Love Me Beauty | June 2014

Love me beauty June

Welcome to another edition of ‘Adventures in Beauty Boxing’. Or ‘Box-ing’ maybe. I’m slightly late to the party on this months post but what the hey, let’s do it anyway. This is the June Love Me Beauty box. Love Me Beauty is different in that you have a choice of three menus, so it is not a surprise box. It costs £10 plus £2.99 postage to UK addresses.

June Love Me beauty

I went for menu 1 and this is what I received.

NYX June Love me beauty

NYX nail polish in ‘Winter’. This is a nice pinky peach colour with a whole lot of frosty shimmer in it. I’m not sure about the frost quality, it’s not one I usually go for and the formula looks kinda thin and crappy – almost like its separating already. But I’ve never tried and NYX nail polishes before so I’ll give this a fair try. I do like the Deborah Lippmann shaped bottle!

Model co lipgloss June Love Me beauty

Next up is the Model Co lip gloss in ‘Fairy Floss’. It was a mirror on one side and smells like candy, but nice as these things are, it  just isn’t something I would use. It’s not overly sticky, I’m just not a lip gloss kinda gal.


Beauty UK eye shadow palette in ‘Earth Child’. I like the look of this little palette. I’ve seen this brand in Superdrug but never tried any of it so I’m intrigued for this. There is three greys, three bronze shades, an olive green and a moss green, white and cream. All pretty wearable shades. I also like the little mirror hidden under the sponge applicator. Cheap eyeshadow palettes save money by skipping the mirror so the fact that they’ve squeezed one in (tiny though it is) is a good extra.

Urban veda Love me Beauty

Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream. This smells very medicinal – specifically of witch hazel so I’m betting that it will be great when that one spot I get on my chin every month comes to visit! It feels very nice,smooth and matte on the skin, not sticky at all so I can see me really liking this moisturiser.

Face Mask Love Me beauty

Is it strange that the item I am most excited about is the cheapest? This is the Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque. I love face masks and MJ are my go-to brand. I’ve recently tried a different one of their fabric masks and loved it so I am looking forward to a good pamper session with this one.

And that is it. Four full size products, one decent sample size, three products I like, two I’m not fussed on. I wasn’t that inspired by this box or even the concept. The choices were pretty limited, a pink NYX nail polish or a nude NYX nail polish, a Model Co lip gloss or a Model Co lipstick. No real variety there, I would much rather have a surprise. So Love Me Beauty is not the subscription service for me I’m afraid.

The July menu is up on the website now so do have a look if you think it will interest you. It features tea. Why is there always tea? I don’t want your tea bags, thanks! Sorry, non-tea drinker up in here!

Do you get Love Me Beauty? What do you think of the selection?





10 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty | June 2014”

  1. I’d have to agree with you on this. I kind of thought the whole point of beauty boxes was to be able to try high end products to see if you like them before spending loads of money on the full size versions but to put products in that only cost about £3 or £4 each anyway doesn’t appeal to me at all!

    Abi x

  2. The colors of this palette is like wetnwild comfort zone palette. I love that lipgloss color and I thought the same thing about that nailpolish bottle 🙂

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