#BEDM | Passion Projects

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Today’s topic for discussion is “passion projects – what do you love and would like to make money from?” For lots of people this would be an easy topic. So many people have a genius business idea on the back-burner, a hidden talent or a project they dream about every night. For me, I have plenty of stuff I’m passionate about, that I would love to make money from, but I have commitment issues. I get bored easily and I’d be reluctant to make something that I enjoyed as a hobby my job.

However, as the saying goes, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and in the interest of this post here’s my top five dream jobs:

1. Location Scout. I imagine this as me driving about in an old beat up Jeep (even though I can’t drive) and taking photos of beautiful locations (even though I’m the worlds worst landscape photographer). But I know I’ll hate this once I realise how much of it is actually just dealing with local authorities and red tape. Ugh.

2. Colour Namer. This would be a freelance gig and I’d mainly work for cosmetics companies, although I would take the odd job from paint companies. “Pink? That’s not pink! That’s ‘Daddy, I want a Flamingo!'”

3. Instagrammer. Nothing else. No Facebook, no Twitter, just Instagram. And maybe Pinterest.

4. Cat Emporium Owner. Basically I want to be Lady Dinah. I think a cat cafe is a really nice idea. I’m missing kitty cuddles being away from Murphy so I can definitely see the appeal. Mine would sell cocktails, have folk nights and raise money for local animal shelters. Yep, I’ll be a hit with the hipsters.

5. Stationery Designer/Creator. Ok, this one might be kinda realistic. I’d love to create my own range of stationery. If only I had the time I think I could learn the skills and I think the creative juices are still in me somewhere. We’ll see, maybe one day.

Check back in ten years to see how these particular goals are going! What are your passion projects?


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