Top 5 Christmas Films

Happy Christmas Eve! How do you spend Christmas Eve? Will you be running around the shops in a last-ditch attempt to find the perfect gift? Wrapping presents? Church? I have a day off so I’ll be on the sofa with some bubbly and chocolates, smug in the knowledge that I have a day to myself before the madness of Christmas Day. And of course, it’s Christmas movie time. Here are my top five festive films:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Every year I watch this either at work or at home, but always with my buddy Sadia. Last night we had our annual viewing at Filmhouse followed by some good food. Perfect.


Who doesn’t love Elf? If you say you don’t, “you sit on a throne of lies!”

Die Hard

OK, maybe not my favourite, but it is the bf’s and this is what we’re watching today.

Miracle on 34th Street

The 1994 one with Richard Attenborough as Santa <3 So schmaltzy but it is Christmas!


Let’s undo all that cheese with some good old Christmas chaos!

It’s been 10 years since Elf, we seriously need some new awesome Christmas films! What are your favourites?

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2 Responses to Top 5 Christmas Films

  1. Rachael (@hookstitch)

    Being a fan of vintage films I tend to go for Holiday Inn and the original Miracle of 34 Street. I saw the latter a couple of years ago being sold in black and white within a cinema that still had it’s working organ (one of the very few left) at Christmas – it was an incredible atmosphere.

    • I’ve actually never seen the orginal one – shame on me. I just loooove Richard Attenborough. That must have been an amazing screening.

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