Barry M Gelly Plumpy Topcoat

Barry M Gelly Plumpy Topcoat

Barry M Gelly Plumpy Topcoat

Building on their success with the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints, Barry M have released their first topcoat from the range. The Plumpy Topcoat promises to give any mani the high shine finish of the Gelly nail polishes and a plumped up, gel effect that you would expect from a salon manicure. Being a big fan of the Gelly range I was excited to try this and was hoping for a possible Seche Vite dupe.

Barry M Gelly Plumpy Topcoat

I found that it certainly delivers in terms of shine. My nails looked very glossy and polished as you can clearly see from the above photo. I also love the shape the brush which is flat and wide – but not too wide. I have small nails beds and my pinky is tiny but the brush is the exact same width so by happy coincidence is pretty perfect for me.

A couple of negatives – I did find this to be very slow at drying. I think that the 3D plumped effect would only be noticeable with two or  three coats which is fine… if you have the time. This took at least 30 mins to dry all the way through which is way too long for a topcoat in my mind. It also has the tendency to peel, I’ve used the same (Barry M) polish with and without the Plumpy Topcoat and sadly it lasts longer without.

So, a good topcoat if you’re looking for a high shine (I think this would look amazing over glitter, shimmer or matte shades like the Barry M Silk collection) for a short time, but not one for people in a hurry or looking for a long-lasting mani.

At £2.99 you can’t grumble about the price but unfortunately I would say to save your pennies and invest in the Seche Vite.

Have you tried the Barry M Plumpy Topcoat? What is your favourite topper?

2 thoughts on “Barry M Gelly Plumpy Topcoat

  1. Rachael | helplesswhilstdrying says:

    I found pretty much the same thing and was hoping for a seche vite dupe aswell – good on gloss but doesn’t match wear time.

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