#BEDM | Healthy Living

I live a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’m never been a smoker and I don’t binge drink (anymore! 18 – 21 was a different story), but that’s probably the only good stuff I do. I am one of these people who vow to change my ways every new year and fail within a month. So I’m going to do exactly the same again now – a month of healthy living is better than nothing right?

Hula Betty Ford

I think it’s best to make goals realistic and with a time frame. So these might not seem like very much but it’s all about baby steps!

  • Cut energy drink consumption to max. one per week.
  • Do 3 Blogilates videos per week.
  • Drink at least two glasses of water each day on top of normal drinks.
  • Only have fizzy juice if out for a meal or for drinks – post-festival (I know I can’t do this now).
  • Go hillwalking or for a country walk for at least on hour once a week – post-festival, on weekends.
  • Eat at least one piece of fruit every lunchtime instead of chocolate.
  • Have a salad for dinner once a week.
  • New Friday work treat: smoothie from Hula (above) instead of Krispy Kremes!

I think those are manageable and only require small changes. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve most of these and will eventually be able to add more healthy habits. At the very least I need to put the yoga mat to better use than Murphy does!

Cat Yoga

5 thoughts on “#BEDM | Healthy Living

  1. Hayley Russell says:

    Best of luck Alley. I’ve never actually drunk an energy drink. I give up fizzy juice all the time but never manage it!

    • AlleyHope says:

      Thanks! I don’t drink tea or coffee so sugary drinks and Red Bull get me through the day – definitely do not recommend starting on the energy drinks though!

  2. Emma says:

    I always struggle to eat healthily too! I feel bad for eating unhealthy food but it just tastes so good!! These all seem like fairly manageable goals though and are definitely a start! x

  3. Kendwy @mindofkiwi says:

    Great goals! I’m just like you! I figure, everntually I’ll get it right…hopefully.
    Blogilates! I bought the app and have only done 3 videos😦
    Your cat looks awesome on that mat! Haha love it

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