#BEDM | Workspace

Having already bored you with glimpses of my real workspace during “A Day in the Life” and shown you my totty tiny desk in “Room Tour“, now you’re being treated to a look inside the spare room/office/man cave.


David’s desk is fairly standard. He has a huge, noisy tower PC and two monitors but he also has a super comfy chair. I sometimes sit here to blog if I’m feeling particularly productive.

Geeky stationery

Stationery for sci-fi geeks! The Star Wars note books are Moleskins while the Dr WHo notebooks were picked up in HMV.

Vintage billiard balls

Vintage billiard balls.

photo 4

Iron Man Print.

photo 5

Vinyl Sheldon (and bizarrely, a mini shopping cart).

photo 1

The Big Bang Theory Hama picture made by me, and gory Rubber movie poster.

photo 2

Stegosaurus tie!

Obviously you need to surround yourself with all manner of geekery to maximise productivity. I should introduce this at work (just kidding – our offices are packed with all kinds of film crap already).


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