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Photo A Day – Week 51

Or Week 52? Who knows, I may have miscounted along the way but what I can be sure of it that the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge for 2013 is DONE! I did every single last prompt and I’m feeling really rather smug about that. I’ve decided to do something a bit different for 2014, but first, my last two pictures:

Day 30: You YouOh hello chocolate biscuit! Appropriate to have this as one of the last prompts of the year seeing as the word of 2013 was very much #selfie. Still haven’t mastered my dainty, non-claw like hand for the mirror selfie though. Damn.

Day 31: Celebrate CelebrateBeing the hermit crabs that we are, me and David celebrated Hogmanay with tonnes of fooooood! Inside. By ourselves. This will be our last takeaway for a good while, that’s for sure. The New Year Diets start now.

And that’s it. That’s the end! So as much as I enjoyed the challenge, I’ve decided not to do the FMS one this year. There were a few occasions where I felt too restricted by it, not often, but often enough to want a change. For example, I could be going to an exciting event, but I had to post a picture of ‘flower’. Gah!

Instead, I’ll be using the Collect app to keep me on track. I may still post them to Instagram, or I might post something else instead, or not at all. On this blog, Sundays will become a day for sharing the week in general instead of just set photos. I will post about this new 365 project and let you know how it’s going but in a less prescriptive way. It will definitely be interesting to see if I can keep it up without relying on a set list.

Now, to make my 2013 book. I’m thinking of using Blurb – anyone any other suggestions?

Photo A Day – Week 50

The most wonderful week of the year! Days off, Christmas, family, pyjama days, chocolate…

Day 23: Tradition TraditionIt’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me to always watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my friends, either at my house, or our favourite cinema, Filmhouse. This year me and Sadia caught an almost sold out screening after work. The audience applauded at the end. I love it when that happens. Attaboy Clarence.

Day 24: Wrapped WrappedAnd the prize for Best Wrapping 2013 goes to…Kerry! I love these sequin ribbons. Almost makes you not want to open it. Almost!

Day 25: The best bit of your day  The best bit of your dayThe best bit of my day was actually Christmas dinner with the family and seeing my niece and nephews on such good form. But I wasn’t on camera duty so all I have is their Dad looking ridic in his super tacky Christmas jumper, so that’ll have to do.

Day 26: Where you slept where you sleptAt David’s parents house.

Day 27: What you’re doing now What you're doing nowSkiving at work. It was very quiet.

Day 28: Something awesome something awesomePresent pile! Just some of the amazing things my totally brilliant friends and family got me.

Day 29: Reflect: Best bit of 2013 Reflect: Best bit of 2013My job here being made permanent was pretty awesome. Meant I could book a nice holiday, move in with David after almost 5 years and of course have the pleasure of working with some amazing people for an amazing company for a bit longer.

2013 has been a pretty good year. I’m going to post the remaining two days on Wednesday or Thursday so make sure you come back for that. In the meantime, I’m over on Instagram @AlleyHope, see you there!

Photo a Day – Week 49

Only 3 days ’til Christmas! And only 1 week and 2 days until the end of the FatMumSlim Photo a Day Challenge 2013. I’ve seen the January list for next year and I can’t decide if I should do it again… help! Here’s last week anyway:

Day 16: Makes you feel merry Makes you feel merryDonning the appropriate attire for ‘Secret Santa Day 2013′: Christmas jumper and Christmas nails!

Day 17: Tree TreeHard to get out tree in a square frame!

Day 18: Big BigJealous of people who work in big, spacious offices like this.

Day 19: ‘Tis the season to Tis the season to…celebrate! Went for cocktails with Louise who had just handed in her dissertation. Strawberry Woo Woos and Lynchburg Lemonade – maybe a bit summery for this time of year but went down well none the less.

Day 20: I’m listening to I'm listening toSome Ramones.

Day 21: On the door On the doorDeer coat hook on the bedroom door.

Day 22: Sparkly SparklyGlitter bauble. Sparkly enough?

9 days to go! Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope to see how it goes :)

Photo a Day – Week 48

Week 48? But there’s only 2 and a half weeks left of the year. Have I counted wrong along the way? Oh well, let’s not worry about that.

Day 9: The weather today The weather todayIt was a fairly grey, normal day for this time of year.

Day 10: R is for… R is forRobin!

Day 11: Green GreenGreen cacti.

Day 12: Joy is …Joy isMy #BBSecretSanta parcel arrived! Didn’t stay wrapped for long, post up on Wednesday.

Day 13: Composition CompositionFor composition I tried to take a straight picture. My horizon lines are always usually off do this was a challenge but I went for the wrong subject because my floorboards are squint! Damn!

Day 14: Drink DrinkSlurping the Relentless.

Day 15: Lights LightsStar fairy lights.

Follow me on Instagram @AlleyHope. As well as the FatMumSlim photo a day challenge I’m also posting up daily videos of opening my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar as well as other snaps.

Photo a Day – Week 47

This had certianly been an eventful week. Some good, some bad. Next week is my last full working week of the year and I’m pretty excited about that. I do love a Monday off – hopefully I’ll have some time to do some pretty special Christmasy things. I’m thinking mulled wine and nail art. It’s the little things!

Day 2: Where I stood Where I stoodOn Princes St waiting for a bus home after a spot of after work shopping. I went for Secret Santa/stocking filler bits but ended up buying a whole heap of nail stuff for myself. Oh well.

Day 3: Silver SilverCurrently rocking a silver and multi-glitter mani. I heart China Glaze ‘Pizzazz’ so hard.

Day 4: Tiny TinyEr, yeah this was tiny, it’s just the perspective making it look huge. Honest. Met Laure for a catchup and wander round the Christmas Market.

Day 5: In the cupboard In the cupboardFully stocked up for my winter baths after dropping in on the Lush 1st Birthday Party (more on this event on Tuesday).

Day 6: Shadow ShadowUrban Decay’s Book of Shadows ‘UD Loves NYC’. This week I pre-ordered the Naked 3 palette and added the Black Market eyeliner set to my ever-growing wish list. Guys, seriously, just take all my money.

Day 7: 6 o’clock 6 oclockTrying out some of my new nail goodies. Post coming on these bad boys on Monday.

Day 8: I shop here I shop hereVow to buy at least a couple of things locally this Christmas and check out my post on it here.

That was the week that was. Follow me on Instagram for daily FMSPhotoADay pics, daily Boots Beauty Advent Calendar revelations, and plenty else besides @AlleyHope.

Photo A Day – Week 46

Happy December everyone! Things are about to get pretty festive around here, that’s for sure. But first, the last week in November:

Day 25: Quirky QuirkySomewhat unusual christmas decorations made with film reel.

Day 26: Message MessageAlways remember!

Day 27: No! NoWah hate waiting for the train at prime commuting time.

Day 28: I am grateful for… I am grateful forHaving a real fireplace in this freezing flat.

Day 29: Black BlackI love this scent.

Day 30: All done All doneLouise is almost all done with her dissertation so we cracked open the vodka.


Day 1: Red RedI had a wee visitor today in a rather fetching red christmas jumper.

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December Photo a Day Challenge – Week 4

I’ve seen that FatMumSlim will be starting her monthly lists from January again, I’m excited to start them from the beginning of the year. Here’s hoping that I can manage all 365 days of 2013!

Day 24: Tradition/Something you always doTraditionWe always get Murphy a Christmas stocking. Actually, last year we forgot and he went in an actual huff once he saw that all the presents were opened and that there was nothing for him. So this year he got a catnip stocking, a ball of yarn and a new blanket. And he was very happy.

Day 25: LunchtimeLunchtimeI realise that this was supposed to be a picture of Christmas lunch, buuut I really just wanted to eat this!

Day 26: MessMessMy makeup storage is a real MESS! Need to get this sorted ASAP.

Day 27: How you relaxRelaxSometimes I like to take a nice long bath, but I didn’t want to take a picture of that! Another way is watching films in bed with Murphy cuddled in. I also like to take funny pictures of him. Here is Murphy mid-yawn while we’re watching Beethoven’s Second.

Day 28: ColdColdIce cold energy drink. Mmm.

Day 29: HotHotHot chillies on a hot date. Went to Mariachi’s Mexican restaurant with David. I did not eat these chillies.

Day 30: Something that made you smile this yearSmileConnor! My youngest nephew was born in January and he always makes me smile. Not sure why this photo loaded smaller than the rest…

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December Photo a Day Challenge – Week 3

Week 3 and I think it’s going well so far. I wonder if FatMumSlim is planning on setting challenges for next year too?

Day 17: On the FloorIMG_2737So happy about my ‘new’ vintage typewriter from Laura. It’s BLUE! So gorgeous!

Day 18: Makes you MerryIMG_2751A wee bit too much wine and seeing the dafties at work playing in the soft play makes me feel pretty merry. Mini staff party for the FOH staff.

Day 19: Something beginning with ‘S’IMG_2775Santa!

Day 20: WeatherIMG_2782Sorry, no drama in the skies today. Grey, gloomy and not at all Christmassy.

Day 21: TreeIMG_2790Can you see the tree behind all that tinsel? More is more!

Day 22: DecorationIMG_2791This lovely Santa has been adorning our tree ever since I can remember. Wouldn’t be Christmas without him. Check out those eyelashes! Jel.

Day 23: Joy is…IMG_2794  …Spending the evening with David and getting this new handbag! Sunshine yellow Cambridge satchel. Woo!

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December Photo A Day Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 of Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenge for December which I’m doing over on Instagram. Here’s a weekly round up.

Day 10: Under


Murphy showing David who’s boss.

11: Sweet


Oreo Truffles and Nutella Truffles me and Laura made today. For the recipe see here.

Day 12: Hat


Most hats are too big for my tiny head :(

Day 13: Lights


Lovely big lit up snowmen at Ocean Terminal.

Day 14: Something Green


Stick ‘em up! Gangster Lego man against a very luscious lime background.

Day 15: Outdoors


Average looking sky. Wasn’t anywhere exciting today I’m afraid.

Day 16: Something you made


This is a Mario Santa christmas tree decoration made from hama beads. I love making stuff with hama.

Check out week 1 here and join me on Instagram @AlleyHope to see how I’m getting on throughout the month.

December Photo A Day Challenge – Week 1

So I’m doing another one of Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenges for over on Instagram and I will be sharing a weekly update here.

Day 1: 8 o’clock

8 o'clock

This is what I was doing at 8pm – top knot time (pre-bath!).

Day 2: Peace


…Broken! Went to see Rancid at the Barrowlands – amazing!

Day 3: Something you held


Super exciting bit of shopping at Tesco with me dad.

Day 4: Black and White


Apparently this dry shampoo prevents scratches when washing your cat. It’s there in black and white but something about the kitty’s face tells me not to believe it.

Day 5: Looking up


Looking down at Murphy looking up, begging for food, even though there is clearly food in all of his bowls!

Day 6: From where you live


Sometimes you can feel like you live at a desk. This desk is pretty cool though, there is imported Cherry Dr Pepper and Kat Dennings on TV.

Day 7: Stars


Today I went to a wedding in St Andrews and of course the biggest stars I saw were the bride and groom, Hazel and Lance. Not the best photograph, but Hazel’s dress was beautiful.

Day 8: Someone you love


David :) This was us just before the wedding, looking very smart for a change!

Day 9: Out and About


I was out and about today visiting Louise and her cutie pie Dita. Dita is sporting the lastest in puppy fashion, a red cuff with gold bells. Very festive. Also very useful in preventing you from stepping on her as she’s still so small. We also decorated the Christmas tree and enjoyed some ginger beer. Lovely!

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