#BEDM | The End

The End of BEDM So the Blog Every Day in May challenge has come to an end. I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to keep on top of it, writing posts inspired by the daily prompts and even though some of the posts have been written right at the end of the day – hitting publish at 23:30 sometimes – they have gone up on the correct days! It’s been difficult (as all good challenges should be) but I really glad I stuck with it.

I pleased that I’ve managed to stay committed to this despite my real-life  work-life ramping up a gear or ten over the past month. There’s been a few topics that I haven’t immediately been taken with a few days where I’ve just wanted to go to sleep, not blog, but overall I’ve enjoyed the challenge very much.

I’ve learnt to branch out of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt that I can write about pretty much anything. I’ve learnt that I suck at posing for outfit posts – but I can work on this. I’ve learnt that it gives you a great feeling to tweet someone to say how much you have been enjoying their blog. I’ve learnt that every week is a National Something Week – and I can mine this for ideas if I’m feeling uninspired. Overall, I’ve learnt that I am really loving this blogging lark and want to keep it up not matter what.

Here is are some of my favourite posts from the past month in case you missed them:
Sharing the Blog Love – some of my favourite fellow #BEDMers.
Spa in the City – rather fine example of some of the amazing events that are always going on in Edinburgh.
Inside & Out Book Tag – love a good tag and this is a fun one for bibliophiles. I tag YOU to do this immediately!
Being Adventurous – I drawed a picture! Seriously, first time I had done a sketch for ages so I am a bit proud of this.
Passion Projects – a bit of escapism, what would be your dream job? Mine is colour namer. That’s a thing right?

So will I blog tomorrow? Yep, definitely. Monday? Probably. Tuesday? Err… maybe not. I’ll be going back to normal sporadic posting for June (we’re two weeks from Festival time so most evenings I’ll be getting much-needed rest in preparation) but I will still be about. And I have another challenge I’ll be doing! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Hope you’ve been enjoying my #BEDM posts. Please leave me your link if you have been joining in, I’d love to read them.

And a big thank you to Elizabeth at Rosalilium for creating this challenge and being so inspirational. She is awesome.

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