Photo A Day – Week 45

I’m writing this post fresh out of a hot tub in a cabin on Loch Long so please expect typos… #sorelaxed #halfasleep #bragcity #sorrynotsorry

Day 4: Table tableMy totty tiny table.

Day 5: I collect I collectNail polish! This is mostly Nails Inc.

Day 6: Music MusicBoom box lip balms.

Day 7: Yes! YesNO!

Day 8: Someone I miss Someone I missBeen too long since I’ve seen Weezy.

Day 9: Mine MineDJ in the background trying to poach my hot chocolate.

Day 10: Book BookCurrently reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, it’s good so far.

That’s all for this week, in the meantime, I’ll be over on Instagram @AlleyHope.


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