December Photo A Day Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 of Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenge for December which I’m doing over on Instagram. Here’s a weekly round up.

Day 10: Under


Murphy showing David who’s boss.

11: Sweet


Oreo Truffles and Nutella Truffles me and Laura made today. For the recipe see here.

Day 12: Hat


Most hats are too big for my tiny head 😦

Day 13: Lights


Lovely big lit up snowmen at Ocean Terminal.

Day 14: Something Green


Stick ’em up! Gangster Lego man against a very luscious lime background.

Day 15: Outdoors


Average looking sky. Wasn’t anywhere exciting today I’m afraid.

Day 16: Something you made


This is a Mario Santa christmas tree decoration made from hama beads. I love making stuff with hama.

Check out week 1 here and join me on Instagram @AlleyHope to see how I’m getting on throughout the month.


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