DIY Instagram Frame

DIY Instagram FrameToday I’m sharing another home project inspired by Pinterest. I pinned a blue frame like this ages ago but I could never find one in any stores that was big enough but for a reasonable price. So you can imagine how happy I was to stumble across one in TX Maxx for £24.99.

The frame originally was a pinboard, I’m afraid I never took any pictures of it before we tore the back off (it was stapled and glued in place) but I’m sure you can imagine. Next step was to gather the supplies.

DIY Instagram frame suppliesI bought the Instagram Polaroids from Instapol who I really recommend. They are really high quality and prices start from £12.99, although I got a set through a deal on Groupon so look out for them there. The mini pegs I bought from an Amazon seller here, and the string from an Amazon seller here.

DIY Instagram frameTo attach the string to the frame I simply stuck drawing pins in the back and wrapped the string tightly around, making sure that the pins were pushed in enough to not cause the frame to stand out from the wall any more than it already did. I just did this by eye, no measuring involved. A more permanent, secure option would be to glue the string to the back using a hot glue gun but I wanted to be able to remove them in case I wanted to put them closer together or switch the frame to portrait.

DIY Instagram frameHow cute are the mini pegs? I chose plain ones as I knew that a big bag of, say green ones, would restrict their use elsewhere. These can be easily painted with a spot of acrylic paint if you wanted to jazz them up. I am enjoying the natural look at the moment, but that’s not to say that I won’t paint a few of the leftovers to use for a change. Once I start collecting more pictures I could even do themed frames – black pegs for Halloween with lots of costume pics for example.

DIY Instagram FrameI’m really happy with the end result! I love that I am able to rescue some of my favourite snaps from within the depths of my laptop and I can’t wait to print more.

What do you think of my frame? How do you display your photographs in this increasingly digital age?

5 responses to “DIY Instagram Frame

  1. Love this idea…im just wondering if i can make it work as a wedding table plan somehow…hmmm.

    • You could make a card for each table, then put the strings going criss-cross and position the card roughly where the table is in the room. Guess that would only really work for a square or rectangular room though…

  2. absolutely love it

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