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A Mag Education – The January Edition

A Mag Education JanuaryBit of a ‘quiet’ month for me, magazine wise. Since getting into blogs I’ve basically stopped buying weeklys and this month saw a serious reduction in my glossy-buying. Not sure why, just busy I guess. Also, you will notice, no freebies this month. Sad times! C’mon magazine editors – it is (was) Christmas!

Company January 2014   Company januaryMy fave magazine of the month was Company. It was their #companysocial issue so had lots in it about social media, from YouTuber interviews (yey Zoella!) to a LinkedIn how-to – something I definitely need! They also introduced a new column Love My Life. Like a lifestyle blog on a page featuring Anna Barnett and her favourite recipe, hangouts and mates, it’s nice to have a feature that’s just about being positive.

Company JanuaryInsta-Glam was about makeup to make you look Instagram flawless 24/7 featuring X-Pro II,Rise, Amaro and Kelvin. What no Valencia? #nofilter

Company JanuaryThis Insta Outfit article was definitely of interest to me. I want to get into doing more fashion related posts but lack of a tripod, decent background and general self-consciousness holds me back. Maybe this is the way forward for me?

Company JanuaryLastly, Gem Royston-Claire celebrated all that she has learnt from Beauty Bloggers in her column. Definitely agree with you *slathers face with Hydraluron*

Glamour January 2014 Glamour JanuaryProving Gem’s point above, Glamour had it’s 2014 Beauty from A-Z, at M, (just one example) the Marchesa nails wraps that did the rounds on the blogs months ago. C’mon Glamour!

Glamour JanuaryI did enjoy this interview with Jennifer Saunders, although I felt as though Celia Walden asked very ‘light’ questions. Anyway, I love how honest she was about her frustrations with the BBC and how corporate and detached from the public it has become. Refreshing to have a bit of honesty from someone within the industry.

Cosmopolitan January 2014 Cosmo JanuaryDespite the title and the blurb of this feature being slightly worrying, Cosmo quite rightly condemned the double standards in the law and in society when it comes to protecting boys as well as girls from sexual predators. Feminism is about equality, in all areas, for the sake of everyone.

IMG_7194 IMG_7195I love the styling and location of the Winter Whites fashion piece. Wish I was brave enough to rock sequins with my chunky knits. One day!

What magazines have you been reading lately? I’d love some new, fresh titles for 2014, any recommendations for me?


A Mag Education – The November Issue

A Mag Education NovemberI kinda have a bit of a magazine addiction. So I’m starting a new series here – A Mag Education aka What I Learnt from the Magazines I Bought This Month. Sound good? Lets go.

November Magazine freebiesFirst up – who won the battle of the freebies? We were given a generous offering from Marie Claire with a L’Occitane hand cream (I got the violet one which smells divine) but it has to go to Instyle for its trio of Ren’s skin care minis.

Nail It! Sept/Oct 2013Nail It Nail MythsA special guest from the States! Nail It busted some nail related myths including the whole “you need to let your nails breathe” one. Nope! Nail polish every day it is. Nail itNail It also taught me that I will never have the patience to paint my nails with oil paint, no matter how cute that textured tartan look is.

Look October 21st 2013 LookSpeaking of tartan, Look taught me that ‘funnel necks’ are officially a thing and that I need this beauty from Closet. Tartan and Funnels – double trending done!

Look diet“Would you try Hollywood’s Corset Diet?” Hell no! I’d like my organs to stay where they are, ta very much.

Company November 2013 CompanyTurns out Company are “well impressed” with little old me! Aww.

Glamour November 2013Glamour NovOlivia Wilde is pure awesomesauce. I loved her The Dos & Don’ts of Turning 30 feature. “I’d rather be a good person who makes people happy than a dick who wins a nobel by 32.” Slightly implying that Einstein was a dick, but hey, it was funny.

Cosmopolitan November 2013 Cosmo Nov 2013I am a sucker for a heavy-handed film reference or two. I loved the styling of this photo shoot.

Shortish post this month – testing the waters here. I’ll have a bumper edition next month including the first issue of Blogosphere magazine! Let me know what you think of this feature.

American Beauty Haul

My BFF went to New York and all she got me was… this amazing haul! American beauty haulRevel in the awesomeness! I’m so happy to get the magazines, apparently Nail It was fairly hard to find but my lovely friends persevered and hunted it down. And I couldn’t believe the size of Allure! The only problem is, I know I’m going to find stuff in it that I’ll want but won’t be able to get in the UK. Why don’t we have a magazine like this here?

Let’s have a closer look at the makeup. American beautyCan you tell I love my eye products? The Maybelline Colo(u)r Tattoo’s are their Pure Pigments. I believe that these will be making an appearance in the UK soon but I’m impatient. On the left is ‘Downtown Brown’ and on the right is the awesomely named ‘Breaking Bronze’. What’s the bet that if we do get this in the UK they’ll change the name to something boring ala ‘Bad to the Bronze’ becoming ‘On and On Bronze’. A quick swatch tells me that a teeny amount goes a long way with these bad boys. Will report back on staying power.

The mascara is CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher by LashBlast. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I’ve wanted a CoverGirl LashBlast mascara since, like, the first season of America’s Next Top Model. Laura pulled a masterstroke in picking up the Black Brown version, I don’t have any mascara this colour and it really suits the fluttery, natural look this gives you. Easy, breezy, beautiful!

Wet and Wild Comfort ZoneCheck out this Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘Comfort Zone’ palette. Especially that cheeky little duochrome in the bottom right. Hello every shade I’ll need for A/W! I requested this specific palette after seeing Lily Pebbles blog about it, and I am not disappointed. Lovely soft, pigmented shadows and a perfect colour selection. The guide on the back is pretty handy for learners like me too.

Maybelline Colour Whisper Lust for BlushThis is Maybelline’s Color Whisper in ‘Lust for Blush’. Again, I believe that these are on their way to the UK. This is a lovely soft pink, it’s slightly too pale to be a ‘your lips but better’ shade on me, but is very wearable with a hint of shine and colour. Can definitely see getting plenty of wear out of this.

Bath and Body Works candlesWell it’s officially autumn in the AlleyHope residence with these burning. These are mini’s from Bath and Body Works and they smell so good. The Blackberry Spice one reminds me of an apple and blackcurrant pie (yum) and the Marshmallow Fireside one just smells so cosy. We don’t really do pumpkin in the UK as much as America seems to, but the strongest scent in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is definitely the cinnamon element. Rather than burning this for Halloween I’ll be keeping it ’til Christmas. Very appropriate.

Sugar skull money boxLastly, I got this adorable sugar skull money-box from Lola Star on Coney Island Boardwalk. I love Day of the Dead iconography and this looks perfect on my new desk.

How lucky am I? I want to say a massive thank you to Laura and Dave for taking time out of their holiday to indulge my shopping addiction from afar. I love every single thing you picked out/found for me and I really appreciate it all.


What would you buy from the states? If you’re from the US, what are your recommendations for us poor Brits? (JK, we have pretty good shopping, but the grass is always greener right?).

DIY Magazine Folder

DIY Mag folder

Hello! Today I’d like to share a super easy and fun DIY with you. Definitely one for all you stationery and magazine fans out there.  This was inspired by the fact that me and bf have been talking about moving in together but he is concerned about all my ‘clutter’. Apparently you don’t need to keep 18 months worth of magazines. Now ladies, I’m not suggesting that you should change for your man, this is about compromising. Making space while keeping the stuff that you love and creating something awesome customised and unique to you. Now to talk about that video game collection…

Magazine file what you need

You will need:
Lever arch folder
Stack of magazines
Pritt Stick
PVA glue
Craft knife (not pictured)
Time! Trust me, flicking through magazines can be very distracting.

I used Company magazines. I am a huuuge fan of Company, I feel like it is the magazine that is most relevant to me at the moment and their design is simply amazing. Look at it!

Company Magazines

Step 1. Cut out images, text, articles, anything that catches your eye.

Step 2. Start to arrange images on the outside of your folder.

Step 3. Make a bit of a mess.

DIY folder

Step 4. When you’re happy with your arrangement on the folder start sticking with the Pritt stick. I find this more manageable than the runny PVA and easier to lift to rearrange.

Step 5. Cut around the holes in the folder for the arches with your craft knife.

Step 6. Once your folder is decorated in a way you are happy with, spread a thin layer of PVA over the top. This will secure the pictures and help to protect. Allow to dry.

Step 7. Admire!

Company Folder DIYCompany folder

I had loads of left over images so I also decorated dividers for the inside.


I plan to use this for filing away inspiration for this little ol’ blog so have saved my favourite articles, images, tips, and layouts. I’m really happy with this, I think it looks gorgeous and will save me some space on my shelves without sacrificing my magpie tendencies. I also think it will be a fun monthly project to keep coming back to.

Company FolderCompany Folder Folder Spine

What do you think? This makes me nostalgic for school days when we had to cover our jotters. What would you use a folder like this for? Do you have any magazine recommendations? Need to restock my collection!

Friday Favourites – 2 November

Welcome to November! I’ve finished my October Nail Art and Photo a Day Challenge and so I’m now considering what I should focus on this month. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my craft and drawings recently so I’m going to try and make more of an effort to incorporate these hobbies. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing more Instagramming and nail stuff, as evidenced in my below favourites!

Glamour Nails Inc Issue

Glamour does the best giveaways. This month, in what has become an annual tradition, we are getting a free FULL SIZE bottle of Nails Inc Polish. Rejoice! The colours available are ‘St James’ (a ‘hero’ shade, i.e. a bestseller, which is a bright red with an extremely subtle shimmer), ‘Motcomb Street’ (dark dark navy, perfect for a/w), ‘Elizabeth Street’ (a milky but pearly pale pink) and the exclusive ‘Glamour Glitter’ (a very fine gold glitter suspended in a clear base which has just about the most perfect formula – no clumping here). I had previously picked up Elizabeth Street in another freebie so I only bought 3 magazines, it’s not the kind of shade I wear often but I can imagine it being popular. Nails Inc retails for £11 while Glamour costs only £2 so snap this up ladies!

Visit the lovely Glitter Tips to see swatches of the available colours. Pick your favourite or hunt them all down.


November is the month when people go crazy for moustaches. The purpose is more than an annual fashion statement, it is to raise awareness (and money) for mens healthcare, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Now, on some people moustaches can be rather dashing although mostly they are purely comical, so if at any point throughout the month you find yourself particularly impressed or amused by a newly sprouted mo’ remember to donate to the cause!

You can make a donation at www.uk.movember.com/donate

Drawing Challenge

Yep, another 30 day challenge. November has 30 days right? Can never remember that damn poem! The last day of November is a Friday so I think I’ll post weekly round ups on Saturdays. Will have three drawings for you tomorrow. Excited/nervous!

Does anyone know who originally created this so I can credit them? I first came across this on Google Images well over a year ago…

Ciate Advent Calender

A bit of pure indulgence here. Advent calendars are not just for kids y’know. Rather than some cheap nasty, and unhealthy chocolate, try some mini Ciate nail polishes! I love this idea and would be extremely happy to get this. It’s sold out already but I’ll be keeping my eye on the Selfridges website for restocks. But now that I know they do this I will be on it next year!

If you can’t wait check out eBay for pricey ones.

That’s my favourites for this week. See you next time.

Friday Favourites – 12 Oct

Here’s a round-up of stuff I like this week.

Cut Out + Keep

This is a site that I had kind of forgotten about but recently I’ve found myself with more time on my hands to craft so will definitely be returning to. It’s basically like Facebook for crafters where you can upload tutorials, find new ideas and share your projects. I love that it has a great community feel and is all about sharing your knowledge. Not only do you see the original tutorial, but you can see other people’s take on it which is fab. There is something for all levels of crafter and I strongly recommend that you check out this site if you are seeking inspiration.

Visit www.cutoutandkeep.net to sign up!

Company’s New Weekly Edit

This is the new app by Company Magazine (who I love and also where I discovered Cut Out + Keep!). It’s weekly and delivers new content straight to your iphone. The first week features high street fashion, beauty tips, career advice, foodie heaven and more. It’s all done in typical Company style, great graphics, instagram and an inherent love for DIY and bloggers. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with in the coming weeks.

Visit the App Store to download and www.company.co.uk if you just can’t get enough.

Nails Inc Pinkie Pink

How gorgeous is this bottle? I must admit I get a twang of buyer’s guilt whenever I buy a new polish as I do have a lot, but this one is guilt free. £1 of every bottle will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. To promote this, Nails Inc have started a campaign to ‘Paint your Pinkie Pink’ during October to show your support for the charity. On top of this, the colour is just so pretty. You can see a swatch of the polish over at Dainty Dollmix here. I’ve just ordered mine and can’t wait to receive it.

Visit www.breakthrough.org.uk to learn more about the great work that they do and how you can support them, and www.nailsinc.com to order your Pinkie Pink.
See you next Friday for more favourites!