Photo a Day – Week 9

Aaaand we’re into March. I’ve had a couple of blips during February, but I’ve managed to take the missing picture the next day, so overall it’s going pretty well I’d say.

25. On your bedside table On your bedside tableMy bedside table is a tower of boxes filled with DVDs. But there’s pretty stuff on top so that’s OK.

26. Quiet QuietJust quietly lying watching TV.

27. Playing playingMurphy playing makes me laugh.

28. Upside down upside downSwooping swallow decal.


1. L is for… L is forLoveheart!

2. I made this! I made thisScott and Ramona hama decoration. I made this a while ago but I still love it.

3. Key KeyYou may have seen these before when I did my post about glittering everything.

Follow on Instagram! Post your Instagram name in the comments if you’re also doing the FatMumSlim photo challenge, I’d love to see them.


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