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A Mag Education – The February Edition

Magazines februarySince February is really January in Magazine-Land my monthly magazine were joined by the resolution inspired addition of Cosmo Body – a health and fitness magazine which was surprisingly good. More on that later. One thing though – no freebies again! Oh well.

Company February 2014 Company FebruaryFebruary was Company’s Paris edition with French themed features. Mostly standard stuff but what was particularly interesting was this feature on European countries including France which have quotas for women at board level. This is working in France which now has target of women making up 40% of the boardroom. I’m not sure I entirely agree with quotas. They do fix the problem, but do they change attitudes or just further entrench them? I’m unconvinced that this is the way the UK should go.

Cosmopolitan February 2014 Cosmo 2014Cosmo celebrated Facebook’s 10th birthday. Facebook has changed so much about how we interact with each other, brands and companies, but I can’t help feeling like it’s on its way out. Anyone else over Facebook?

Glamour February 2014 Glamour 2014With the unbelievable news that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the first film to top the US Box Office with a lead female protagonist in FORTY YEARS, Glamour discussed the Bechdel Test.  This test determines how gender equal a film is by asking three questions: Does the film have two women in it? Who talk to each other? About something other than men? It’s surprising how many films fall down when you apply this to them.

Glamour 2014I love that Glamour featured a female scientist in it’s monthly career progression column.

Cosmopolitan Body No.5 cosmo Body 5Cosmo Body offered plenty of #Fitspiration. It has a mixture of recipes, fitness and exercise tips and general health and wellbeing articles. I found it helpful and not patronising.

Cosmo body 2014I particularly liked this article which discussed the implication that a drastic change in your appearance can have on your mental wellbeing. Losing (or gaining) weight is not just a superficial change and it is good to see a fitness magazine exploring this.

Marie Claire February 2014    Marie Clare FebruaryI was really interested in this article which looked at the trend in hip-hop and other music genres to have dancers which fit a certain body type. Are videos which focus on women twerking exploitative or empowering? The dancers seemed to have the same argument – they are being paid good money so they must be being empowered. But in my mind, it’s too simplistic to think that money=power, especially for women in the entertainment industry.

Marie Claire February 2014I also really enjoyed the peek into Jimmy Nelson’s new photo book Before they Pass, Away, a look into tribal cultures.

What magazines have you been reading this month?

Photo a Day – Week 9

Aaaand we’re into March. I’ve had a couple of blips during February, but I’ve managed to take the missing picture the next day, so overall it’s going pretty well I’d say.

25. On your bedside table On your bedside tableMy bedside table is a tower of boxes filled with DVDs. But there’s pretty stuff on top so that’s OK.

26. Quiet QuietJust quietly lying watching TV.

27. Playing playingMurphy playing makes me laugh.

28. Upside down upside downSwooping swallow decal.


1. L is for… L is forLoveheart!

2. I made this! I made thisScott and Ramona hama decoration. I made this a while ago but I still love it.

3. Key KeyYou may have seen these before when I did my post about glittering everything.

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Photo a Day – Week 8

Day 18: Something you don’t like Dont likeI love painting my nails but I don’t like waiting for it to dry. See here for a lowdown of the colours used above.

Day 19: I am… I am greedy…greedy! Favourite was the Hazelnut one.

Day 20: Where you stood Where you stoodIn work, like just about every other day this month.

Day 21: Full FullYep, the nail polish drawers are getting fairly full.

Day 22: Makes you smile Makes you smileA night out that involves dressing up as a Viking. Check out my review of NMS Lates ‘Night of the Vikings’ here.

Day 23: A word a wordIs ‘varoom’ a word?

Day 24: Cloud cloudThe sky was one big snow cloud on Sunday morning.

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Photo a Day – Week 7

Happy Sunday! This week has seen Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and a very busy few days at work with half term. Today also marked the first genuinely sunny day for months. Looking forward to next week :)

Day 11: Entrance EntranceChapter One of a good book is like the entrance to a new world.

Day 12: Where you ate lunch LunchI missed lunch today but I ate dinner at Handmade Burger Co. in Ocean Terminal with David. We sat by the window so had a good view of the boats coming in to dock.

Day 13: Walking WalkingThese boots were made for walking… er maybe… posing in more likely. Got these from New Look this week for £29.99. Bargain!

Day 14: Love is… Love isPutting up with my permanently cold tootsies.

Day 15: Inside your fridge inside your fridgeBaileys! Milk! Yoghurt! Some other stuff!

Day 16: Perfect PerfectPerfect weekend TV fodder: Penguins – Spy in the Huddle. Although Murphy isn’t really the perfect viewing partner. Down in front!

Day 17: In your hand in your handJurassic Park Builder. Addicted to games like this at the moment.

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Photo a Day – Week 6

This week has mostly consisted of the cold and toothache. Boo.

Day 4. Hope HopeFingers crossed to hope for something. The nail colour is Topshop ‘Green Room’ in case you are wondering.

Day 5. Something you smelled something you smelledNothing! Too full of the cold to smell anything properly.

Day 6. Soft SoftSoft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

Day 7. Your name Your nameMy name is Ali. In American Sign Language, since British requires two hands and I couldn’t photograph that.

Day 8. Something orange something orangeMmm orange jelly. Helping to soothe my sore throat.

Day 9. Guilty pleasure Guilty PleasureMan V Food! Love the show, love the food. I don’t think that I could eat this giant burger, but I would give it a good shot.

Day 10. 3 o’clock 3 o clockNap-time!

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Photo a Day – Week 5

This week is half January, half February. Keeping the momentum going!

28. Throughthrough“Aw, goan let me in!”

29. Grow GrowMy mum’s orchid which has been going strong for years. If it was mine it’d be dead by now.

30. Down DownAs in “GET DOWN!” which often gets ignored.

31. Yourself YourselfBlueberry face!

1. Fork ForkEr… it’s a fork. Strange prompt today.

2. Pattern PatternFloral bird applique.

3. Something beginning with “E” ESplendidly tacky Eiffel Tower ornament from Sadia.

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