Memebox | My Cute Wishlist 3

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3 Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

After seeing so many fantastic Memebox reviews over on Kelly’s blog, Adventures in Tea and Cake, I’ve taken the plunge and bought myself My Cute Wishlist 3! I thought that this would be a good choice as Korean beauty is known for it’s cute factor. If you’re not familiar with Memebox, it is the best of Korean beauty available to snap up in mystery themed boxes. This “Superbox” came in at around £15 plus shipping and is sold out now but I’m sure number 4 will be available soon. Wanna have a swatch at what I got?

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3 Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

Let’s start with the strangest first. This is the Shara Shara Fairy’s Make-up Synergy Sun Cream. Errrr…. OK. It is actually kinda cute to be fair. The concept reminds me of Matey’s shower gels – you know when you were little and got your favourite character for Christmas and all of a sudden bathtime became fun? I think this is a good way to make the boring task of applying sun cream fun for kids. Obviously I would only use sun cream from brands I know and trust on little ‘uns but I appreciate the concept. At a push, I’ll use this if I find myself caught out in an unexpected March heatwave (here’s hoping).

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

Next up is the ddung (teehee) Family Foam Cleansing Cream. I got the ‘milky’ variety which smells a bit florally. It’s actually really thick and strange. Don’t love it. How scary is the doll on the bottle too?

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

This is more like it! This is Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm in ‘Hot Cherry’. I obviously will love anything with my name on it but this also smells amazing! Like cherry sherbet. It adds a very sheer pop of colour on your lips and is really glossy. It’s not very hydrating, but works well over a proper lip balm.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

This is probably my favourite item – the Youngwoosa Oh! It’s Lovely and Soft Cream. First of all, the name is awesome. Secondly, the packaging is the best. It’s got a wee dog on it, a smiley face, cute characters… just love it. It also lives up to it’s name as being lovely and soft.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

Another random one! This is Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl’s Patch. The idea is that if you have a hot, flushed face, slap these on and it’ll calm and moisturise your cheeks. I’m saving these until I get a bad case of wine-face.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist #3

Lastly, we have the Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub. Lip scrubs are very welcome round my house at this time of year. It’s an effective scrub with sugar and walnut shell and it smells of honey. Nice.

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 3

I really enjoyed my first foray into the world of k-beauty. Like most beauty boxes some of the products are a bit hit and miss but it definitely has the fun factor. I really recommend that you head over to the website to check out some of their crazy themes (yoghurt cosmetics anyone?). I really want the new face mask box! Sooo tempted…


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