Christmas DIY – Film Bows

Christmas DIY Film BowsToday I have an easy but massively impressive Christmas DIY for you. I’m a strong believer in the fact that first impressions count and that this also applies for gifts. If you’re giving someone an amazing, thoughtful gift, you don’t want to give them it in tatty wrapping do you? Well if you have a film or photography fan that you’re buying for, pop on of these bows on the wrapping and I guarantee that they will absolutely love it.

DIY film bowsYou will need:

  • Some film – I have here a 35mm clip reel that we had going spare at work but you can also use 35mm photo negatives. You can often find these are car boot sales.
  • A mini stapler
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

DIY Film BowsCut the film into the above shapes. Use the sharpie to draw out the shapes. Don’t worry too much about being exact, the nature of the film hides slight imperfections.

DIY film bowsGrab the top shape and fold both ends into the middle.

DIY film BowHold the middle shape onto the back of the first.

DIY Film BowWrap the small strip around the middle.

DIY Film BowStaple all together. You must staple all layers in one go and make sure the flat side is on the top of the bow. Colour the staple in with the black Sharpie to disguise.

DIY Film BowTA DA!

I love these, they look awesome. I can’t wait for my film-fan pals to see them atop their gifts. One lucky person will even be getting a Ryan Gosling film bow treat. I found the shape to use on this website which used paper but make sure you check it out too.

What do you think of my film bows? Do you agree with me that there’s something special about a well wrapped present?




7 thoughts on “Christmas DIY – Film Bows”

  1. Such a good idea, I’ve seen the paper bows and this never occured to me. I’m going to make a few for the boyfriend’s gifts. He’s a photographer and I got him some equipment so this seems very fitting πŸ™‚

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