Crazy Cat Lady Mani

Crazy cat lady mani

I love cats! Cats, cats, cats! Cats on YouTube, cats on t-shirts, cats IRL, cats on nails… just all cats in general. So obviously I had to pick up these nail stickers from Topshop. They were Β£3 and contain over 50 stickers – a good bargain me thinks. I paired them with Barry M’s ‘Lychee’, Orly Rubberised basecoat, and a topcoat from Rimmel. They were super easy to apply with tweezers. I have quite curved nails so they don’t lie completely flat on my nails but I’ve put on a good few layers of topcoat and they should last the whole day, provided I can resist the urge to pick them.

Cat nails Cat nails

Yeah, so they’re pretty silly but I like them. Do my fellow crazy cat ladies agree?

Meow πŸ™‚


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