Photo a Day – Week 44

Welcome to November! Prepare yourself for the commencement of Christmas spirit here on AlleyHope. Seriously, I love Christmas, but I know some people don’t until December so I will try to show some restraint! Here is the last few days of October and the start of November in the FatMumSlim photo a Day challenge.

Day 28: Just for you Just for youWow well this photo is grainy! Portion of Halloween Candy Bark – recipe here.

Day 29: Hair HairThat’s my hair.

Day 30: Wet WetPicture from Ikea. This is also what it’s like outside but with less smiling faces.

Day 31: Treat TreatTucking into some popcorn at the drive-in movie.


Day 1: Fruit fruitLots of oranges this time of year.

Day 2: I did this today photo(2)Spot of online shopping accompanied by the ultimate shopping accessory – a salted caramel hot chocolate.

Day 3: P is for… P is forPussycat! No idea why he looks so pensive.

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