Lucky Dip Club | Tutti Frutti

July Lucky Dip Club Tutti Frutti

This is a rather late post, but I have to share the June Lucky Dip Club box. I was so impressed with the May Vintage Florals box that I bought a repeat subscription, and I’m really glad I did as these boxes go on sale on the 1st of the month and sell out that day. The boxes then arrive at the end of the month, a welcome pre-payday treat.

I like that the packaging is small enough to come through the letterboxes – no miserable Saturday morning trips out to the Post Office depot for Lucky Dip Clubbers. I also love the simple little touches Leona adds like the fruit themed sticker to hint at what’s inside.

June Lucky Dip Club Tutti Frutti

And this is everything that’s inside.


The DIY kit is an embroidery patch – I got an American big apple patch. I’m not sure what I would put this on but I’ll save it up and I’m sure I’ll find a home for it somewhere.


Couple of fruity cocktail sticks. Will have to make some daquiris to go with these.


Super bright cherry keyring. I actually love this, changing my keys over as we speak.


Watermelon postcard and badge. These are just super cute and is good advice too – bonus!


Some strawberry/bear?/rabbit? post it notes and page markers. Always gonna love some sweet stationery, not gonna lie.


Laser cut A-OK apple coaster. This is really nice, a little bit different to what I expected so a welcome addition. I’m going to take this to work to brighten up my desk a bit.


And lastly, a personalised pineapple necklace – very on-trend for this season. I think that this would look really nice with a plain denim shirt.

So that was the Tutti Frutti box! Quite the variety. Next month is ‘Pet Parade’ so I’m counting down the days ’til that arrives. It’s already sold out but there are items from the boxes and giveaways in the online shop and make sure you sign up on the 1st (from 7am) to get the next box! The website is

Have you signed up to Lucky Dip Club? What do you think of the Tutti Frutti box?




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