Lushoween 2016


October is the best time of year. Never mind the leaves changing or the move into fall fashion, nope, it’s because you get both Halloween and Christmas candy. My sweet tooth goes into overdrive with happiness. The OTHER great October treat is Lush‘s Halloween and Christmas launches. The only time you year you can enjoy a glitter filled, pumpkin pie scented bath while eating a chocolate Santa #luxurybathtimegoals.

Lush Halloween 2016

I have picked up a bunch of the new Halloween items (and one or two sneaky bits which are technically from the Christmas range) so I am sharing these with you today.

Lush Boo Bath Melt

First up is this adorable little guy. I got mostly bath bombs except this one which is the Boo Bath Melt (£3.50). This is a ginger scented melt which when run under hot water will produce a small amount of bubbles as well. He makes the water soft and is great for the skin. Mine was snuggled up against the Sparkly Pumpkins in store so he’s got a bit of glitter on him but they don’t have glitter as part of the deal. Boo.

Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

Here we have the Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb (£4.25). He is the floral-sweet scented love child of Monsters’ Inc’s Sulley and Mike Wazowski and is freaking adorable. That eye of his is solid cocoa butter so you can massage this into your skin once his body has fizzed away. He is very powdery and soft so he really explodes into a cloud of pink and blue froth when you dunk him. He leaves the water a deep indigo colour. I just wish he had a core of silver glimmer to really up the wow factor.

Lush  Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

This is the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb (£3.75) and this is a lovely seasonal addition for those who really aren’t into the spooky Halloween shtick. Like a fallen carpet of fallen leave it turns your bath into a myriad of yellow, greens and reds. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the smell of this one (it is a woody-grass scent) but it is nice and fresh. I do prefer the sweet and spicy options this time of year but this makes a good change. Unfortunately it turns your water a bit of a blah rusty colour and it’s not particularly moisturising but it’s a fun spectacle while it lasts.

Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Is this not just the most perfect pumpkin? This Jack O’ Lantern is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb (£3.95) and is a sweet cinnamon dream. I was really sad that they didn’t bring back the cinnamon scented Cinders but if anything this one is better. It has a hint of creaminess that really boost the moreish fragrance to the next level.

Lush Skullduggery Bath Bomb

This sugar skull is the Skullduggery Bath Bomb (3.75) and is actually my first purchase from the Lush Kitchen. This has the Calacas lime fragrance so is zesty and uplifting. I haven’t used him yet so I’m not sure if he is all that exciting in the water, but he’s a skull and it’s Halloween so I had to add him to the cart.

Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb

The Northern Lights Bath Bomb (£3.95) was my favourite product from the 2014 A/W ranges so I was really excited to see it back. It’s in a more compact form with the blue and yellow inners now visible. Sadly it now doesn’t have stars or popping candy but it still have the same relaxing scent of ylang ylang and jasmine. It is fun to watch swirl in the bath and it softens the water well.

Lush Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb

Finally, the least Christmassy Christmas product ever released: the Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb (£4.25). This is super super sweet and fruity, like a pick ‘n’ mix essentially. It has orange, lime and banana included on the ingredients list so no, it’s not Christmassy at all but it also has a massive dose of cocoa butter (all that pink topping) so it’s a good one for your skin in the cold winter months and offers a zippy pick me up. It spins in the bath and is just a little punk rock – as much as a bath bomb can be at least!

Lush Halloween Haul 2016

And so ends my Lush Halloween haul. With the exception of Northern Lights, I only picked up things I hadn’t had before so I think that all of these products are new for this year (with the possible exclusion of Pumpkin, I’m not sure on that). I really miss the Lord of Misrule bath bomb as it has one of my favourite scents ever but it is around until Christmas so I might still get one or try to pick it up in the sale. Trying to save money this time of year is a bummer.

I’m sure I’ll be back with my Christmas purchases soon, there is a t-rex shaped bubble bar that has my name aaalll over it!


Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

I love a seasonal Lush collection. In fact it’s mostly what I buy – every year I go a bit crazy for Halloween and Christmas, then inevitably I’m still in the bath mood when the Valentine and Easter collections come along, then my obsession tails off until the following Halloween. So today I have some pieces from the Valentine’s Day collection and my opinion on then.

For a start, how cute does the collection look? Very Valentine’s Day appropriate. I bought most of the items apart from the Love Locket bath bomb (couldn’t bring myself to spend £6.95 on one bath bomb), the Cupid’s Love soap because I never use it and the two lip products.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015 Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

First up is the Floating Flower bath bomb (£3.50). It is pretty fancy as it’s fizzing as it lasts a long time and has a few different colours hidden away, until it ultimately leaves your bath a soft pink colour. However, the scent is pure jasmine and it is so strong! I actually found it really overwhelming and not enjoyable at all and had to get out of the bath pretty quick! If you love jasmine, you’ll like this, but I’d recommend smelling it before you buy it as it’s not an “on-the-fence” scent.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Heart Throb bubble bar (£3.65) is based on their bubbleron range where it’s meant to look like a macaron and you twist it in half to use in two baths. The Valentine one is shaped like a heart (or actually a bit like a bum!) and has gold glitter in the middle. Again, the scent is floral but it’s softened slightly by the inclusion of vanilla. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it like I did the Floating Flower. It turns the bath a romantic red colour and actually adds moisturising properties to the water with shea butter so does some good.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

The Lonely Heart (£3.50) is another bubble bar which features gold glitter in red water, but this one smells great. It stands out from the rest of the collection as it has a predominately citrus smell with lemongrass and bergamot.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Next is probably Lush’s most successful recent launch – the Unicorn Horn bubble bar (£3.25). Firstly, yes, it looks amazing – a pastel swirl studded with stars and dusted with an iridescent shimmer, and y’know unicorn’s are all the rage at the moment, so well done Lush. I am a bit surprised though because I thought that lavender was a bit of a marmite fragrance? The Unicorn Horn smells simply of strong, fresh lavender. Personally, I like lavender (we have it growing in our garden at home) but I know a lot of my friends can’t abide it. I stand corrected though! In the water, the pastel colours don’t really last but you get a good amount of bubbles to pretend you have floated away on a cloud to a magical unicorn land. If you want.

Lush Valentine's Day Collection 2015

Lastly, I picked up a small bottle of the Prince Charming shower gel (£4.75). Lush shower gel is expensive but I like it as a treat as the scent really lasts on the skin. This one smells of pomegranate juice so is very fresh and fruity.

Did you pick up any of the Valentine’s Day collection? What do you like the look of?

Sunday Catch Up #1

Happy Sunday everyone. I feel a bit out of sorts no longer having my regular Sunday post of my Photo A Day challenge. While I have still been taking a photo every day (this time collecting them with the iPhone app Collect) I don’t want to post them all here. Some days are just, y’know, boring. So instead I’ll be using Sundays to post a few snapshots of my week, maybe share some links with you, that sort of thing. Sound good?

Haul TimeFirst of all, I thought you guys might be interested in some hauls! I had £60 worth od Boots points and splashed them all! I bought 2 Origins facemasks, I’ve been using the Drink Up Intensive Overnight one already and I love it. Will share my thoughts on both soon. I also picked up Baby Skin, a few nail polishes and a mascara which I’ll do a review on next week. I also bought some trainers in the Schuh sale – glamorous! I want to get into walking more/possibly venturing to a gym and needed some suitable footwear.

You’ll also notice the Lush haul no doubt. I ordered this on the 26th Dec and it came on the 9th Jan! I was getting so impatient! I won’t review the Christmas products but may well do Butterball, The Comforter and the Popcorn lip scrub. I’ve been having the best baths lately.

Chilling OutThe other highlight of my week was having an extremely lazy Saturday. I bought some Monsters University leggings pyjamas from Primark recently and really like them. I didn’t think that the leggings would be as comfy as regular slouchy jammas but they’re great. And they don’t ride up your legs during the night.

I finished the book I got at Christmas (Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson – not great tbh) and started on Before We Met by Lucie Waterhouse which I’m enjoying so far. I also had a wee treat of gourmet chocolate chip marshmallow with my hot chocolate.

Today I visited my friend and helped her set up some social media networks for her photography business. Have a look at her website here: it’s pretty swish!

How was your week?

Lush Spa Edinburgh’s First Birthday

Last week I went along to the Lush Spa Edinburgh first birthday celebrations. Last year, Lush relocated from one side of Princes St to the other to a larger store (yey) and opened a spa downstairs. I’ve never been into the spa so the birthday celebration was a great chance to see what was down there.

Sikkim GirlsThe theme of the evening was based around the story of the Sikkim Girls perfume from Gorilla Perfumes. A dot of the perfume was applied to our wrists and, as the scent developed, we were told the tale of how composer Sheema Mukherjee was warned of the dangerous, alluring Sikkim girls which inspired her to write a softly seductive song which in turn inspired the Sikkim Girls perfume by Gorilla. The perfume itself is a gloriously heady, complex mix of jasmine, tuberose and frangipani which is quite unique. To enhance the experience, we were also treated to chocolates by master Chocolatiers Edward and Irwyn which were specially created to complement the scent. All the while, Sheema, along with musician Simon Emmerson were in attendance at the store playing the Sikkim Girls song.

Lush SpaNext we headed downstairs to the Spa which is really quite unexpected. More like a cosy country cottage than a more formal (and possibly less relaxing?) traditional spa. We were joined by Lush co-founder Liz Bennett who explained that they wanted to offer something a bit different and in line with Lush’s core values. We were then shown into the treatment rooms and the different treatments were explained, including the rum and sea-shanty filled deep tissue massage ‘The Good Hour’ and the zen-like soothing ‘Sound Bath’.

The Comforter Lush Spa EdinburghThe piece de resistance was The Comforter. The two therapists worked in synchronicity with a Hawaiian style rolling massage while uplifting music played and rose-scented bubbles filled the (pink) air. This room was a bit of a giggle and I will definitely be treating my BFF to this pre-hen party.

Lush Birthday PartyUpstairs the fun continued with customised jasmine tea, hand massages, lollipops and popcorn (who else remembers when Lush used to decorate their windows and fill their boxes with popcorn?) and, my favourite bit – DIY Bath Bombs.

DIY Big BlueI made a Big Blue, which contains sea salt and  seaweed and basically just smells like the sea. I already use their Seanik solid shampoo bar so a bath with both of these will get me feeling like a mermaid in no time!

Lush haulAnd of course, I couldn’t go into Lush without doing a little bit of a haul, so along with my DIY Big Blue (which I reckon is looking pretty good), I picked up some Christmas items. I chose the So White, Lord of Misrule and  Cinders bath bombs, the Christmas Eve and Christmas Penguin bubble bars and the cola-flavoured Santa’s Lip Scrub.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lush for inviting me along to their birthday party, it was a truly fabulous, multi-sensory experience. The staff were on top form, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and the event was full of small, well thought out details that made it so special. I really hope I can get back for a treatment in the Spa very soon. If not, I’ll be in for some perfume and of course, more bath bombs.