Duo Boots | #BootTribe

Duo Boots #BootTribe

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited along to Duo‘s Castle Street store to explore their new lines for autumn and winter. While there, me and a group of fellow bloggers were asked to nail our colours to the mast and choose a Boot Tribe. Were you Team Ankle Boot like Alexa Chung, Team Knee High as championed by Kate Moss, or Team Over the Knee with the uber fashionable Olivia Palermo?

Duo Boots #BootTribe Duo Boots #BootTribe Duo Boots #BootTribe Duo Boots #BootTribe Duo Boots #BootTribe

As I, and many of the other bloggers,  had never been to Duo before, the Boot Tribe campaign was a fantastic introduction to the brand. It clearly demonstrated that Duo are able to cater to a wide audience. It keeps up with the latest catwalk trends while also offering wearable, high quality, and most importantly, beautiful boots. The best thing about Duo? 21 calf sizes! Yep, 21. Maybe it’s just me and my pear shaped ways but I find boots the worst thing to shop for next to jeans. Duo takes away the dreaded leg-muffin-topping ensuring that your boots will fit perfectly. If you’re in the market for ankle boots this might not worry you too much, but you might like to know that Duo also offer three width fittings. Now, I always find that a lot of shoes in my size are wide. It seems as though some shops think that if you’re a size 6 or over your feet are basically massive. Well, I have size 7 feet, but they’re skinny and long – you see my problem here? Well Duo agree and say my feet are regular, not wide. You hear that? Not wide, thanks.

Ahem, back to Boot Tribe. After much umming and ahhing (and digging into the fizz and canapes!) I joined Team Ankle Boot. I selected the Preston ankle boot – a glossy black leather shoe with buckle detail. The small heel makes them smart enough for work occasions or evenings out, while the tread sole and fleece lining keeps them practical for being out and about in autumn and winter.

Duo Boots #BootTribe

So I bet you’re dying to know which tribe came out on top? Drumroll please… In third place:


The glorious Over the Knee Boot gained the support of 9% of the ladies, but what a fashionable 9% they were! These bad gals above are the Dita and are a real statement boot which lend some true class to the style. Sigh, one day I’ll have the pins for these boots *puts down Mars bar.


The classic Knee High Tribe gained a respectable 38% of the vote. I love a biker boot and was very tempted by the Halden style. That quilting!  Oooh might have to go back for a pay day treat…


But the winner of the evening was, of course, Team Ankle Boot with 55%. You can’t deny the appeal of the versatility an ankle boot offers. For something a little less versatile, I love these black glitter Abel boots. If they’re not New Year party boots, I don’t know what is.

Massive thanks to Duo for a fantastic evening and for kick-starting my A/W wardrobe. The shop is absolutely beautiful and the team lovely, so if you have a Duo near you pop in, get fitted, and declare your Boot Tribe.




7 thoughts on “Duo Boots | #BootTribe”

  1. I love the boots you chose! It’s so bloody difficult to find boots without zips isn’t it, I’ll need to pop into the store next time I’m In Edinburgh 🙂 I have long skinny feet too so would be good to get boots that fit right!

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