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Lucky Dip Club | Birds of Paradise

Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise

This month’s Lucky Dip Club was a riot of exotic birdies and colour. This subscription service continues to go from strength to strength, now with monthly guest contributors and the introduction of a charm club. A club within a club, I love it! It’s £15 a month and goes on sale at 7am on the 1st of each month.

Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise

The guest contributor for March was Hollie Harris who designed super cute 70s style bird hair slides. I’ve seen people on Instagram rocking these in purple, blue, red, brunette, blonde hair and they all look fab!

Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise

Yey! Stationery! I love this summery to-do list. I like the very eighties design too.

Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise

The charm of the month is a classy silver swan. It came on a necklace chain with the bracelet separate so that you could wear it while you build up the charm collection. I thought this was a really sweet gesture and didn’t expect a necklace too.

We also received a personalised Pink Flamingo Motel keyring. I saw @littlestlass on Instagram had turned hers into a necklace and I just had to copy!

Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise Lucky Dip Cub March Birds of Paradise

Lastly we got to get our paper craft on with an origami set. I made the flying bird from the instructions supplied plus a swan and a rather dumpy looking penguin. So much fun!

The next box is themed around April showers with the theme of “Raining Cats and Dogs” and features the amazing Gemma Correll. Cannot wait for it!

#HillarysCrafternoon with Joe Blogs

#HillarysCrafternoon with Joe Blogs


Last weekend I headed up to Birmingham’s Custard Factory to spend the afternoon doing some crafting courtesy of Hillary’s Blinds with Joe Blogs and The Crafty Hen. Using fabric from the new range at Hillary’s we were shown a couple of beginner’s sewing projects.

#HillarysCrafternoon with Joe Blogs

First up were some notebook covers. I selected a bold blue and white patterned fabric, as I liked the painterly quality of the print. The project itself was really simple – a few folds, couple of stitches, some hot glue for the button detailing and you’re done. Now most bloggers love their stationery so this project definitely appealed and it had the benefit of inspiring confidence in our crafting  abilities.


#HillarysCrafternoon with Joe Blogs

The next project was a bit trickier. This time we were making a stuffed bird. I choose a yellow leaf pattern for this (I think it’s called Isra Linden) and a contrasting grey geometric pattern for the belly. Mine frayed a bit when I was stuffing it but I’m happy to call that one ‘feather detailing’. I don’t think I’ll be joining the leagues of master toy makers any time soon, but it’s good enough to become a cat toy! The kitten hasn’t managed to undo all the stitching yet so I’ll take that as a win.

#HillarysCrafternoon with Joe BlogsPhoto courtesy of Joe Blogs

At the end of the day we were able to take our craft projects home with us (with instructions if we wanted to DIY at home again) along with a really cute tote bag made from Hillary’s materials – mine is the red version of my notebook fabric – and some other goodies.

It was a really fun day and superbly organised by Joe Blogs. The tutors from The Crafty Hen were really friendly and happy to help crafters at all levels of skill. Big thanks to everyone and to Hillary’s for having us. Alongside the Birmingham crafternoon they also hosted events in Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow and you can read all about their adventures on their blog here.

Edinburgh Etsy Team Craft Party

Etsy Crafy Party

On the 6th June Etsy threw it’s global Craft Party which included one hosted by the fabulous Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna of the  Edinburgh Etsy Team. The theme for the 2014 event was “Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs”, tickets cost just £5 and were open to everyone – Etsy sellers and craft newbies alike.

The Haven Edinburgh

Etsy Craft Party the Haven

The Haven Cafe in Newhaven was our venue for the evening. I’ve never been here before but I could tell from the mural that I was going to like it! It is a really cute cafe with lots of interesting vintage details – mismatched teacups, collections of typewriters, antique mirrors, that kind of thing. I’m not one for tea, but I am one for cake and the traybakes on offer there are delicious.

Mirrors and decorations

I loved all the decorations put up for the evening. I definitely subscribe to the ‘more is more’ train of thought. Vicky has a tutorial up on her blog here for how to make these tassel garlands. If I make some David will have to let me put them up in the flat, right?

Etsy Craft Party Inspiration Station

The inspiration station! The interpretation of the theme was to try out some embroidery on old (or new) photographs. The organisers had a great selection of black and white, really fun photographs sourced from Pinterest for us to use as well as providing thread and needles.


I was a bit nervous going in as I was on my own but I sat down at a big table with some really lovely ladies and it was absolutely fine. In fact, there were a few people there by themselves. If you are thinking about going to something like this but are worried about going alone, don’t be! You’re all there working on the same thing so it doesn’t feel awkward at all.


By the way – embroiderers – how do you keep your threads tidy? I made such a mess!


I took a bunch of photographs with me but when I spied this Frankenstein one on the table I knew it had to be mine! I think I was a bit ambitious deciding to do the whole tail as it took me the whole two and a half hours but I’m  kinda proud of it. It’s a bit messy as I don’t have any embroidery experience, but it’s a good first attempt.

Frankenstein and a mermaid

Here it is a bit clearer. I’ve had old pictures like this and behind the scenes film pics on my Pinterest for ages with no idea what to do with them but I think I’m going to get them printed and a do a series of stitched film photos.

Etsy Craft Party Goody Bag

So the cherry on top of the already incredible knickerbocker glory of a night was the extremely generous goody bag! Included was: a set of three compliment postcards from Jolly Good Studio; an Etsy t-shirt; a flower ring and Parma Violets from Claireabellemakes; ‘Och Aye’ earrings from Paper Bureaucracy; a punderful keepsake cards, pencil and pocket mirror from Vivid Please; a birdy badge from Zyzanna; mini bunting from Fiona Heather; and  a cookies and cream gourmet marshmallow from the Marshmallow Lady all packed in a bag printed with the event flyer (which is frankly the coolest mugshot ever taken). Head over to Vivid Please for the chance to win your very own goody bag now!

I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely craft partners, Robin, Harriet, Helen and Kimberley for making me feel welcome, even when I managed to spill my wine over everything (sorry Kimberley!) *awkward face!

And an extra special thank you to Vicky, Fiona and Zyzanna for being fabulous hosts. The party was amazing, so much effort was put into it and I had such a good time. I went home exhausted and hunched (hey, I haven’t concentrated that hard since my exams!) but very happy. Can’t wait for the next one!

P.S. Check out the hashtags #EETcraft #etsycraftparty and #craftparty on Instagram – so inspiring to see so many talented crafters all over the world working on a common theme. Some of them definitely put my efforts to shame!

Lucky Dip Club | DIY Washi Flags

Lucky Dip Club DIY Washi Flags

Earlier today I showed you what I received in my Lucky Dip Club box. One of the items was a DIY kit to make mini washi tape flags. It included the cocktails sticks and the green fabric washi tape in the above picture as well as an example flag and some instructions.

The instructions are fairly straightforward so I’m gonna let the images do the talking…

IMG_9438 IMG_9439IMG_9436 IMG_9437IMG_9440

It took me about fifteen minutes to make all 15. So this is a DIY craft that literally takes one minute.  And look how cute they look as cupcake decorations:


Thank you to Lucky Dip Club for giving me the motivation and inspiration to get my craft on!

Christmas DIY – Film Bows

Christmas DIY Film BowsToday I have an easy but massively impressive Christmas DIY for you. I’m a strong believer in the fact that first impressions count and that this also applies for gifts. If you’re giving someone an amazing, thoughtful gift, you don’t want to give them it in tatty wrapping do you? Well if you have a film or photography fan that you’re buying for, pop on of these bows on the wrapping and I guarantee that they will absolutely love it.

DIY film bowsYou will need:

  • Some film – I have here a 35mm clip reel that we had going spare at work but you can also use 35mm photo negatives. You can often find these are car boot sales.
  • A mini stapler
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

DIY Film BowsCut the film into the above shapes. Use the sharpie to draw out the shapes. Don’t worry too much about being exact, the nature of the film hides slight imperfections.

DIY film bowsGrab the top shape and fold both ends into the middle.

DIY film BowHold the middle shape onto the back of the first.

DIY Film BowWrap the small strip around the middle.

DIY Film BowStaple all together. You must staple all layers in one go and make sure the flat side is on the top of the bow. Colour the staple in with the black Sharpie to disguise.

DIY Film BowTA DA!

I love these, they look awesome. I can’t wait for my film-fan pals to see them atop their gifts. One lucky person will even be getting a Ryan Gosling film bow treat. I found the shape to use on this website which used paper but make sure you check it out too.

What do you think of my film bows? Do you agree with me that there’s something special about a well wrapped present?



DIY Glitter Brogues

What’s that you say? More Glitter? Yes, please! This time I attempted to jazz up my old, tatty brogues. It was a bit of a challenge and not a complete success but I’m going to share it anyway. Hey, there’s nothing better than learning from other people’s mistakes.

The Kit:glitter brogue kitYou need a pair of shoes. These are from New Look and are far past their best unfortunately. I also used PVA glue and a fine white glitter from Hobbycraft, a dish to decant the glue into and, of course, a glue spreader.

The steps are very simple:

  • Decide which bits you want glittery. I did the middle panel, the back panels and the tongue.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of PVA over one area at a time.
  • While the glue is still wet, sprinkle a generous amount of glitter over and pat into the glue.
  • Shake of excess glitter onto a piece of paper to reuse.
  • Allow to dry before repeating. As I used fine glitter I needed 3 coats.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of PVA over the glittered areas to seal. You may need 2 coats.


The main problem that I had was that I tried to do this in too much of a hurry. I applied the PVA too thickly so it dripped and has resulted in a lumpy, uneven look. I also do not recommend very fine glitter for this. Chunky glitter will give more even coverage than fine glitter. Still, they don’t look too terrible, I might be able to get away with these in a dark club. A very dark club maybe.

Better luck next time!

Glitter All The Way

I love glitter nail polish! Especially the ones that give an opaque look, as if you’ve dipped your fingers in a pot of sparkles. Unfortunatley, glitter nail polish is also a complete ‘mare to get off! Fortunatley, I don’t need to curb my magpie like ways; there’s plenty of other uses for these beauts.

Glitter nail polishesLeft to Right: Nails Inc ‘Caviar Top Coat’; Nails Inc ‘Royal Arcade’; Accessorize ‘Molten Copper’; Accessorize ‘Emerald City’; Accessorize ‘Princess’; China Glaze ‘Pizzazz’

NecklaceNecklace onBlue Glitter Anchor NecklaceJazz up an old necklace. This is two coats of Nails Inc ‘Royal Arcade’.

Phone CaseGlitter iphone caseAn oldie but a goodie. This is three coats of China Glaze ‘Pizzazz’ on the inside of a clear case and the one coat of a silver nail polish to even up the colour. Painting the inside is best as it stops the case from being rough, but don’t go too thick or you might not get your phone back in!

Keys Glitter keysCustomise your keys and make finding the right one that little bit easier. All three of these colours are Accessorize, which I love for glitters. Left to right, its ‘Princess’, Emerald City’, and my favourite, ‘Molten Copper’ and these have been finished with a top coat so they don’t snag on things in my bag. And yes, that is a super cute Simon’s Cat keyring.

Camera Glitter lomo fisheyeThe faux leathery bits on the sides of my Lomo Fisheye came off and left a sticky, unattractive mess. So OPI’s ‘Mad as a Hatter’ saved the day! I used an entire mini bottle for this, but it was well worth it.

Any suggestions for what I can glitter-ify next?