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Wreck This Journal #1

Wreck This Journal #1

Can’t promise this will be a regular thing, but I want to start doing my Keri Smith Wreck This Journal a bit more and share the results on here. Here’s my first few pages – of mixed success!

Wreck This Journal #1 Wreck This Journal #1


Wreck This Journal #1

Totally gave myself RSI after this.

Wreck This Journal #1

Sweary words written in glitter gel pens. Classy.

Wreck This Journal #1


Wreck This Journal #1

You can’t really see the colours very well, but I floated the book on a bath bomb and now it smells (appropriately enough) lush.

Wreck This Journal #1

The cold never bothered me anyway!

If you have any similar post, please leave me links – I’d love to steal your ideas see them!

Animal Banners

Shark Banner

Shark banner – really wish I had made the banner a gas cannister!

Narwhal Banner

Narwhal banner – the fabric banner works better here.

Nowadays whenever I draw or paint anything I feel like I’ve made a massive accomplishment, even if it’s a silly drawing like the ones above. The will to draw strikes me often but I never have the crucial spark of inspiration. I love having the pencil in my hand, but no lines will flow. It’s a bit frustrating, you can imagine.

I wanted to make myself a banner for this here blog and on Twitter, so the shark is a starting point. I love sharks but it’s not exactly relevant to anything I write about. Also, I didn’t take into account the dimensions – oops. But I enjoyed painting it, and I think it looks OK. David asked me to do a narwhal for him so I duly obliged.

Send me some inspiration, tell me an animal to paint. They don’t have to be water-dwelling, though they’re my faves!

#BEDM | Being Adventurous

Carl Fredricksen Drawing Up

In the ‘spirit of adventure’ here’s a quick drawing of my all-time favourite adventurer – Carl Fredricksen.

So long boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!


Hope everyone had a very happy Christmas! Just wanted to do a quick post to share a painting that I did of a friend’s little ‘un for Christmas. I got her in the work Secret Santa draw, and it took me a while to figure out what to give her, but then it clicked and I’m pleased with the result. Thank god for Facebook and the access it gives us to other people’s photos on the sly!


30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 4

Woohoo! So happy to have gotten through this! Happy to do set nail or photo challenges but I have a real problem with drawing ones. Just can’t draw something if I’m not feeling it. Anyway, here’s the last drawings. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered cropping them, but to be honest that wasn’t going to help them look any better! Hopefully I’ll have some better ones soon.

Day 26: Something you don’t like


I hate spiders :( and all bugs really. Had to draw a cutesy cartoon speeder so I didn’t run away from my own sketchbook.

Day 27: Someone you love


David! Aaahhhh….

Day 28: Anything


Murpho! He was second choice to draw yesterday so thought I better. Didn’t lie still for very long. Fidgeter.

Day 29: Peace


Peace man!

Day 30: Congratulations banner for finishing the challenge


Hell yeahs! Bouncing Souls artwork – my first <3

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30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 3

Back on track!

Day 18: Doodle

These have all been doodles to be honest! Here’s a really doodly-doodle.

Day 19: Something new

New Lush spa opening in Edinburgh! Picked up a postcard so scribbled all over it. Newness!

Day 20: Something orange

Hmm, what’s something orange? Oh yeah, an orange!

Day 21: Something you want

I want *would very much like please* a yellow handbag. Fingers crossed for Christmas!

Day 22: Something you miss

Something you miss? I think one of the problems with this challenge is the lack of opportunity to do observational drawings.

Day 23: Something you need

I guess the only thing I really need is new glasses. And motivation, but how do you draw that? Really bored and uninspired by this challenge now.

Day 24: A couple

A drawing of a picture of me and the bf. We both look really weird.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,  week one here and the first half of week two here and second half here. Cannot wait to be done with this next week!

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Week 2

This is a catch up post for the drawings I missed last week.

Day 14: Favourite Fairytale

Bit of a morbid one perhaps but I went with Pan’s Labyrinth.

Day 15: A Family Picture

Major cheating going on here. Not new and not a drawing – this is an old painting of my brother but I feel like I’ve lost my knack so I just wanted to show I used to be good at stuff like this!

Day 16: Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration from all the great blogs I follow. Bloglovin’ is a great tool for keeping up to date with them all.

Day 17: Favourite Plant

Err I don’t really have a favourite plant… Quite like snowdrops so here is one.

Have a look at my first couple of days here,  week one here and the first half of week two here. More on Saturday.