Photo a Day – Week 5

This week is half January, half February. Keeping the momentum going!

28. Throughthrough“Aw, goan let me in!”

29. Grow GrowMy mum’s orchid which has been going strong for years. If it was mine it’d be dead by now.

30. Down DownAs in “GET DOWN!” which often gets ignored.

31. Yourself YourselfBlueberry face!

1. Fork ForkEr… it’s a fork. Strange prompt today.

2. Pattern PatternFloral bird applique.

3. Something beginning with “E” ESplendidly tacky Eiffel Tower ornament from Sadia.

Check out FatMumSlim’s blog for the February challenge list here. And follow me on Instagram @Alleyhope to see my pics as they are taken!


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