Eats | Just Burgers and Beers

Just Burgers and Beers

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog “Ali’s Adventures in Burger-eating” or something to that effect. What can I say, I’m having a real burger moment and there are sooo many burger places popping up in Edinburgh right now. Recently I went to Just Burgers and Beers. Not the catchiest name, but like Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin, sells burgers and beers.

Just Burgers and Beers Just Burgers and Beers

As you would expect, the beer menu is impressive. Scottish beers, imported lagers, wheat beer, it has it all and of course there are alternatives for non-beer drinkers. Unfortunately a few of my top choices were sold out when we visited (Day of the Dead Pale Ale and Mongozo Coconut) but we both eventually settled on a couple of American pale ales – Anchor Steam for me, c’mon it has an anchor on the bottle, and Sierra Nevada for David. Both nice, rich ales. Mine had a hint of sweetness while David’s had the smallest suggestion of spice.

Just Burgers and Beers

But you don’t care about drinks, you want the main event right? I ordered The Dirty South. No prizes for guessing that this was a BBQ sauced, pulled pork topped BEAST. I quickly lost the gherkins, pulled out the skewer holding the tower together and effectively just stuck my face in it. Do not get this if you’re trying to impress someone – it’s messy. Unless they’re going to be impressed at your burger eating ability of course. I get pulled pork burgers all the time and I swear they just keep getting better and better. This one is super sweet, almost caramelised which I love but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The burger itself was thick just evenly cooked – an admirable feat. The bun was tasty and managed to stay together even with the onslaught of sticky sauce.

Just Burgers and Beers

As massive as my burger was, it paled into insignificance next to David’s aptly named Man vs Burger. Two burger patties topped with pulled pork, smoked bacon, cheese and “burger salad”. This had to be de-constructed to be eaten but it was eaten. A food coma ensued.

We also ordered sides of fries and coleslaw. Both were fine, but nothing special. To be fair, they didn’t need to be, they were never going to be the reason you go there.

Just Burgers and Beers is a fantastic burger joint. It’s slap bang in the middle of the Royal Mile, somewhere I mostly avoid, particularly in the summer, but it is large inside so don’t let this put you off. The menu is great and has some pretty special toppings on offer such as macaroni cheese fritters or haggis. It also gives you recommendations for which beer will go best with your burger. The prices are very reasonable, starting at £8 and going up to £14 for the Man vs Burger. It’s a great place to take your mates, I’ll definitely be back for The Mac Attack.

6 thoughts on “Eats | Just Burgers and Beers

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  2. twolittleowlsblog says:

    Omg these look ah-mazing. Now we are desperate to go to Edinburgh to try out all the amazing burger places! Great post, one of our favourite places to head for a burger is GBK – we posted about it here, in case you haven’t visited one yet!

    Annie & Chloe x

  3. Gemma says:

    That burger looks mouthwatering! I would love to see someone attempt to eat that! I’ve never had haggis in a restaurant, I bet it’s lovely x

    I’ve also nominated you in my tag here🙂 x

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