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Edinburgh Etsy Team Craft Party

Etsy Crafy Party

On the 6th June Etsy threw it’s global Craft Party which included one hosted by the fabulous Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna of the  Edinburgh Etsy Team. The theme for the 2014 event was “Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs”, tickets cost just £5 and were open to everyone – Etsy sellers and craft newbies alike.

The Haven Edinburgh

Etsy Craft Party the Haven

The Haven Cafe in Newhaven was our venue for the evening. I’ve never been here before but I could tell from the mural that I was going to like it! It is a really cute cafe with lots of interesting vintage details – mismatched teacups, collections of typewriters, antique mirrors, that kind of thing. I’m not one for tea, but I am one for cake and the traybakes on offer there are delicious.

Mirrors and decorations

I loved all the decorations put up for the evening. I definitely subscribe to the ‘more is more’ train of thought. Vicky has a tutorial up on her blog here for how to make these tassel garlands. If I make some David will have to let me put them up in the flat, right?

Etsy Craft Party Inspiration Station

The inspiration station! The interpretation of the theme was to try out some embroidery on old (or new) photographs. The organisers had a great selection of black and white, really fun photographs sourced from Pinterest for us to use as well as providing thread and needles.


I was a bit nervous going in as I was on my own but I sat down at a big table with some really lovely ladies and it was absolutely fine. In fact, there were a few people there by themselves. If you are thinking about going to something like this but are worried about going alone, don’t be! You’re all there working on the same thing so it doesn’t feel awkward at all.


By the way – embroiderers – how do you keep your threads tidy? I made such a mess!


I took a bunch of photographs with me but when I spied this Frankenstein one on the table I knew it had to be mine! I think I was a bit ambitious deciding to do the whole tail as it took me the whole two and a half hours but I’m  kinda proud of it. It’s a bit messy as I don’t have any embroidery experience, but it’s a good first attempt.

Frankenstein and a mermaid

Here it is a bit clearer. I’ve had old pictures like this and behind the scenes film pics on my Pinterest for ages with no idea what to do with them but I think I’m going to get them printed and a do a series of stitched film photos.

Etsy Craft Party Goody Bag

So the cherry on top of the already incredible knickerbocker glory of a night was the extremely generous goody bag! Included was: a set of three compliment postcards from Jolly Good Studio; an Etsy t-shirt; a flower ring and Parma Violets from Claireabellemakes; ‘Och Aye’ earrings from Paper Bureaucracy; a punderful keepsake cards, pencil and pocket mirror from Vivid Please; a birdy badge from Zyzanna; mini bunting from Fiona Heather; and  a cookies and cream gourmet marshmallow from the Marshmallow Lady all packed in a bag printed with the event flyer (which is frankly the coolest mugshot ever taken). Head over to Vivid Please for the chance to win your very own goody bag now!

I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely craft partners, Robin, Harriet, Helen and Kimberley for making me feel welcome, even when I managed to spill my wine over everything (sorry Kimberley!) *awkward face!

And an extra special thank you to Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna for being fabulous hosts. The party was amazing, so much effort was put into it and I had such a good time. I went home exhausted and hunched (hey, I haven’t concentrated that hard since my exams!) but very happy. Can’t wait for the next one!

P.S. Check out the hashtags #EETcraft #etsycraftparty and #craftparty on Instagram – so inspiring to see so many talented crafters all over the world working on a common theme. Some of them definitely put my efforts to shame!

Sunday Catch Up #14

Not been up to that much this week – only the launch of the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival programme! So busy but really very excited to finally get my hands on a copy of the brochure. It’s absolutely packed with films I want to see but tomorrow when sales open I’ll definitely be buying tickets for Life After Beth, Snowpiercer and Finding Vivian Maier. And the Hero Hangouts with Empire sound amazing.

I love the artwork for this year –  going to try and use some of the symbols in nail art over the next few weeks – stay tuned!

I also went along to a blogger event at Crabtree & Evelyn this week. It was a lovely relaxed evening aimed at getting people together to share tips and have a good chat. Crabtree and EvelynCrabtree and EvelynCrabrtee and Evelyn HAndy tips

After sharing our tips we were pampered with hand treatments, which, being Crabtree & Evelyn, were superb. It was really nice to meet some other bloggers from Edinburgh and nearby, although due to the above, hardly any sleep and two cans of RedBull I was a bit jittery so apologies to anyone faced with my weird, crazy eyed state! But still, there is definitely a demand for more blogger events in Edinburgh, lots of us here it seems!

The Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips Handed Down is a campaign to get people sharing their beauty secrets and tips that have been in the family, passed down from one generation to the next. It’s surprising how many people are told the same thing by their grannies! these ladies know what they’re talking about. If you share your tip online or in store you’ll be given a £5 voucher and entered into a draw to win a family photography session.

Today I’m starting June with a pyjama day: watching lots of May Favourites YouTube videos; doing a bit of crafting; having a wee pamper session. I’t s going to be a busy old month but I can’t wait!

Oh and after finishing #BEDM, I’m embarking on #100happydays because I love a challenge. It’ll be on my Instagram so you can follow me there or check out the sidebar widget thing.

What have you been up to this week?

Lush Spa Edinburgh’s First Birthday

Last week I went along to the Lush Spa Edinburgh first birthday celebrations. Last year, Lush relocated from one side of Princes St to the other to a larger store (yey) and opened a spa downstairs. I’ve never been into the spa so the birthday celebration was a great chance to see what was down there.

Sikkim GirlsThe theme of the evening was based around the story of the Sikkim Girls perfume from Gorilla Perfumes. A dot of the perfume was applied to our wrists and, as the scent developed, we were told the tale of how composer Sheema Mukherjee was warned of the dangerous, alluring Sikkim girls which inspired her to write a softly seductive song which in turn inspired the Sikkim Girls perfume by Gorilla. The perfume itself is a gloriously heady, complex mix of jasmine, tuberose and frangipani which is quite unique. To enhance the experience, we were also treated to chocolates by master Chocolatiers Edward and Irwyn which were specially created to complement the scent. All the while, Sheema, along with musician Simon Emmerson were in attendance at the store playing the Sikkim Girls song.

Lush SpaNext we headed downstairs to the Spa which is really quite unexpected. More like a cosy country cottage than a more formal (and possibly less relaxing?) traditional spa. We were joined by Lush co-founder Liz Bennett who explained that they wanted to offer something a bit different and in line with Lush’s core values. We were then shown into the treatment rooms and the different treatments were explained, including the rum and sea-shanty filled deep tissue massage ‘The Good Hour’ and the zen-like soothing ‘Sound Bath’.

The Comforter Lush Spa EdinburghThe piece de resistance was The Comforter. The two therapists worked in synchronicity with a Hawaiian style rolling massage while uplifting music played and rose-scented bubbles filled the (pink) air. This room was a bit of a giggle and I will definitely be treating my BFF to this pre-hen party.

Lush Birthday PartyUpstairs the fun continued with customised jasmine tea, hand massages, lollipops and popcorn (who else remembers when Lush used to decorate their windows and fill their boxes with popcorn?) and, my favourite bit – DIY Bath Bombs.

DIY Big BlueI made a Big Blue, which contains sea salt and  seaweed and basically just smells like the sea. I already use their Seanik solid shampoo bar so a bath with both of these will get me feeling like a mermaid in no time!

Lush haulAnd of course, I couldn’t go into Lush without doing a little bit of a haul, so along with my DIY Big Blue (which I reckon is looking pretty good), I picked up some Christmas items. I chose the So White, Lord of Misrule and  Cinders bath bombs, the Christmas Eve and Christmas Penguin bubble bars and the cola-flavoured Santa’s Lip Scrub.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lush for inviting me along to their birthday party, it was a truly fabulous, multi-sensory experience. The staff were on top form, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the event was full of small, well thought out details that made it so special. I really hope I can get back for a treatment in the Spa very soon. If not, I’ll be in for some perfume and of course, more bath bombs.


Halloween Drive-in

It is on Halloween drive inOn Thursday we loaded up the car with blankets and snacks and headed through to Glasgow’s Victoria Park for the Itison Halloween Drive-in screening of – appropriately enough – John Carpenter’s Halloween. The sell-out event boasted the world’s biggest mobile LCD screen, street food units and Micheal Myers themed entertainment.

IMG_6027 IMG_6044Pizzas were on offer from So La Ti Dough, but we went for traditional movie-going fare of hotdogs and popcorn from the Glasgow Street Food Cartel. It was seriously the most salty salt popcorn I’ve ever had in my life! Much water was needed!

IMG_6063As we were in a 4×4 we parked up at the back, but we had a great view of the screen. Sound was via the car FM radio so you had a surround sound experience. The pre show entertainment of a themed weather report and a sing along rendition of Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters was a bit off in tone – probably because they were also for the family friendly screenings of Ghostbusters during the day – but were over quickly enough. I would have prefered to see a couple of horror movie trailers personally. A nice touch was a very tall man dressed as Micheal Myers spooking people in their cars and mini-Myers handing out glow sticks on entry. There were a few technical glitches, but nothing severe. I’m sure they gave someone behind the scenes some headaches, but having worked at outdoor screenings, it was nothing surprising.  The film itself ran through no problems.

As a first-timer at a drive-in movie, I really enjoyed the experience. Obviously, I’ve seen Halloween a million times but it was enhanced by the genuinely quite creepy experience of sitting in a dark car in the middle of a park. I’ve always wanted to go to a drive-in movie (it’s on my 30 Before 30 list) and I was not disappointed. Screenings continue throughout the weekend but they are sold out. I would recommend grabbing a ticket if they do repeat the event in the future though. I would also like to add that the staff and stewards were brilliant and ensured that  300 cars were in and out of the park with minimal fuss.

All in all, a great way to have spent Halloween – thanks, Itison!

P.S. Sorry for the terrible photos – I did take my camera with me but I left the SD card in my laptop. Doh!

The Scottish Wedding Show

Scottish Wedding ShowOn Saturday I donned my ‘Chief Bridesmaid’ hat and trotted off to The Scottish Wedding Show at the Glasgow SECC. The biggest show of its kind in Scotland, Hall 4 is transformed into the stuff of brides’ dreams.  Hundreds of exhibitors, from dress shops, vehicles (there was even a bus), photographers and venues to accessories, caterers and musicians, a beauty zone and hundreds upon thousands of Quality Streets being given out, it was truly a girly extravaganza!

IMG_5735 Our first port of call was of course a glass of bubbly. Sets Kerry’s ring off nicely I think! We went for the VIP package (£30 in advance)  and received a glass of fizz on arrival, a goody bag filled with discounts, sweets and treats from Elemis and Loreal, and importantly – somewhere to sit! VIP zoneI can’t overstate the joy of having access to an extra seating area! The exhibitor zone was packed with stands offering everything a wedding needs – from the hen party to the honeymoon – all with leaflets, magazines, samples etc. If you’re planning on going to a wedding show I really recommend getting some weightlifting practice in before hand, and bringing a sturdy rucksack. Or just your bridesmaid and tell her it’s part of her ‘duties’! Not that that’s what my pal did…

IMG_5724 IMG_5721Halfway through and we needed a quick refreshment. The Cocktail Bar was by 10 Dollar Shake, who, if I was having a wedding, would definitely be invited.  This strawberry gin fizz garnished with black pepper was devine.

On to the fashion show, where, thanks to our VIP passes, we had front row seats

IMG_5742Isabella Jack

IMG_5745Isabella Jack

IMG_5755Opus Couture

Not pictured – lots of men in kilts, sorry, was distracted. The fashion show was filled with beautiful dresses. I felt as though the styling was a bit safe – the shoes and the hair were slightly dull, but I do understand that they were trying to sell the dresses, not make a statement. A bit of a statement would have been nice though.

IMG_5738Fitting end to a girly day – high tea with more champers! I loved the styling of the High Tea Garden – lots of flowers in crockery and birdcages.

The Scottish Wedding Show has everything to get you in the mood for planning a wedding. My bride pal has only just gotten engaged and is planning a wedding in 2015 so we just went for a girly day, but if you’re further forward in your wedding plans I’m sure you would get a lot out of a show like this. I would recommend checking out the exhibitor list on the website a few days before and going with a plan of action. Many of the stalls offer a huge discount for booking with them on the day, so if you already know you want them, why not?

We’ve decided that Kerry’s wedding with definitely have an ice cream truck, a photo booth and fireworks. You know, the important things.

I believe that the next show is planned for February 2014, keep your eyes peeled on their website ladies!