December Photo A Day Challenge – Week 1

So I’m doing another one of Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenges for over on Instagram and I will be sharing a weekly update here.

Day 1: 8 o’clock

8 o'clock

This is what I was doing at 8pm – top knot time (pre-bath!).

Day 2: Peace


…Broken! Went to see Rancid at the Barrowlands – amazing!

Day 3: Something you held


Super exciting bit of shopping at Tesco with me dad.

Day 4: Black and White


Apparently this dry shampoo prevents scratches when washing your cat. It’s there in black and white but something about the kitty’s face tells me not to believe it.

Day 5: Looking up


Looking down at Murphy looking up, begging for food, even though there is clearly food in all of his bowls!

Day 6: From where you live


Sometimes you can feel like you live at a desk. This desk is pretty cool though, there is imported Cherry Dr Pepper and Kat Dennings on TV.

Day 7: Stars


Today I went to a wedding in St Andrews and of course the biggest stars I saw were the bride and groom, Hazel and Lance. Not the best photograph, but Hazel’s dress was beautiful.

Day 8: Someone you love


David πŸ™‚ This was us just before the wedding, looking very smart for a change!

Day 9: Out and About


I was out and about today visiting Louise and her cutie pie Dita. Dita is sporting the lastest in puppy fashion, a red cuff with gold bells. Very festive. Also very useful in preventing you from stepping on her as she’s still so small. We also decorated the Christmas tree and enjoyed some ginger beer. Lovely!

Join me on Instagram @AlleyHope to see how I’m getting on throughout the month.


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