Friday Favourites – 2 November

Welcome to November! I’ve finished my October Nail Art and Photo a Day Challenge and so I’m now considering what I should focus on this month. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my craft and drawings recently so I’m going to try and make more of an effort to incorporate these hobbies. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing more Instagramming and nail stuff, as evidenced in my below favourites!

Glamour Nails Inc Issue

Glamour does the best giveaways. This month, in what has become an annual tradition, we are getting a free FULL SIZE bottle of Nails Inc Polish. Rejoice! The colours available are ‘St James’ (a ‘hero’ shade, i.e. a bestseller, which is a bright red with an extremely subtle shimmer), ‘Motcomb Street’ (dark dark navy, perfect for a/w), ‘Elizabeth Street’ (a milky but pearly pale pink) and the exclusive ‘Glamour Glitter’ (a very fine gold glitter suspended in a clear base which has just about the most perfect formula – no clumping here). I had previously picked up Elizabeth Street in another freebie so I only bought 3 magazines, it’s not the kind of shade I wear often but I can imagine it being popular. Nails Inc retails for £11 while Glamour costs only £2 so snap this up ladies!

Visit the lovely Glitter Tips to see swatches of the available colours. Pick your favourite or hunt them all down.


November is the month when people go crazy for moustaches. The purpose is more than an annual fashion statement, it is to raise awareness (and money) for mens healthcare, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Now, on some people moustaches can be rather dashing although mostly they are purely comical, so if at any point throughout the month you find yourself particularly impressed or amused by a newly sprouted mo’ remember to donate to the cause!

You can make a donation at

Drawing Challenge

Yep, another 30 day challenge. November has 30 days right? Can never remember that damn poem! The last day of November is a Friday so I think I’ll post weekly round ups on Saturdays. Will have three drawings for you tomorrow. Excited/nervous!

Does anyone know who originally created this so I can credit them? I first came across this on Google Images well over a year ago…

Ciate Advent Calender

A bit of pure indulgence here. Advent calendars are not just for kids y’know. Rather than some cheap nasty, and unhealthy chocolate, try some mini Ciate nail polishes! I love this idea and would be extremely happy to get this. It’s sold out already but I’ll be keeping my eye on the Selfridges website for restocks. But now that I know they do this I will be on it next year!

If you can’t wait check out eBay for pricey ones.

That’s my favourites for this week. See you next time.


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