Photo A Day – Week 50

The most wonderful week of the year! Days off, Christmas, family, pyjama days, chocolate…

Day 23: Tradition TraditionIt’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me to always watch It’s a Wonderful Life with my friends, either at my house, or our favourite cinema, Filmhouse. This year me and Sadia caught an almost sold out screening after work. The audience applauded at the end. I love it when that happens. Attaboy Clarence.

Day 24: Wrapped WrappedAnd the prize for Best Wrapping 2013 goes to…Kerry! I love these sequin ribbons. Almost makes you not want to open it. Almost!

Day 25: The best bit of your day  The best bit of your dayThe best bit of my day was actually Christmas dinner with the family and seeing my niece and nephews on such good form. But I wasn’t on camera duty so all I have is their Dad looking ridic in his super tacky Christmas jumper, so that’ll have to do.

Day 26: Where you slept where you sleptAt David’s parents house.

Day 27: What you’re doing now What you're doing nowSkiving at work. It was very quiet.

Day 28: Something awesome something awesomePresent pile! Just some of the amazing things my totally brilliant friends and family got me.

Day 29: Reflect: Best bit of 2013 Reflect: Best bit of 2013My job here being made permanent was pretty awesome. Meant I could book a nice holiday, move in with David after almost 5 years and of course have the pleasure of working with some amazing people for an amazing company for a bit longer.

2013 has been a pretty good year. I’m going to post the remaining two days on Wednesday or Thursday so make sure you come back for that. In the meantime, I’m over on Instagram @AlleyHope, see you there!

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2 responses to “Photo A Day – Week 50

  1. adela cechova (@AdelaMissPink)

    Love this post. Tempted to do a photo challenge too.
    Adela x

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