December Photo a Day Challenge – Week 4

I’ve seen that FatMumSlim will be starting her monthly lists from January again, I’m excited to start them from the beginning of the year. Here’s hoping that I can manage all 365 days of 2013!

Day 24: Tradition/Something you always doTraditionWe always get Murphy a Christmas stocking. Actually, last year we forgot and he went in an actual huff once he saw that all the presents were opened and that there was nothing for him. So this year he got a catnip stocking, a ball of yarn and a new blanket. And he was very happy.

Day 25: LunchtimeLunchtimeI realise that this was supposed to be a picture of Christmas lunch, buuut I really just wanted to eat this!

Day 26: MessMessMy makeup storage is a real MESS! Need to get this sorted ASAP.

Day 27: How you relaxRelaxSometimes I like to take a nice long bath, but I didn’t want to take a picture of that! Another way is watching films in bed with Murphy cuddled in. I also like to take funny pictures of him. Here is Murphy mid-yawn while we’re watching Beethoven’s Second.

Day 28: ColdColdIce cold energy drink. Mmm.

Day 29: HotHotHot chillies on a hot date. Went to Mariachi’s Mexican restaurant with David. I did not eat these chillies.

Day 30: Something that made you smile this yearSmileConnor! My youngest nephew was born in January and he always makes me smile. Not sure why this photo loaded smaller than the rest…

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