30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 2

This is a catch up post for the drawings I missed last week.

Day 14: Favourite Fairytale

Bit of a morbid one perhaps but I went with Pan’s Labyrinth.

Day 15: A Family Picture

Major cheating going on here. Not new and not a drawing – this is an old painting of my brother but I feel like I’ve lost my knack so I just wanted to show I used to be good at stuff like this!

Day 16: Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration from all the great blogs I follow. Bloglovin’ is a great tool for keeping up to date with them all.

Day 17: Favourite Plant

Err I don’t really have a favourite plant… Quite like snowdrops so here is one.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,Ā  week one here and the first half of week two here. More on Saturday.


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