30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 4

Woohoo! So happy to have gotten through this! Happy to do set nail or photo challenges but I have a real problem with drawing ones. Just can’t draw something if I’m not feeling it. Anyway, here’s the last drawings. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered cropping them, but to be honest that wasn’t going to help them look any better! Hopefully I’ll have some better ones soon.

Day 26: Something you don’t like


I hate spiders 😦 and all bugs really. Had to draw a cutesy cartoon speeder so I didn’t run away from my own sketchbook.

Day 27: Someone you love


David! Aaahhhh….

Day 28: Anything


Murpho! He was second choice to draw yesterday so thought I better. Didn’t lie still for very long. Fidgeter.

Day 29: Peace


Peace man!

Day 30: Congratulations banner for finishing the challenge


Hell yeahs! Bouncing Souls artwork – my first ❀

Have a look at my first couple of days here,Β  week one here and the first half of week two here , second half here and finally week three here!Β  Never again like. Never again.


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