30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 3

Back on track!

Day 18: Doodle

These have all been doodles to be honest! Here’s a really doodly-doodle.

Day 19: Something new

New Lush spa opening in Edinburgh! Picked up a postcard so scribbled all over it. Newness!

Day 20: Something orange

Hmm, what’s something orange? Oh yeah, an orange!

Day 21: Something you want

I want *would very much like please* a yellow handbag. Fingers crossed for Christmas!

Day 22: Something you miss

Something you miss? I think one of the problems with this challenge is the lack of opportunity to do observational drawings.

Day 23: Something you need

I guess the only thing I really need is new glasses. And motivation, but how do you draw that? Really bored and uninspired by this challenge now.

Day 24: A couple

A drawing of a picture of me and the bf. We both look really weird.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,Β  week one here and the first half of week two here and second half here. Cannot wait to be done with this next week!


2 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 3”

  1. I just wanted to let you know I have awarded you a Liebster Award.
    I am giving this award to you, because I feel you deserve it. If you would like to pass it on to other bloggers, that is great, but do not feel any obligation. But, please post your answers to the questions πŸ™‚ This is the really fun part!

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