Lush Christmas Haul

Lush Christmas Haul

I really was not intending on doing a Lush Christmas haul this year. Let’s be honest, there are more sensible things to spend your money on that bath bombs. I managed to resist right up until December but then my resolve well and truly crumbled. I sent David out with a list and came home from work last Friday to a big bag bulging with bath goodies. Happy days! I decided to get all stuff that I hadn’t tried before bar Cinders (fave bath bomb of all time so I had to get one) and most of it is new for this year. Here’s what I picked up:

Lush Christmas Haul

Buche de Noel Cleanser (£12.09). This is a gentle exfoliating cleanser with cranberries, almonds and cocoa butter. I’m not totally sold on the smell of it, like a dirty cake is the best way I can describe it. But I do love how it feels. My skin needs a good scrub on the reg but while also hanging onto as much moisture as possible and this is exactly what Buche de Noel does. Really happy I have such a big pot of it!

Lush Christmas Haul

Stardust Bath Bomb (£2.95). This is a lovely simple looking bomb, you can’t really see from the photo but it is covered in a very fine silver glitter. It is vanilla scented and quite inoffensive. I have used this and I’m afraid I didn’t love it though. It fizzes away to a blue centre so leaves your bath a slightly milky colour and it releases a bunch of multi-coloured dissolvable stars. It doesn’t really add anything beyond that though so overall a bit boring I’m afraid.

Lush Christmas Haul

The Magic of Christmas (£5.95). Another new star shaped product for this year. This is a reusable bubble bar which is basically Christmas on a stick. A cinnamon stick to be exact. It’s a large orange bar overlaid with a bright gold glitter (think Sparkly Pumpkin) and studded with cloves and star anise and finished with a bell and a red bow. The design team must have had a ball with this one! It smells like cinnamon (obviously) and orange. It’s lovely!

Lush Christmas Haul

Cinders Bath Bomb (£2.65). Next up is one of my favourite bombs, I always pick up a couple each year – lucky that it’s one of the cheaper ones. This is quite a small bomb but it’s enough. It is a sweet cinnamon scent and this one is packed with popping candy which is meant to make your bath sound like a crackling fire. I think this will be perfect with some bubbles from The Magic of Christmas so this will be the combo I’ll use for my Christmas Eve bath (I like my bathtime traditions).

Lush Christmas Haul

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (£3.95). Aw, how cute is this Santa? There’s a teeny bit of shimmer to him, but not too much like with Stardust. He is strawberry scented so a nice change to the spicy scents that tend to dominate this time of year. Th white parts are actually bath melts (like the bubbleroons are) so he does a create job of softening the water and your skin as well as producing lots of bubbles.

Lush Christmas Haul

Yog Nog Bath Bomb (£3.95). This is a giant beast of a bath bomb! Based on the very popular soap, this one smells like cinder toffee – very sweet but also warming. I can see two big chunks of cocoa butter in mine so I know it’s going to be supremely moisturising. It’s very crumbly though so I’m having to keep it in it’s packaging to avoid getting Lush dust everywhere.

Lush Christmas Haul

Bar Humbug Bubble Bar (£3.65) This one is possibly the least Christmassy product of the range this year but it’s one of my favourites. It’s as though someone has stuck a liquorice stick in the Comforter so it’s sweet and fruity but with a kick of something special. I hope this one does well.

And that’s everything I got. I might try to get some other bits in the Boxing Day sale such as some of the Snow Fairy scented things I’ve had in the past as I really do love them and the festive Cranberry face mask. However, the Lush sale is a stress so I might not bother!

What are your favourites from Lush this Christmas?


Lush Halloween 2015 Haul

Lush Halloween 2015 Haul

Every year, I think that the most exciting beauty launch – more so than even the Naked palettes – has to be October 1st when Lush launch their Halloween and Christmas collections. A double whammy of bathtime festivity. I always try to resist the Christmas items until November, but I did treat myself to the Halloween range. Yes, the whole thing… but it is pretty small this year…

Lush Halloween 2015 HaulLush Halloween 2015 Haul

First up is the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar (£3.65), a repeat from last year. It’s a fruity, zesty smell with juniperberry, lime and grapefruit – a bit of an unexpected scent for a pumpkin but a crowd pleaser nonetheless. This is GLITTER with capital everything. I think it’s even more glittery than last year. But it smells great and creates loads of fluffy bubbles so it’s all good.

Lush Halloween 2015 Haul Lush Halloween 2015 Haul

Next is another repeat – the classic, Lord of Misrule bath bomb (£3.95) which is joined this year by a shower gel (from £4.95) of the same scent. This is a great scent so I can see why they’ve added a shower gel this year. It’s a very seasonally appropriate fragrance with a herby, warm combination of vanilla, patchouli and pepper. The bath bomb is super fun. The green outer froths and foams and explodes to reveal a fast, fizzing, wine centre. I really like that they have added the shower gel so that the fragrance every day. I do think that the Lush shower gels are ridiculously expense so I did just buy a little one though, so maybe not every day for me!

Lush Halloween 2015 Haul

Lastly, a new product for this year – Nightwing shower jelly (£3.95). This bat shaped block of jelly smells just like blackcurrant fruit pastilles. It’s delicious! It is very leaky though so be careful about how you get it home! I’ve never used a shower jelly though, so I’m intrigued to see how long it lasts and how easy it is to use. I love the shape and the Batman references on the pot though, so I really don’t want to chop it up!

And that’s everything for Halloween 2015. I think all of the products are great but I am disappointed that the collection is so small this year. I really loved the addition of the two Guy Fawkes inspired bath bombs last year (The Sparkler and Northern Lights) so I’m a bit gutted that they haven’t done something similar for this year. Plus, Northern Lights was ah-mazing so I am really missing that one now!

What do you think of the Lushoween collection? Will you be picking anything up?

Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

I love a seasonal Lush collection. In fact it’s mostly what I buy – every year I go a bit crazy for Halloween and Christmas, then inevitably I’m still in the bath mood when the Valentine and Easter collections come along, then my obsession tails off until the following Halloween. So today I have some pieces from the Valentine’s Day collection and my opinion on then.

For a start, how cute does the collection look? Very Valentine’s Day appropriate. I bought most of the items apart from the Love Locket bath bomb (couldn’t bring myself to spend £6.95 on one bath bomb), the Cupid’s Love soap because I never use it and the two lip products.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015 Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

First up is the Floating Flower bath bomb (£3.50). It is pretty fancy as it’s fizzing as it lasts a long time and has a few different colours hidden away, until it ultimately leaves your bath a soft pink colour. However, the scent is pure jasmine and it is so strong! I actually found it really overwhelming and not enjoyable at all and had to get out of the bath pretty quick! If you love jasmine, you’ll like this, but I’d recommend smelling it before you buy it as it’s not an “on-the-fence” scent.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Heart Throb bubble bar (£3.65) is based on their bubbleron range where it’s meant to look like a macaron and you twist it in half to use in two baths. The Valentine one is shaped like a heart (or actually a bit like a bum!) and has gold glitter in the middle. Again, the scent is floral but it’s softened slightly by the inclusion of vanilla. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it like I did the Floating Flower. It turns the bath a romantic red colour and actually adds moisturising properties to the water with shea butter so does some good.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Lonely Heart (£3.50) is another bubble bar which features gold glitter in red water, but this one smells great. It stands out from the rest of the collection as it has a predominately citrus smell with lemongrass and bergamot.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Next is probably Lush’s most successful recent launch – the Unicorn Horn bubble bar (£3.25). Firstly, yes, it looks amazing – a pastel swirl studded with stars and dusted with an iridescent shimmer, and y’know unicorn’s are all the rage at the moment, so well done Lush. I am a bit surprised though because I thought that lavender was a bit of a marmite fragrance? The Unicorn Horn smells simply of strong, fresh lavender. Personally, I like lavender (we have it growing in our garden at home) but I know a lot of my friends can’t abide it. I stand corrected though! In the water, the pastel colours don’t really last but you get a good amount of bubbles to pretend you have floated away on a cloud to a magical unicorn land. If you want.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Lastly, I picked up a small bottle of the Prince Charming shower gel (£4.75). Lush shower gel is expensive but I like it as a treat as the scent really lasts on the skin. This one smells of pomegranate juice so is very fresh and fruity.

Did you pick up any of the Valentine’s Day collection? What do you like the look of?

Lush Halloween Products 2014

Lush Halloween 2014

It’s bath season guys. I love Lush at any time of the year, but it absolutely can’t be beaten in autumn and winter. Last week when it started to get really cold I took myself along to the Princes Street branch to stock up on the new in Halloween goodies. I was seriously tempted by the Christmas stuff but I showed restraint – I’ll pick them up next month. With the exception of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, these are all new products for this year. I’ve already used a few of these so I shall tell you what I think as we go.

Lush Halloween 2014

This is the Sparkler bath bomb (£3.50) which, as the name suggests, has been created with Bonfire Night in mind. I love this as Bonfire Night is an occasion which is often overlooked by brands as it is a purely British tradition. It is an odd night to celebrate – the capture of a treasonist who was about to blow up Parliament and his subsequent execution – but let’s move swiftly on. This is a fun new shape from Lush and I think it’s a winner. It’s much easier to break in half if you want to get two baths out of it so adds value for money.

Lush Halloween 2014 Lush Halloween 2014

Sparkler has the Rose Jam scent which is rose (obviously) but with just a hint of lemon to keep it fresh and modern. The centre of the bath bomb is filled with extremely fine bronze and gold glitter particles which explode out of the middle like fireworks. The glitter in this is fantastic – it distributes itself evenly through the bath so your bathing in shimmery water but doesn’t really show up on our skin when you get out and rinses away very easily. Sparkler is also studded with popping candy but unfortunately I didn’t hear any of it popping which would have added a lovely effect to the ‘firework’ show. I was disappointed with this as I always get the Cinders bath bomb and always get the crackling effect with that one so I don’t know if they’ve changed what kind they use or if I was just unlucky. Still, a great bath bomb. The effect lasted a good amount of time – 5 mins or so – and afterwards I was left with a yellow-gold shimmering bath which softened my skin and smelt divine.

Lush Halloween 2014

Next I tried the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar (£3.50). It’s a good size and could do you for at least three baths. It is a vibrant orange covered in gold glitter and a little piece of cinnamon stick for the pumpkin stem. I think it looks really cute.

Lush Halloween 2014 Lush Halloween 2014

Sparkly Pumpkin is very soft so easy to crumble under the running water. The gold glitter does come off in your hands, but like the glitter in the Sparkler, is easy to rinse away. It smells very citrusy and zest as it has both lime and grapefruit oil and I really like the scent. It creates a good amount of bubbles which last for your entire bath – something that I think the bubble bars do much better than the bubble wands that Lush make do. I actually prefer Sparkly Pumpkin to last year’s Pumkin as I think it’s softer, creates more bubbles and I prefer the smell, so even if you weren’t keen on last year’s, do check this one out.

Lush Halloween 2014

This is the Northern Lights bath bomb (£3.50) and I would describe it as the showstopper of the collection. Again, this is one you could break in half if you wanted to but I think that you would lose some of the effect that it produces.

Lush Halloween 2014 Lush Halloween 2014


As you can see, it’s a bit spectacular. The purple outer explodes and releases swirls of vibrant yellow and blue. The effect lasts around 5-8 minutes and afterwards you are left with a bright purple bath scattered with white stars. The stars eventually dissolve so if you’re a fan of long baths like me, you don’t need to worry about scraping them off your tub. Northern Lights is scented with jasmine and ylang ylang so it’s a really nice soft floral, soothing fragrance, perfect for a relaxing evening bath. It also makes the water super soft and your skin feels great afterwards. Definitely my favourite of this selection of bath bombs, and possibly in my top few of all.

Lush Halloween 2014

This guy is the Wizard bubble bar (£3.25). I’ve not used him yet but the texture is the same as the Sparkly Pumpkin so I’m sure it’ll create lots of bubbles in the bath. He is covered in a very fine silver shimmer so I’m expecting the bath to turn a pale purple with a slight sparkle. He is scented with juniperberry, fennel,orange and ylang ylang. The smell is sweet but with a slight spiciness to it and really reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on. I find the fragrance unexpected but weirdly pleasant. This bubble bar is the same size and shape as Candy Mountain and the Penguin bubble bar so I know I can get three baths out of it.

Lush Halloween 2014

Lastly, a returner from last year – the Lord of Misrule bath bomb (£3.50). Again, I haven’t used this particular one yet, but I did buy it last year and I love it. To me, it has that typical Lush smell – y’know that mixture of scents mingling so you can’t pull out just one but you know it smells good. It’s fragranced with patchouli, black pepper and vanilla, an eclectic combination by anyone’s standards so I think that it explains it! The green outer foams up slowly then cracks open to reveal the fast fizzing purple inner to leave you with an indulgent wine coloured bath. There’s also popping candy in this one so hopefully it’ll be noticeable this time.

I really like the entire collection this Halloween. I didn’t get the Fairy Ring soap that goes with it as I don’t use soap bars, but I’m sure it’s also lovely. If you can only get one product I’d say go for the Northern Lights bath bomb, I’ll definitely be getting a couple more before they disappear and I already hope that it comes back next year!

So what is your favourite thing from Lush? Any Christmas products I just have to try?

Bomb Cosmetics Lucky Dip Haul

Bomb Cosmetics Lucky Dip HaulI am apparently easily tempted by the words “Mystery Box”. This big pink box of joy was £30 from Bomb Cosmetics. It offered around £50 of value and contains 24 products. The products would be bath bombs, bath creamers and bars of soap so I was really excited to see what I would receive. Turned out to be better than I expected with bath brulees, bath mallows and even a candle.

Bath Bomb Soap slicesI got three soap slices: Sunny Side Up; Violet Crush; Sud Seduction.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath BombsBath bombs from top, left to right: Sun Junky; Pina Colada; Beach Bomb; Snowflake’s Chance; Deck the Halls, Candy Love; Bluebell Bellini; Magnolia Blossom.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath CreamersBath Creamers from top, left to right: Promised Land; Petal to the Metal; Wild Garden; Musk at Dusk; Love is the Drug; Purple Passion; Big in Japan.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath MallowsBath Mallows left to right: Bergamot and Sunflower; Pearly King; Martian Skies.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath BruleesBath Brulees left to right: Robins Nest; Power to the Parma.

Bomb Cosmetics Paintpot candlePaint Tin Candle: Berry Burst

Bomb cosmeticsI also bought myself a new candle (Marshmallow Root) and as my order was over £35, I got a free, full size Cranberry and Lime Shower Scrub which smells amazing.

Overall, I’m really happy with my haul. I was expecting mostly Christmas stuff, and there is a couple but also some summer products and regular products. I was also really happy with the candle as I wasn’t expecting it and it is a lovely scent (super stong, berry scent). I’ve had a look on the website and it looks as though some of the products are still available so I might do reviews on these – I don’t really want to review anything you can’t get anymore, but if there is anything in particular you want to see in more detail, do let me know.

Have you used anything from Bomb Cosmetics? Any favourites?

Lush Spa Edinburgh’s First Birthday

Last week I went along to the Lush Spa Edinburgh first birthday celebrations. Last year, Lush relocated from one side of Princes St to the other to a larger store (yey) and opened a spa downstairs. I’ve never been into the spa so the birthday celebration was a great chance to see what was down there.

Sikkim GirlsThe theme of the evening was based around the story of the Sikkim Girls perfume from Gorilla Perfumes. A dot of the perfume was applied to our wrists and, as the scent developed, we were told the tale of how composer Sheema Mukherjee was warned of the dangerous, alluring Sikkim girls which inspired her to write a softly seductive song which in turn inspired the Sikkim Girls perfume by Gorilla. The perfume itself is a gloriously heady, complex mix of jasmine, tuberose and frangipani which is quite unique. To enhance the experience, we were also treated to chocolates by master Chocolatiers Edward and Irwyn which were specially created to complement the scent. All the while, Sheema, along with musician Simon Emmerson were in attendance at the store playing the Sikkim Girls song.

Lush SpaNext we headed downstairs to the Spa which is really quite unexpected. More like a cosy country cottage than a more formal (and possibly less relaxing?) traditional spa. We were joined by Lush co-founder Liz Bennett who explained that they wanted to offer something a bit different and in line with Lush’s core values. We were then shown into the treatment rooms and the different treatments were explained, including the rum and sea-shanty filled deep tissue massage ‘The Good Hour’ and the zen-like soothing ‘Sound Bath’.

The Comforter Lush Spa EdinburghThe piece de resistance was The Comforter. The two therapists worked in synchronicity with a Hawaiian style rolling massage while uplifting music played and rose-scented bubbles filled the (pink) air. This room was a bit of a giggle and I will definitely be treating my BFF to this pre-hen party.

Lush Birthday PartyUpstairs the fun continued with customised jasmine tea, hand massages, lollipops and popcorn (who else remembers when Lush used to decorate their windows and fill their boxes with popcorn?) and, my favourite bit – DIY Bath Bombs.

DIY Big BlueI made a Big Blue, which contains sea salt and  seaweed and basically just smells like the sea. I already use their Seanik solid shampoo bar so a bath with both of these will get me feeling like a mermaid in no time!

Lush haulAnd of course, I couldn’t go into Lush without doing a little bit of a haul, so along with my DIY Big Blue (which I reckon is looking pretty good), I picked up some Christmas items. I chose the So White, Lord of Misrule and  Cinders bath bombs, the Christmas Eve and Christmas Penguin bubble bars and the cola-flavoured Santa’s Lip Scrub.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lush for inviting me along to their birthday party, it was a truly fabulous, multi-sensory experience. The staff were on top form, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the event was full of small, well thought out details that made it so special. I really hope I can get back for a treatment in the Spa very soon. If not, I’ll be in for some perfume and of course, more bath bombs.


G Spa Gel Bath Review

G spa gel bathIt’s that time of year again where you just can’t beat a good bath. Now we all love Lush, but I have something a little different for you – the G Spa Bath Gel. As you may guess, this luxury bath soak turns an ordinary bath into a gel filled spa experience. To use, you simply run your bath (don’t add any oils or bubbles) and once full, add the blue ‘Step 1’ sachet.

IMG_6179 IMG_6185The water instantly turns a bright blue colour and the gel begins to form.

Gel spaAfter a few minutes the gel thickens. It takes around 5 minutes to completely gellify the bath. The bath itself is a really nice experience. The gel is very strongly scented with lavender, bergamot and jasmine resulting in a lovely relaxing fragrance that I really enjoyed. The thick gel feels really warm for ages, supports your body in the bath and softens your skin. The whole thing feels like a very indulgent bath treat.

G spa gel bathUnfortunately, it is slightly let down when it’s time to get out of the bath. ‘Step 2’ is salts which dissolve the gels. They do, but not completely. I waited for 5 minutes before getting out of the bath and there were still bits of gel evident. Especially on me. I had to rinse myself off with the shower to get rid of them before dressing – not so relaxing. An hour later and they were still in the tub. I rinsed them away and just have to hope that it’s not going to block up my plug hole!

Despite this, the G Spa Bath Gel was a really nice treat but a bit of a novelty. You can buy two sets on Prezzybox here for £9.99, quite a bargain. I’d split these into two gifts along with some candles to treat two lovely ladies to a home spa experience.