 24: A couple

A drawing of a picture of me and the bf. We both look really weird.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,  week one here and the first half of week two here and second half here. Cannot wait to be done with this next week!

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 2

This is a catch up post for the drawings I missed last week.

Day 14: Favourite Fairytale

Bit of a morbid one perhaps but I went with Pan’s Labyrinth.

Day 15: A Family Picture

Major cheating going on here. Not new and not a drawing – this is an old painting of my brother but I feel like I’ve lost my knack so I just wanted to show I used to be good at stuff like this!

Day 16: Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration from all the great blogs I follow. Bloglovin’ is a great tool for keeping up to date with them all.

Day 17: Favourite Plant

Err I don’t really have a favourite plant… Quite like snowdrops so here is one.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,  week one here and the first half of week two here. More on Saturday.

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 1.5

Hmm this didn’t last long… only completed three drawings this week, oops. Will try to upload the rest before next Saturday to catch up.

Day 11: Turning point in your life

First time volunteering at an arts event. Been obsessed ever since.

Day 12: A recent accomplishment

I completed my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge – on time! Don’t think this one will be following suit.

Day 13: Comic


This says it all really.

Have a look at my first couple of days here and week one here. Promise I’ll catch up by next Saturday.