Photo A Day – Week 45

Brr it’s getting chilly now, isn’t it. This time next week we’ll be starting the final four weeks of the FMSPhotoADay Challenge, and, excitingly, opening the first doors of our advent calendar! I’ve got mine prepped and ready to go.

Day 18. Mirror MirrorMirrored cabinet which houses my jewellery.

Day 19. Where you ate breakfast Where you ate breakfastIn the kitchen. It has blue LEDs for some reason.

Day 20. Communication CommunicationOld school land line.

Day 21. I wish I had this  I wish I had thisMissing Murphy this week since David has been working every evening. Really want a feline companion but Murph is busy keeping my mum company while my dads in Korea. He’s an in demand cat.

Day 22. Behind BehindWho’s behind the peephole?

Day 23. Simplicity SimplicityWe went shopping for Christmas decorations and picked up some lovely, simple glass baubles from Sainsburys.

Day 24. A word A wordFire! Heading to the cinema now to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire – excited!

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