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Christmas DIY – Film Bows

Christmas DIY Film BowsToday I have an easy but massively impressive Christmas DIY for you. I’m a strong believer in the fact that first impressions count and that this also applies for gifts. If you’re giving someone an amazing, thoughtful gift, you don’t want to give them it in tatty wrapping do you? Well if you have a film or photography fan that you’re buying for, pop on of these bows on the wrapping and I guarantee that they will absolutely love it.

DIY film bowsYou will need:

  • Some film – I have here a 35mm clip reel that we had going spare at work but you can also use 35mm photo negatives. You can often find these are car boot sales.
  • A mini stapler
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

DIY Film BowsCut the film into the above shapes. Use the sharpie to draw out the shapes. Don’t worry too much about being exact, the nature of the film hides slight imperfections.

DIY film bowsGrab the top shape and fold both ends into the middle.

DIY film BowHold the middle shape onto the back of the first.

DIY Film BowWrap the small strip around the middle.

DIY Film BowStaple all together. You must staple all layers in one go and make sure the flat side is on the top of the bow. Colour the staple in with the black Sharpie to disguise.

DIY Film BowTA DA!

I love these, they look awesome. I can’t wait for my film-fan pals to see them atop their gifts. One lucky person will even be getting a Ryan Gosling film bow treat. I found the shape to use on this website which used paper but make sure you check it out too.

What do you think of my film bows? Do you agree with me that there’s something special about a well wrapped present?



DIY Instagram Frame

DIY Instagram FrameToday I’m sharing another home project inspired by Pinterest. I pinned a blue frame like this ages ago but I could never find one in any stores that was big enough but for a reasonable price. So you can imagine how happy I was to stumble across one in TX Maxx for £24.99.

The frame originally was a pinboard, I’m afraid I never took any pictures of it before we tore the back off (it was stapled and glued in place) but I’m sure you can imagine. Next step was to gather the supplies.

DIY Instagram frame suppliesI bought the Instagram Polaroids from Instapol who I really recommend. They are really high quality and prices start from £12.99, although I got a set through a deal on Groupon so look out for them there. The mini pegs I bought from an Amazon seller here, and the string from an Amazon seller here.

DIY Instagram frameTo attach the string to the frame I simply stuck drawing pins in the back and wrapped the string tightly around, making sure that the pins were pushed in enough to not cause the frame to stand out from the wall any more than it already did. I just did this by eye, no measuring involved. A more permanent, secure option would be to glue the string to the back using a hot glue gun but I wanted to be able to remove them in case I wanted to put them closer together or switch the frame to portrait.

DIY Instagram frameHow cute are the mini pegs? I chose plain ones as I knew that a big bag of, say green ones, would restrict their use elsewhere. These can be easily painted with a spot of acrylic paint if you wanted to jazz them up. I am enjoying the natural look at the moment, but that’s not to say that I won’t paint a few of the leftovers to use for a change. Once I start collecting more pictures I could even do themed frames – black pegs for Halloween with lots of costume pics for example.

DIY Instagram FrameI’m really happy with the end result! I love that I am able to rescue some of my favourite snaps from within the depths of my laptop and I can’t wait to print more.

What do you think of my frame? How do you display your photographs in this increasingly digital age?

DIY Washi Clipboard

DIY Washi ClipboardToday I have an easy peasy DIY for you. Inspired by a Pinterest image (isn’t everything?) by Callaloo Soup I picked colours to match my newly painted room and jazz up my desk area.

DIY clipboard washi tapeAll you need is a selection of tape, a plain clipboard, and a pair of scissors. I have a mixture of traditional, paper, washi tape, fabric tape, and plastic tape.

Simply apply in strips all over your board, or leave some of the natural background showing like I did. All my tape is the same thickness, so I lined up the patterns for variety. Overlap the tape onto the back so that you’re covering the edges for a nice, neat edge.

DIY Washi Tape BoardEasy right? I will have a Pinterest worthy bedroom, it’s the dream.

DIY Land Before Wine Planter

DIY Succulent and Cacti planter

Here’s a weekend craft project for you featuring plants, wine and dinosaurs. I’m not the most green-fingered person but it is always nice to have some plants around the house. Cacti are pretty much my limit when it comes to care but I love succulents and I’m hoping that by housing them in an awesome planter will encourage me to look after them.


You will need:
Selection of cacti and succulent plants, mine were between £1.50 and £3.00 each from Dobbies
Deep plant saucer, this one was £5.00 from B&Q
Plasti-Kote spray paint in your choice of colours, again these three were from B&Q
Plastic dinosaurs, from, er, nephews toy box
Also pictured is an optional drip feeder, £1.00 from Dobbies
Not pictured are the soil and the wine corks (we’ll get to those)

Step one

Step 1. Lay out newspaper in a well ventilated area. Outside is best, but don’t try to do this on a windy day, like I did!


Step 2. Following the instructions on the can, spray in thin, even layers onto a clean, dust free surface. Leave to dry between coats. N.B. The dinosaurs were actually a bit tricky to spray paint. If I was doing this again I would just paint them by hand with acrylic paint as they are so small.


Step 3. Plant your babies! Place a layer of soil in the planter, position each plant how you want it, then fill around, compacting the soil as you go – just be careful of the cactus spikes!


I got to this stage and felt that it needed something else, so… wine bottle corks!

Step 4. Grab a few wine bottle corks (make sure they are the genuine cork material, not the plastic ones). Using a serrated knife, slice them up and pop them around the outside of your planter.

Step 5. Pop in the drip feeder (if using) and position the dinosaurs.

And you’re done! Hello Pinterest worthy indoor planter.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis little guy is my favourite.


I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Now, what else can I spray paint?

DIY Magazine Folder

DIY Mag folder

Hello! Today I’d like to share a super easy and fun DIY with you. Definitely one for all you stationery and magazine fans out there.  This was inspired by the fact that me and bf have been talking about moving in together but he is concerned about all my ‘clutter’. Apparently you don’t need to keep 18 months worth of magazines. Now ladies, I’m not suggesting that you should change for your man, this is about compromising. Making space while keeping the stuff that you love and creating something awesome customised and unique to you. Now to talk about that video game collection…

Magazine file what you need

You will need:
Lever arch folder
Stack of magazines
Pritt Stick
PVA glue
Craft knife (not pictured)
Time! Trust me, flicking through magazines can be very distracting.

I used Company magazines. I am a huuuge fan of Company, I feel like it is the magazine that is most relevant to me at the moment and their design is simply amazing. Look at it!

Company Magazines

Step 1. Cut out images, text, articles, anything that catches your eye.

Step 2. Start to arrange images on the outside of your folder.

Step 3. Make a bit of a mess.

DIY folder

Step 4. When you’re happy with your arrangement on the folder start sticking with the Pritt stick. I find this more manageable than the runny PVA and easier to lift to rearrange.

Step 5. Cut around the holes in the folder for the arches with your craft knife.

Step 6. Once your folder is decorated in a way you are happy with, spread a thin layer of PVA over the top. This will secure the pictures and help to protect. Allow to dry.

Step 7. Admire!

Company Folder DIYCompany folder

I had loads of left over images so I also decorated dividers for the inside.


I plan to use this for filing away inspiration for this little ol’ blog so have saved my favourite articles, images, tips, and layouts. I’m really happy with this, I think it looks gorgeous and will save me some space on my shelves without sacrificing my magpie tendencies. I also think it will be a fun monthly project to keep coming back to.

Company FolderCompany Folder Folder Spine

What do you think? This makes me nostalgic for school days when we had to cover our jotters. What would you use a folder like this for? Do you have any magazine recommendations? Need to restock my collection!

Bazinga Punk!

Penny and Sheldon HamaFeels like I haven’t done anything crafty in ages! And that’s because I haven’t. This is an old project but I realised I have never posted it and wanted to share with you today.

Big Bang Theory HamaThe Big Bang Theory is one mine and the bf’s favourite shows so I made him this for Christmas. It is based on a pattern which I got from WeeLittleStitch on Craftsy, who have so many amazing designs. The pattern was for cross stitching but I went for Hama Beads because I’m lazy and it’s so much easier!

Do you like?

DIY Glitter Brogues

What’s that you say? More Glitter? Yes, please! This time I attempted to jazz up my old, tatty brogues. It was a bit of a challenge and not a complete success but I’m going to share it anyway. Hey, there’s nothing better than learning from other people’s mistakes.

The Kit:glitter brogue kitYou need a pair of shoes. These are from New Look and are far past their best unfortunately. I also used PVA glue and a fine white glitter from Hobbycraft, a dish to decant the glue into and, of course, a glue spreader.

The steps are very simple:

  • Decide which bits you want glittery. I did the middle panel, the back panels and the tongue.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of PVA over one area at a time.
  • While the glue is still wet, sprinkle a generous amount of glitter over and pat into the glue.
  • Shake of excess glitter onto a piece of paper to reuse.
  • Allow to dry before repeating. As I used fine glitter I needed 3 coats.
  • Spread a thin, even coat of PVA over the glittered areas to seal. You may need 2 coats.


The main problem that I had was that I tried to do this in too much of a hurry. I applied the PVA too thickly so it dripped and has resulted in a lumpy, uneven look. I also do not recommend very fine glitter for this. Chunky glitter will give more even coverage than fine glitter. Still, they don’t look too terrible, I might be able to get away with these in a dark club. A very dark club maybe.

Better luck next time!