Photo A Day – Week 51

Or Week 52? Who knows, I may have miscounted along the way but what I can be sure of it that the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge for 2013 is DONE! I did every single last prompt and I’m feeling really rather smug about that. I’ve decided to do something a bit different for 2014, but first, my last two pictures:

Day 30: You YouOh hello chocolate biscuit! Appropriate to have this as one of the last prompts of the year seeing as the word of 2013 was very much #selfie. Still haven’t mastered my dainty, non-claw like hand for the mirror selfie though. Damn.

Day 31: Celebrate CelebrateBeing the hermit crabs that we are, me and David celebrated Hogmanay with tonnes of fooooood! Inside. By ourselves. This will be our last takeaway for a good while, that’s for sure. The New Year Diets start now.

And that’s it. That’s the end! So as much as I enjoyed the challenge, I’ve decided not to do the FMS one this year. There were a few occasions where I felt too restricted by it, not often, but often enough to want a change. For example, I could be going to an exciting event, but I had to post a picture of ‘flower’. Gah!

Instead, I’ll be using the Collect app to keep me on track. I may still post them to Instagram, or I might post something else instead, or not at all. On this blog, Sundays will become a day for sharing the week in general instead of just set photos. I will post about this new 365 project and let you know how it’s going but in a less prescriptive way. It will definitely be interesting to see if I can keep it up without relying on a set list.

Now, to make my 2013 book. I’m thinking of using Blurb – anyone any other suggestions?

5 Responses to Photo A Day – Week 51

  1. Cool phone case!! Email me:
    I’ll be waiting

  2. Jayde Ketchell

    Blurb is good for books, thats what we use for uni. Snapfish is a fair bit cheaper most of the time though, and pretty darn good quality. I used to use Jessops for printing books too, but I’m not sure if their printing is still on the go considering they liquidated and all that jazz

    Jayde |

    • Thanks Jayde :) I ended up using Blurb and it worked out to be a pretty good price. Excited to get it now, should be here next week!

      Thanks for the recommondations, will check out Snapfish too for future printing.

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